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Eng 104 Two Weeks of Notes

by: Sarah D'Esposito

Eng 104 Two Weeks of Notes 104

Marketplace > Ball State University > Foreign Language > 104 > Eng 104 Two Weeks of Notes
Sarah D'Esposito
GPA 3.76
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About this Document

This is everything that was covered in class!
Composing Research
Tara Buck
Class Notes
english, Composing Research




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah D'Esposito on Thursday January 21, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 104 at Ball State University taught by Tara Buck in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Composing Research in Foreign Language at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 01/21/16
ENG 104 TUES 1/12 (THE FOLLOWING CAN BE FOUND ON THE SYLLUBUS) EXPECT TO WRITE AND CONTRIBUTE VERBALLY EVERY CLASS PERIOD REQUIRED TEXT – BEDFORD RESEARCHER 5 TH EDITION BALL POINT ADDITIONAL READING WILL BE ASSIGNED ON BBD ALWAYS BRING PEN AND PAPER, WRITING PROJECTS WILL BE SUBMITTED IN A FOLDER WITH POCKETS IF YOU MISS MORE THAN 6 CLASSES YOU FAIL THE COURSE EVERY 20 MINUTES YOU ARE NOT IN CLASS YOU’VE ACQUIRED 1 ABSENCE EVERYTHING IS GRADED ON 100% SCALE (REFER TO STUDENT EVALUATION SECTION FROM SYLLUBUS) ONLINE COMMUNITY POSTS ARE DUE BEFORE EACH CLASS SESSION AND WILL BE AVAILABLE 2 WEEKS ADVANCE FOR THURSDAY: READ THE SYLLUBUS THOROUGHLY AND THE CODE OF STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES AND TURN IN PAPER ITEMS IN BOLD ON THE SCHEDULE NEED TO BE DONE AND TURNED IN BEFORE CLASS OCP-ONLINE COMMUNITY POST SECTION 96 FINAL – 2:15-4:15 IN THE CLASSROOM …BLACKBOARD OVERVIEW… …CLASS FREEWRITE… ENG 104 THURS 1/14 MAKE SURE YOUR WRITING IS ON TOPIC AND DOESN’T DISTRACT THE READER FROM THE PURPOSE/SUBJECT -TAKE DETAILED NOTES -YOUR ANALYSIS CAN ONLY BE AS GOOD AS YOUR DATA ALLOWS IT TO BE -EVOLVING FOCUS -REAL TIME, ACCURATE INFORMATION -ACCOUNTING FOR HABITS, LANGUAGE VARIATIONS, INTERACTIONS, PURPOSE, METHODS, TOOLS, ETC. WHAT IS RESEARCH? “PRE-PLANNING TO WRITING” “TRYING TO FIND INFORMATION OR FACTS TO SUPPORT YOUR TOPIC” “FINDING FACTS, OPINIONS, STORIES, ETC.” “USING CREDIBLE SOURCES TO BACK UP A POINT OR ARGUMENT FOR AN ESSAY OR SPEECH” “FINDING SUPPORT FOR CLAIMS” “GATHERING INFORMATION TO ANSWER AND SUPPORT YOUR QUESTIONS” “WAY TO FURTHER YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON A TOPIC OF INTEREST” RESEARCH QUESTIONS PROVIDE US A GUIDE AND A FOCUS FOR FUTURE STUDIES AND CONVERSATIONS AND YOU CAN’T BRING ANYTHING TO THE TABLE UNLESS YOU ARE INFORMED [WHAT ARE FORMS OF RESEARCH THAT ARE FAMILIAR TO YOU] DATABASE, ARCHIVAL, SCHOLARLY, STALKING [WHAT DRIVES YOUR RESEARCH] A QUESTION YOU WANT ANSWERED [WHAT TYPE OF RESEARCH ARE YOU MOST COMFORTABE CONDUCTING] LIBRARY, INTERNET (TED TALKS), AND VERBAL PRIMARY/SECONDARY SOURCES AND METHODS: ARCHIVES (COULD BE BOTH) EXPERIMENTS OBSERVATIONS INTERVIEWS SURVEYS ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLES TEXTBOOKS NEWSPAPERS DATABASES (COULD BE BOTH) PRIMARY RESEARCH CONSTRAINTS-RESOURCES(MAYBE FINANCIAL) WHAT INFLUENCES YOUR DECISION IN PRIMARY RESEARCH METHODS PURPOSE, POPULATION, CONSTRAINTS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SURVEY AND INTERVIEW (INTERVIEW-INTIMATE CONVERSATION SETTING) (SURVEY-FOR LARGE VARIETY OF BACKGROUNDS AND GENERAL, NON-SPECIFIC INFORMATION) SURVEYS -BELIEFS, ATTITUDES, BEHAVIORS OF A GROUP METHODS: SURVEY MONKEY, POLLEVERYWHERE, QUALTRICS, PAPER TYPES OF QUESTIONS ARE MORE BROAD AND EASY TO ANSWER ANALYZING RESULTS (YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A RESEARCHER)- TRENDS, EXPECTED AND UNEXPECTED RESULTS. IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHY IT ALIGNS OR DOESN’T ALIGN WITH YOUR HYPOTHESIS POOR SURVEY QUESTIONS: LEADING WORDS FAILING TO GIVE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE CHOICES INDIRECT QUESTONS