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HST 103, Week 1 Notes

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by: Allyssa Johnson

HST 103, Week 1 Notes HST 103

Marketplace > Missouri State University > History > HST 103 > HST 103 Week 1 Notes
Allyssa Johnson
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About this Document

These notes cover material for our Mid-Term!!!
World History to 1600
Dr. Julia Troche
Class Notes
HST 103: World History to 1600




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1 review
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"Almost no time left on the clock and my grade on the line. Where else would I go? Allyssa has the best notes period!"
Dr. Lonzo Boyle

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allyssa Johnson on Saturday January 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HST 103 at Missouri State University taught by Dr. Julia Troche in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 83 views. For similar materials see World History to 1600 in History at Missouri State University.


Reviews for HST 103, Week 1 Notes

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Almost no time left on the clock and my grade on the line. Where else would I go? Allyssa has the best notes period!

-Dr. Lonzo Boyle


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Date Created: 01/23/16
HST 103: World History to 1600 Spring SEMESTER 2016 INSTRUCTOR: DR. Julia Troche 11 January 2016 Lucy Australopithecus AL 288-1 Hodar, Ethiopia: Absolute Dating “Not Accurate” = Relative Dating “Sequence within each other” Evolution of the Homo Sapiens: 4.1 million yrs. ago > Australopithecus 1 million yrs. ago > Homo Erectus 200,00 - 35,000 B.C.E. > Homo Neanderthalensis Paleolithic Area “Old Stone Age” c. 2.5 million - 12, ooo B.C.E. yrs. ago Defining Characteristics: I.  Used of knapped stone tools II. Human foraging food Climate “ Coincides with Pleistocene” Life: - Hunting and Gathering Society “Small Groups” - (Modern bands are c. 30 - 50 people) 1 - Food Foraging (Women) Big game hunt (Men) “Gender Activities” - Evidence of Social Distribution Culture: - Venus, Mother Goddess; figurines; Willendorf, Lespugue, Brassempouy - Cave paintings - Music Neolithic Revolution “Sedentary” - Agriculture (Discovery) - Mud, brick, timber (Dwelling) - Polished stone (Tools) - Animal skin (Clothes) - Shorter Life Expectancy (Health) Life: - Permanent - Increased protection of stoned/ growing foods - Increased property, Social distinction - Trade - Plants/ Animals - Increased Human Population - Emergence of Towns * Keyword “Tell” (Mound) 13 January 2016 Emergence of Language and Writing: - Language is not Communication - Written/Liberal/Gesture Language is a formal symbol system that has structural qualities including morphology, semantics and syntax I.  Continuity Theory II.  Discontinuity Theory Biological V. Cultural Origins 2 Founder: Noam Chomsky and Universal Grammar - Pirhan, Everett - “Phoneme” (Sound) - “Ideogram” (Idea) - “Rebos” (Two words together form a feeling through images) 15 January 2016 *Keyword “ Cartouche” (represents the king’s name for protection) Earliest writing System: Cuneiform “Writing” wedged shaped (3500 B.C.E.) name of a script, used to write Akkadian and Sumerian language *Keyword “ Clay Bullae” ( Demotic Cursive); Egypt ABYDOS e. Tomb v-j artifacts Tools: hieroglyphs/Hieratic “Cursive” Phoenician Alphabet Phonograms: signs that represents sound Ideograms: signs that represents ideas Determinative: has no phonetic value, adds information about the category 3


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