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In the Country of Men - Reading Summary & Notes of Chapters 9-end

by: Kaley Hicks

In the Country of Men - Reading Summary & Notes of Chapters 9-end ENGL 20933

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Foreign Language > ENGL 20933 > In the Country of Men Reading Summary Notes of Chapters 9 end
Kaley Hicks
GPA 3.97

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About this Document

Summary of key events in each chapter starting at Chapter 9-end
Non-Western World Literature
Dr. Abunasser
Class Notes
Literature, In the Country of Men, Reading, english, Non-Western World Literature, World Literature, Lit
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kaley Hicks on Friday January 22, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 20933 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Abunasser in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Non-Western World Literature in Foreign Language at Texas Christian University.

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Date Created: 01/22/16
Chapter 9:  Baba returns home – Suleiman tells him that they have burned his books – Baba is not mad and Suleiman is very confused by this  Suleiman starts acting out – almost calls Kareem’s dad a traitor – they get into a fight Chapter 10:  Suleiman feels guilty for his betrayal to Kareem  Suleiman hears his dad’s name on the TV while Ustath Rashid is being interrogated  Bahloul the beggar comes to the door – Suleiman tells him to go away because his mom is sleeping and Baba is away on business o He lets him into the house and gives him food o Bahloul smells a weird smell and finds Mama’s medicine bottles o Suleiman makes him promise not to tell Chapter 11:  Suleiman goes and finds Mama – she asks him why he poured the bottle down the sink  Majdi = the baker that brings bread and alcohol to Mama  Suleiman falls asleep but wakes up to the smell of gas – Mama left the gas on because she was drinking – Suleiman becomes very angry with her and she cannot understand it  Suleiman locks himself up in his room – by 4pm he is hungry and goes down to the kitchen to get food but Mama is no where in site.. he is confused  He goes outside and finds the boys gathered around Adnan  Adnan was ill – wasn’t allowed to eat sugar and had to give himself injections every day  Suleiman sees the white car that had taken Ustath Rashid outside his house – Suleiman walks toward the car – the man in the car addresses him and says “We meet at last” o Suleiman asks who he is, he responds that his name is “Sharief” and that he is a friend of his fathers but Suleiman knows he is lying o He gives Suleiman one of Baba’s mints from his travels – this makes him trust the man  Sharief says he will keep Mama’s secret, but that Suleiman must give him a list of all of his father’s friends to “vouch for him” o Suleiman says he cannot remember any names – then he says that he has a book that he saved from the fire o Then he hears Mama yelling his name Chapter 12:  Mama is upset with Suleiman for talking to the man  Bu Nasser calls Mama, Mama says, “Well, Bu Nasser, if you feel this way, you should tell your son. No one is forcing him to work for my husband.”  Mama calls Moosa and says that Bu Nasser is worried and that he wants to know how involved his son has become  The phone rings again – Mama makes Suleiman answer it – it is Nasser again – he asks to speak to Mama – Mama asks if there is an echo on the line and when Suleiman says yes, she hangs the phone up  Nasser calls again – says he is sorry about what is father said  Suleiman: “I never understood why I taken a dislike ot Nasser from the moment I had met him”  Nasser had always tried to be like an older brother to Sueiman – “I suddenly felt a warm glow of affection for the first time toward Nasser.” He feels bad that he lied to Nasser and says, “It was Mama who told me to tell you she isn’t here.” o Someone on the line is laughing – it is not Nasser o “This was not unusual. Many times it happened that I was speaking to someone on the telephone and a third person would come in.” o “Don’t speak to him, Suleiman,” Nasser ordered. “Hang up, hang up now.” He sounded desperate. o Suleiman gets scared and hangs up – Nasser calls again – tells him he urgently needs him to give his mother a message – “Tell her we are doing all we can to find Ustath Faraj, and we don’t know where he is, he hasn’t turned up here.” o The voice returns again o The voice is asking what Nasser’s family’s name is – Suleiman says he doesn’t know o The voice asks where Nasser lives – Suleiman tells him in Martyr’s Square Chapter 13:  Khaled = Mama’s brother – he had left for America to attend university – when Suleiman was born they had asked him to chose a name and he had chosen Suleiman  Later, he returned with an American wife named Cathy.  Suleiman recalls when he saw the two of them arguing and how they returned to America shortly after that  Before America and Cathy, Uncle Khaled lived in Tripoli and wrote poems “half of the family was ashamed of and the other half loved.”  The Feast of Antswas a play Uncle Khaled had completed before he went off to America – it took him 7 years to write and told the history of their country  ”When Uncle Khaled returned from America and found out that his poems and The Feast of Antshad been devoured by the family’s chickens, he laughed…”  “Mama blamed Uncle Khaled for that black day she was forced to marry Baba because of what he had done when, on when of his visits from America, he saw her and her friend Jihan in the Italian Coffee House..”  