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Week 2 Notes

by: Megan Henrichs

Week 2 Notes Psy 350

Megan Henrichs
GPA 2.57

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About this Document

here are the notes from week 2
Raymond Bergner
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Henrichs on Friday January 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 350 at Illinois State University taught by Raymond Bergner in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views.


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Date Created: 01/22/16
Week 2 1/20/16 Types:  Agoraphobia: fear of being away from safe home base and having something terrible happen (esp. a panic attack)  Specific phobias:  Animal phobias (e.g. cats, snakes, birds, spiders)  Inanimate objects or situations (e.g. the dark, heights, flying, enclosed spaces)  Social anxiety disorder/social phobia: fear of doing something in public that would bring about intense embarrassment or humiliation Case: Hilda's Snow Phobia  Theories of phobia:  Behavioral theory:  Due to classical conditioning: some neutral stimulus (e.g. snow) gets paired with another one (e.g. getting buried in an avalanche) that naturally elicits a fear response, and thereby acquires ability to elicit that fear response  Phobias endure because extinction (e.g. re-exposure without negative consequences) doesn't occur--person continues to avoid feared object  Behavioral exposure therapies often work  Explanation work for Hilda?  Freudian psychoanalysis:  Phobic people are really afraid of something else. Apparent feared object is really a "displacement object"  Freud's theory of all neurotic symptoms: stressful events drain energy from ego and/or give additional energy to id, resulting in…  Symptom (disguised, partial eruption of repressed content)  Ego ⬇ superego ⬇  Repressed contents: ⬆  Sexual impulses  Aggressive impulses  Anxiety-provoking memories 1/22/16 Case: Grace's Claustrophobia  Which of 3 theories best explains?  Classical conditioning?  Really afraid of something else?  Repressed elements escape from repression? General conclusions:  Same problem may have different causes/explanations  Therefore, therapists need…  To know these explanations and theories Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  Definition: a psychological syndrome that is triggered by a specific traumatic event or ongoing traumatic situation, and that is characterized by symptoms of: 2


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