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Week 1 & 2 Notes

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1 review
by: Michelle Schmutz

Week 1 & 2 Notes Math 2420

Michelle Schmutz
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

Notes for the first two weeks
Differential Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering
Dr. Anatoly Eydelzon
Class Notes
Math, Diffeq, de, Differential Equations
25 ?




Star Star Star Star Star
1 review
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"Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much Michelle!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol"
Carli Gaylord

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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michelle Schmutz on Friday January 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Math 2420 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by Dr. Anatoly Eydelzon in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views.


Reviews for Week 1 & 2 Notes

Star Star Star Star Star

Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much Michelle!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol

-Carli Gaylord


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Date Created: 01/22/16
Lecture Lab (1/11/16 ) Edward - FO 2.408 Review Integratinproblems D Partial f××Ijf#dx Fractions ' ¥e×IIaddxI- ( -2 xts . { f×IzdX xtskx ) )K 2) .=2hKes$sKt7b=-7=bn(E) x+I..hy*b b=# px-21 9=2 2) Ⱦ the ftp.#+zdxdisgrimgangntisnegatim complete square =suHi#ua = SETHI ,dx -35k¥ ,,d× L naiiktikihd 't again zln|(×tD2tH =tzh|k+D7HtC 2+1 ,¥Hu = ) - I - anctanktl Zartan(x+D+c @ fsin3x agzxdx - fsinxa www.ddx . . - LEET fltuyuzdu n÷+¥=aessI .ag± blfsiixocosxdx 1-sink - uonion Sikh =gEIs÷ - St ,u÷du+Sts¥udu Wanted = " ''a 'z(s¥tdrf¥a) dw= du ÷(Snt¥dv - grief . zvtlnlrt ={(¥ -w÷+2wtnrwD - =£(lh¥h( ltujthfhut lt¥+2CH .lnttud) Stella axthxtb tadnedx X=u : ¥ Pµ¥du duration rintgmte? - th £ah=ud£+r¥× fluxdx fl .lu×d× Stsitxdx uaa÷±urHaaa { xcosxtsinx product txhxfxxtdx - Suaaaexaurfvahxtdx mk =×lnx-×+c D fcxl . .. ( equation ) OKDCAXD -g⾨hoo Effort , ft )- 0 h=O ' 'Ei*a⾨o€f*En¥;¥÷#asg removed Ⱦ n⾨ (n)Xnt ° ×°I f (x)=¢tl)e× =×€-×÷s=×e× , It £ h! but itsok f "k)=Kt2)e× bciteguab fhH=k+n)e× too fn(o)=n OfficeFO 2.108 6593 Lecture 1/12/16 Hours TR ipnspm OnliassignmentsGleaming - verysimiltofuizees I - 0 dyµ±=E × .ge#t9houmy&c blatant ¥2 edge Differ & derivatives ian equatifunction its Town population0.000c) Fly ,yi,t)=O )'- arowthmte2% peryur guy 't population years ( DE Sinttit} { , rang dp ;tz |pUD=DQoo0e°= aa=kPdaE=kHp§aM==kP¥=o f*Ea⾨ht es A P(H==C=100,eoozt 100,000 InIVP=PEtI÷roblemCIVP) dPp=k(+)df P=±k equilibrium dp population k#=dt F- Mandate of eittaesftisinf rarity meant . yvD y is a constant Sin x=× it× is close to O =mg (dependingn)tem # linear approximation ¥=9m1㾎 Same equation as dpq=kp# x astb ⾨ 1.3 DE 21 CFirstforderolinear PE Bernolli Equation'=3yty2+t yt÷ LjnnogEDE7timishiwnonderimtird+qy.ypyyfitye . anlHyH=fCH yitytt FTD " <a ;a ,. ,an>ig .yk 't.ijih=f Y '+Siny=fH ynty=fH ) " ly"+1y=t2 6 40,1>.