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Sexuality and Society, Week Two Notes

by: Gabriella Salinas

Sexuality and Society, Week Two Notes SOCI 3156

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Sociology > SOCI 3156 > Sexuality and Society Week Two Notes
Gabriella Salinas
GPA 3.5
Mindy Stombler (P)

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About this Document

These notes cover everything Dr. Stombler wrote on the board as well as most of what she said in class. This also includes the titles of videos we watched in class.
Mindy Stombler (P)
Class Notes
Sexuality and Society, sociology, Society, sexuality
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabriella Salinas on Thursday January 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 3156 at Georgia State University taught by Mindy Stombler (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see SEXUALITY AND SOCIETY in Sociology at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 01/21/16
Sexuality and Society January 19 2016 The Social Construction of Sexuality What we see as quotrealquot is a product of social interaction Through interaction we create ideasother aspects of culture then we internalize the ideas and take them for granted as real The social contractions can be problematic such as race sex etc there are real consequences If we de ne situations as quotrealquot they are real in their consequences How do Americans view sexuality HeterosexistHerterocentric Sex is not only for reproduction but its for recreational We are sex saturated through media but its also private Linked to money we use it to sell but its frowned upon lt s gendered different views for men and women We think sex is important to the relationship if the sex is bad we might reconsider the relationship Not always linked to loveemotion lts linked to violence The words for sex and violence overlap in our culture but in others it doesn t lt s considered a lifelong pursuit Sex is aliened with giving into temptation comes from religious ideologies linked to sin and other negative things Sexuality means of spiritual enlightenment meaning quotyou will see God if you have sex Photographs in temple walls of people having sex exible Karma Sutra ancient sex manual Most In uential Had recipes for aphrodisiacs things that make you Horney Known for sex positions JudeoChristian Ideologies what we view it as It s different over time so its socially constructed Our culture molds and shapes our sexual impulses Soci Construction of Sexual Practices Beings with kissing and starts at the top and works its way down 0 French kiss or making out is a distinct way that is a way to express your interest and arouse theirs Absent in many cultures some cultures see mouth to mouth kissing as very dangerous and unhealthy and disgusting Romantic sexual kissing is only present in 46 of cultures In some culture quotSoul Kissingquot which is another way to say French kissing or making out is your soul enters and leaves through your mouth Oceanic kissing less lip to lip can involve the nose Other forms in different cultures Kissing nose and mouth at the same time placing your lips near your partners face and inhaling bringing your faces close enough to rub your noses together one nose pressed to the others cheek with a nasal inhalation and a smack of your lips Deep kissing or making out is not correlated with the degree with sexual inhibition or repression within a culture Sociologists believe that kissing is a biological potential that is shaped by culture Clip Freaks and Geeks French kissing is gross Why is this a social construction Make out party This kiss is symbolic and she will think you wont like her One kid thinks its disgusting and says they ll never do it Social Construction of sexual practice 2nd Vocalization during sex Moaning screaming and yelling Women s were most frequently having orgasm during foreplay but make the most noise when the males are about to ejaculate 92 said they did it to help their persons self esteem 66 of women make noises to speed it up and get it over with A vacuum 4000 Katz Delicatessen in quotwhen harry met sallyquot 100 Sexuality amp Society January 21 2016 Masturbation 0 An example of Social construction of a sexual practice and social control Gendered 0 Private 0 Associated with youth Seen as a substitute for sex when you can t get it 0 Something you are embarrassed about Some cultures encourage kids to masturbate and some tell them not to do it Our culture Condemnation Medical profession constructing and controlling our eas of masturbation The medical profession has a big say in what we believe because we think they know what s best Dr Benjamin Rush 1812 book Masturbation a cause of madness The Hunt for quotselfpolluters begins Dr Homer Bostwick Mid 1800 s known for treating people from stopping masturbation Leaches burning hot water after bleeding Rev Sylvester Graham 19305 1 quotEjaculation deprives men of vital uids and you should avoid losing those vital uids that they need to be healthy 2 Semen Conservation losing an 02 of semen is like loosing several 02 of blood 3 Intercourse more than once a month is dangerous and for marriage only 3X a year 4 Young men need to use the simple dietgt whole grains unbolted wheat ourgraham fourgtgraham crackers Images of Antimasturbation tools 0 Michael McCormick s antimasturbation device was designed to control quotwaking thoughtsquot 0 Basically don t get hard or your penis will be get stuck with nails Anti masturbation harness getting electrocuted The scgial nstruction of sexual desire All cultures believe that all adults have the potential to become sexually aroused and sex can result into reproduction Strength of Sexual Desire The Cook Islands Culture quotMangaiaquot Both sexes in adolescence will experience high level of sexualdesue In the US boys are the predators girls stay away 0 Around age 1314 boys will go through circumcision ritual and they go off to training to get taught how to please girls sexually In the US Pornography o Aroudic kissing techniques for giving multiple orgasms Older women will have sex with them and give them feedback 0 Girls get instruction on how to be orgasmic Get on the job training from a quotgood manquot 0 A quotGood Manquot Can hold off his orgasm from 1530 minutes allowing women to have 6 orgasms The longer he can continue the greater the prestige if you don t then you don t want to please your partner It becomes a competition quotI had 3 orgasm last night with you need to give me at least 4 If she is dissatis ed they will shame them and leave them They are ON AVERAGE 3X a night 7 days a week Mangaian society believe that it is at its peak during adolescence and one they hit young adulthood the desire goes down and there is less sex 0 They do get married but the sex isn t the main issue 0 Mangaian men think its funny that Americans like breasts when they think its just for babies 0 Monsvenerious quotFoopaquot what they think is super sexy Dani Culture 0 Shows very little relatively unimportant to life 0 No concern about sexual technique or pleasure no education no irratosim Do it for reproduction ONLY 0 Female orgasm rate unknown 0 Women and Men live separately have sex 2 years after marriage have a baby moms and dads have a 5 year absence of sex 0 Hard to repopulate Vigrian Americans Culture 0 1800 s during the reign of Queen Victoria 0 Everything is about appearance 0 White middle and upperclass women really bought into these ideas and believed that they should have little to no sexual desire women were A sexual 0 ONLY have reproductive desire o If you get caught enjoying it or caught having too much sex was being diagnosed as diseased or hysteria or nymphomania Dr Boswick Treatment for Hysteria Ads for vibrators during the 18005 Through the medical system of sociality this was a social control Hysterectomy removing all of your internal organs Citorectomy removing your clitoris Dr would massage until you would get a quothysterical paroxysmquot an orgasm Dr moves towards creating the vibrator because their hand would hurt Eectro mechanic vibratorgtDr Grandville Female masturbation caused madness so they needed experts aka doctors to help give a hysterical paroxysm BE CAREFUL horseback riding train riding etc They were worried about anything going inside you cant be aroused by that But since there are nothing being penetrating a message of the clitoris was okay As soon as homes were electri ed the rst thing they bought 5th thing was to get a vibrator Hamilton beach used to make vibrators The 1St two decades of the 1900 s were a home appHance librator was a nonsexua aid that happens to be giving a hysterical paroxysm What made them become obscene is because they started showing up in porn and it becomes sexualized quotbye bye vibratorquot 1960 s vibrators come back as Sex Toys


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