Jihan was Mama’s childhood friend, a Christian from Palestine  Suleiman questions, “Can you become a man without becoming your father?” Chapter 14:  Bu Nasser arrives the following morning: “They took my boy. Where’s your mother?” o He says he has looked everywhere but Nasser has vanished.  “Nasser is from the Precious One, may God have mercy on her soul. The girl is from the second marriage, she’s only nine, young enough to be Nasser’s daughter.”  A girl walks into their house – Suleiman assumes she must be Nasser’s sister – he thinks she is about nine years old (about his age and therefore says she is too old to marry) o He says the acceptable age difference has to be at least 3 years o “Baba had been my age when Mama was born, old enough to walk into her family home bearing flowers for the new arrival.” o “He was twenty-three when he married her, she fourteen.” o “With such a gap no one could object or say she would grow barren and old before he did. Because you had to think ahead. A woman had to be young and strong enough to bear children and serve the man well into his old age…”  Siham = Bu Nasser’s daughter/ Nasser’s sister  When they are alone, Suleiman invites her to go see his workshop. Chapter 15:  Mama bakes a cake and takes it across the street to Ustath Jafer and Um Masoud’s house – Sharief watches this  “Ustath Jafer, like most government officials, kept us waiting.”…  “Ustath Jafer rarely stood chatting with any of the neighbors. He wasn’t unfriendly, but kept conversations to a minimum..” o “He was always dressed in a suit and a tie” o “He was a senior member of the Mokhabarat, trained in Moscow by the KGB” o “Most of us children were led to fear him” “Not one of us didn’t want to be in his shoes”  Ustath Jafer married to Um Masoud? o Children Masoud and Ali?  Mama tells him, “Since we found out about Rashid, we have had nothing to do with him or his family.”  When they are leaving, Suleiman sees the boys stacking stones up to play a game – he throws one from a distance to try to knock them down and impress the boys – he misses and it hits Adnan o This is bad because Adnan can bleed to death – Sharief intervenes and tries to keep the boys from fighting o Once Suleiman is inside he hears an ambulance Chapter 16:  “By rushing to my rescue Sharief had split the sea, created an undertow that would pull me even further away from Kareem.”  Suleiman feels isolated – so he grabs the book and is prepared to give it to Sharief and tell him the names of Rashid, Nasser, and Moosa.  When he goes out, though, he finds Sharief gone and the boys gone as well.  “When Khaled told your grandfather that he had seen me in the Italian Coffee House in mixed company, they locked me in my room for thirty days and rushed to find me a groom. Khaled had sentenced the flower, the young, stupid, naïve fourteen-year old year to life imprisonment.” Chapter 17:  Suleiman gives the book and the names to Sharief – he is unimpressed by it. He tells Suleiman not to be worried because his dad was very cooperative and “melted like butter”  Later that day Moosa arrives and says Tripoli is in chaos Chapter 18:  Rasheed is hung on national television in the national basketball stadium – Mama, Moosa, and Suleiman watch it as it is televised. Chapter 19:  The next morning: Rasheed’s brother has come to fetch Kareem and his mom and take them to Benghazi.  Suleiman tells his mother that he does not want to say goodbye to them  Um Masoud comes over in the evening and says she has news – she says Jafer called – “Now I don’t have all the facts but I’m sure you will see him very soon.”  Later Um Masoud calls Mama and gives her the nuber of Moosa Yaseen. o She calls him – instructs him to stay by the telephone and that they will call her to fetch faraj  The next morning Mama says, “We must slaughter a sheep, no, a calf, and invite Jafer and Um Masoud and their two sons. What decent people they are.”  Then Moosa rings the doorbell – Mama tells Suleiman to stay in his room. When Suleiman comes down he notices stuff on Moosa’s shirt and Moosa tells him it is just a little bit of blood.  Suleiman realizes that there is a man in mama’s room – “Baba is home. He is a little unwell and so needs peace and quiet.” Chapter 20:  Baba is home – Suleiman’s mother won’t let him see him  When he is outside he sees Baba through the window – he doesn’t think it is Baba because his body is so badly bruised and cut up  We learn that Baba gave in to the government  Moosa has been issued with a deportation notice Chapter 21:  Much more lighthearted atmosphere – Baba is feeling better  Ustath Jafer rings their doorbell – it was the first time he had ever visited them  Suleiman decides to go swimming – he sees Bahloul – “his face disfigured with fear” o Bahloul jumps in the water and Suleiman realizes that he cannot swim – Suleiman extends his hand to him and tries to save him o But then when Bahloul grabs ahold of the peer, Suleiman pushes his foot down on him and does the opposite of trying to save him Chapter 22:  Mama tells Suleiman that he is going to Cairo to visit Moosa and that he will love Cairo Chapter 23-end:  Suleiman lives in Cairo – Judge Yasser takes care of him  He becomes a Pharmacist  Baba is arrested for embezzlement – he had the book Democracy Now  Baba is later released on amnesty  We find out that Kareem is marrying Nasser’s (?) daughter  Baba dies from a heart attack during lunch – Mama lies and says it was in his sleep  15 years after he leaves Libya, his mom comes and visits him – he notes how young she is (only 29) 


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