< y ,yiY > Sintynttzy 'tety=3t systems QDE HH ,yH xtttaltsxltttbctytttftt ) ) y 'H=cHxHtdHyH+gH c :mss#*t Nonlinear DE : .: Mtmn sin×*¥+¥+ / . .o d2f Sino -0 Sinxxx lfxissmell ray at 't =L *< lxijnosix Ot= ? First Order Lines Differential Equations CFOLDE ) m .dV#=myy 㾎 § ( stttyy '+(2tt3Jy=t '- ' dydk -#+g Cfgl flgtfg ((3t+t4D'=t :¥e*Ⱦn€i¥÷¥ pay 'tgHy=rCH /pH y 'tfpHy=rpH Bernoulli Equation ( notin textbook) " y 'tplHy=qLHy y 't 4Ay=t3y2 , 4=2 if linear h=Q1 u=yt2= Yy stir yhy wswfstitutim u'- ' uH=y' Its ytzy *yz ' YES uutgnnittny, u -s 'In Tfj*yn ''=- u'y2 " y '='#n y ¥Yn+puyY=fy iiuftfuy - TH ,÷tpu=g #'t±u=tTI Yu ye j -ty=t ) '- µHy µH+y=µHt (µHj)=µ'HytµG# - nttty may e#4et42y= e- they µ '=µt -t $=tta*€, µµ= ( hit µµ =-± ; e-t42 / e- ) omalsolou ( t42)==t%ft substitution %#y)'=e#T ' line tetkytefty -642T ((x2t1D'=2k2H)zx e-tY2y= - et42 + Ⱦ Bernoulli y equation u=y 't'tEy=t3y ,u=Yy tftteue - ' - . t'm -¥u=t3)*µG) 㱺(µuj'=µ1ntµun= ' y '+PHy=gH ' ' . 4tu=-t5*E nineteen Eli - Vtuf - -4 ' nd=÷ flu ttu . gut 's .tt' ' '= .' lbnfiktetDttu=entt+lncbrnoulliqwtinEh=hktj.h=tthfE)=7y=Yu=Fn(gj f- - lnttc 4u= kµly¥H separable equation dyklt - fly )glH dxffg )=gHdt ' a) y - ty=t Hy ) y '=ttty=t( Ieng - dydt t( Hy) dr. jtdt µlHy)=t4z+C Hy=et4ztC l+y=cet4z y=ttu±k ( same solution as before ) . x ex)y'¥y= 's - dqx=gI-Ⱦydy . xdx Firm p=O, p=K 3 z tlguilibriwm /balanced path solution population) Yz=z×tC p¢)=o ytxhc PH ftp.T.dt |Y2+×ȼ# implicitfunction nd ' are '¥÷EE#ri@xFEFgppH=pc?pYrF@=rdtlizopHkszooittrs0 )dp/ A=rH㱺P Logisticmodel no dff=r(t#p dp/dt=r( Pp kis carryingCapacity rbecomessmdlitpis large Pissmdlplkxo .'- Pka1 .de#=rp 4kȾ1 I-teȾO -0 , .dk/dt Mk >l , 1.Pkeo .dk/dtLO 1/21/16 Equationsohomogeneofunctionsmogenousuations : Homogeneousctofn ( adfcx f×)=t" ,y)=2×tSy ) = tfxstytttktsy , f[t¥,iy y)=fCtx, ty # ftp.#=x2ty2tz2f(t(x,y,zD=t2(x2tyztEt fCx.yhfxEy2fCtsx.yD-toEtF.tso@Hx.ypd-x2yZ5h-8flx.y • )=x2t ÷ QGHEIII y/×=u -4 y 1#k) yen dyµ×=dy*x+uȾ×yejI=×µk '(x +y)=yµ . × -2U㾎㱺hattu=¥, # ×an*=h÷u=utuuTL=hIT㱺un÷du=d,÷ --S[u÷zt Hk4H't¥u fear '㱺m=fd÷ - ysbnCu4DtFartanHrda : = (vtb - Zluta ) -12 , : ) DX -old*32 = vsutb -2*2 dfg=buu¥tl=6utft,T 2b -39+1=0 ' a -3=0 ,a=3 a9f=7÷E (u,÷a)dn=da - b-2at2= b=2a -2=4 25444=0 answer y=ut3 x=vt4 ¥sEnhHu#)=x+c 'D MA TTI Yzlxtsyththltkisyt = Xtc =z 1- % y2-Ddyt2xy3dx-oauatdyf.2xlu7391dxnxIy.yAyxpYdxiYsIzyuaaind9ftExxnTpn9dxoundafaauau3acJTjtdXEtEQT2dxt-uirXddxt-2xu2atlwTxxXtlhomoglneous@xdqxrEyTixoxaatxtu-fEuxGXdx-xF4xFIxFiFuiuyIeTmDha-ay.y .mx#2tu)du=dgdD/dxIxddt+u Sltxtdx x=anu nsubsubacktottx


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