DON’T HAVE SKIP CHOICE DON’T COVER ALL CHOICES OR HAVE AMBIGUOUS CHOICES INTERVIEWS METHODS: PHONE, E-MAIL, IN-PERSON SMALL NUMBER OF PERSPECTIVES CLOSED VS. OPEN QUESTIONS RECORD, TRANSCRIBE, NOTE TAKING ANALYZE COMPLETED INTERVIEW MAKE SURE THE PERSON YOU CHOOSE IS NOT JUST A RANDOM PERSON AND THAT THEY WILL ADD SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO YOUR RESEARCH YOU’LL HAVE AN EASIER TIME ELICITING APPROPRIATE INFO IF YOU: FOCUS YOUR QUESTIONS ALIGN YOUR QUESTIONS WITH WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW- SO THAT YOU’RE WELL-VERSED IN THE CONV. OCP DUE TUESDAY BEDFORE PP. 213-233 ENG 104 TUES 1/19 REVIEW OF RHETORIC Basic Rhetoric Definition “the conscious use of elements to provide effective communication” -written words -oral speech patterns -what else do we decide? Other examples: body language, facial expression, breathing pattern, visuals, the way you dress Choose words based on your audience, your purpose (entertain persuade perform) Before creating, become aware of context: -Goals of creation -society-atitudes, beliefs -intended audience -previous research/studies -genre expectations/conventions Rhetorical Appeals: Logos, Pathos, Ethos Pathos – appeal to emotion Build argument (claim) by using diction and evidence designed to appeal to an audience’s: patriotism, empathy, fear, love, justice -use emotion to influence -allows writer to connect with reader -use to make logical claims stronger -use to create image in people’s minds connotation (feeling attributed to a word) vs denotation (dictionary def of a wd) Ethos – Build arg by showing you and your sources are: trustworthy, honest, credible, respectful of audience -credibility is important -correct info -association to credible institutions -title as credible -painting yourself as credible (in writing, make sure to site properly to enhance your credibility) ‘ ‘ appositive(you can take it out of the sentence and it still makes sense, builds credibility by providing background info Logos- Appeal to Reason Build arg on logic by using: case studies, surveys and polls, causeand effect, analogies, statistics, anecdote -based on facts, evidence, reason -surveys, polls, statistics -narratives/testimonies -common sense -analogies -precedents Audience is important to establish before creating your piece- so you can apply different language and target specific emotions, appeals used and even the format you use Acedemic audiences will most desire a logos appeal Most desired by non-acedemic audiences depends… base it on emotion, logic, or pathos You don’t want to write using only one appeal ENG 104 THURS 1/21 INTRODUCTION TO APAP AND SAMPLE ANALYSIS FOR WP1 Intro to APA: APA-American Psychological Assoc. -Linguistics, Psychology, Business, Nursing, Journalism, Criminology, Education MLA-Modern Language Assoc. -Communications, Theology, Theater, English Chicago -Art History, History, etc. Review the template found on blackboard Summary, Paraphrase, Quotation Title of a Journal when in body text “Article Title” when in body text Citationa and Quoting: -In his 2008 article “Aliens Exist,” Fox Mulder, a special agent with the Federal Bureau of -Investigation (FBI), argued… “. . . “ (p. 87) -(as cited in Robbins, 1984, p. 24) -Robbins (n.d.) discovered… -online sources you will need to give an exact paragraph number for quotations Best resource to have quotation mark/punctuation questions answerd: http://www.grammar- Block quote quotations longer than 40 words, omitting quotation marks and indenting the entire quote by ½ inch. (we will discuss quotatioth more once we start using secondary sources) Best resources for APA 6 ed. OWL Purdue Style Guide APA Style Blog This takes a lot of practice, so don’t expect to suddenly know it over night Schedule Change: -OCP#2 is still due -formal outline due Thursday -Bedford pp. 126-140 -Tech Required


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