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2 week of notes!

by: Isela Castro

2 week of notes! 12802

Isela Castro
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About this Document

Material over 2 week of notes
Intro to Public Law
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isela Castro on Thursday January 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 12802 at Texas Christian University taught by Volcanseck in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Intro to Public Law in Law at Texas Christian University.


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Date Created: 01/21/16
What would be moot?  When there’s really nothing to benefit from after, if someone dies and you are trying to take to trial What would be something that would be ripe? What is a political question?  The court will not hear a political question  Rule: directed by the constitution by another department o During Vietnam people kept suing because you couldn’t draft them since there was no war. Commander of chief said don’t ask me Act of state doctrine  Can’t sue someone from another country  Countries have control what they do within their own country Statute of limitations  Cant sue within a certain period of time  Crimes have them  Murder doesn’t have them Laches  Waited too late they would think you waited to see if it was profitable Claim percussion  Cant retrial something that has already been resolved IMMUNITY  Definition: You can’t be sued or held liable (immune from civil suit)  Immunity from testimony (can’t be forced to testify) o Spouses: interfere with spousal relationships o Clergy: if you say something to clergy in a pastoral setting if you did something wrong they can’t be forced to testify (violate confessional) o Physician (can depend if something has to be said like harm yourself or someone else) o Attorney/Client privilege: you can be honest with your attorney most of them don’t want to know if you’re guilty  Sovereign immunity: us government, states, individual countries  By law all kinds of sovereign allow for you to sue unless you’re in the military o Government when acting like government is immune (congress or supreme court) but the government does a lot of (propriety services)the government does not have immunity when its undertaking a propriety function o Government employees are immune from liability when acting in the scope of the job (things related to job description) o All judges are immune when in job o Legislators are immune when in job o Executive can’t be sued form things in job and the president is immune from liability from his or her term (Obama is not liable it’s the executive branch) Miller V. Wright  Whether the tribe waived sovereignty or not  Sovereign immunity: cigarette tax is not a free waiver  Whether or not you can sue the Indian tribe based  Did the tribe has immunity as an Indian tribe: yes  They made a tax agreement  It didn’t waive their immunity Certain immunity within family members  Spouse hit you, you can sue  Parental immunity (can’t sue unless its sexual abuse, parent is always liable.) Respondeat superior  Things teacher does within course of job tcu is responsible  If you had a wreck coming back from a game tcu is not liable  Acting in the course of employment: TCU trains you at the beginning so that’s tcus superior training so they don’t say they didn’t train Deep pockets  Sue tcu they have a lot of money Riordan V. Latter Day Saints  What happened: the 5 year old sued the church  Why: because there was parental immunity so they thought that the church was liable for what had happened.  Conclusion: the church was held liable (1.18 million in damages) but did have an amputated foot.  Why was the church liable: they did not train the dad or supervise them in using lawnmowers  Contract worker vs. employees: Uber employees is in a wreck with you in a wreck respond to superior and sue. If you’re a contract employee you can sue the Uber driver, (but you won’t get much out of him) Contract immunity (Jewelers Mutual Insurance v. Firstar Bank)  DEF: You can’t sue if you agreed not to sue in contract  Exculpatory Clause: cannot be something that is against public policy, (have a contract that says you’re not going to sell to illegal immigrants, why would you put that in a contract if it’s illegal)  Equal bargaining power. (it’s uneven if you force someone to do it)  What did the court decide: bank was liable because they didn’t provide ordinary care (it was not exercised) REMEDIES  LAW AND EQUITY o Things at the top are equity and at the bottom is law (chart in book) o If something is covered by a statue of a leading precedent so equity is excluded, you don’t want judge to making a decision based on precedent o Equity: not a specific law applies (system of precedent falls apart) o We don’t allow juries to decide equitable relief ONLY JUDGES!  Equity: o Force judge to order a contract to force what they can do unless it involves employment o Involuntary servitude (judge ordered so you aren’t going to do a good job o Precision: cancel contract because of fraud, involved land, chadle = property. o Reformation: rewrite contract because there’s an error by mistake or misunderstanding  Ex. jewelry contract, if it was someone else that had the ambiguous contract you could ask for a reformation since both people had a different view so they would rewrite contract to reflect the understanding by both people. Achieve fairness. o Injunctions: the court is forcing someone to stop doing something  Hard to govern by law because they are so different  7


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