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Good life Notes 1/25/16-1/29/16 "Seeking the Good Life Pt.2"

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1 review
by: ariele

Good life Notes 1/25/16-1/29/16 "Seeking the Good Life Pt.2" IUF 1000

Marketplace > University of Florida > Arts and Humanities > IUF 1000 > Good life Notes 1 25 16 1 29 16 Seeking the Good Life Pt 2
GPA 3.9
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About this Document

Cover the second week of "Seeking the Good Life", helped me get a 100 on my quiz!!
The Good Life
Dr.Craig Smith
Class Notes
Good Life, notes, UF, IUF, Siddhartha




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1 review
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"Yes please! Looking forward to the next set!"
Dr. Estrella Hessel

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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by ariele on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to IUF 1000 at University of Florida taught by Dr.Craig Smith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 719 views. For similar materials see The Good Life in Arts and Humanities at University of Florida.

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Reviews for Good life Notes 1/25/16-1/29/16 "Seeking the Good Life Pt.2"

Star Star Star Star Star

Yes please! Looking forward to the next set!

-Dr. Estrella Hessel


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Good Life Notes 1/28/16 Ravi Shankar (Monterey Pop Festival June 1967)  15 YEARS AFTER Siddhartha  Shows an Influence of Beatnik culture from eastern Asian religion/culture  Sought out the essence of playing out ragas from a guy named Ravi Shankar  Aspects of control that happen between the two raga players (Ravi and company)  Witness musical Wandering; the two don’t know what they are going to play, anticipate one another’s actions on the journey but never certain  Connecting to Siddhartha: Siddhartha knows what he wants but doesn’t know how long or how he will exactly get there  Every step is anticipated but not Known, sometimes it turns out different but they continue to lead him on successively through his journey  The raga as a body of work, provides a musical version of the search for enlightenment (Siddhartha’s journey) Nick Drake (The River Man 1969)  Writes about the riverman of Siddhartha  Writing specifically through the essence of Hesse’s novel  Gonna to see the river man Gonna go tell him all I can About the ban On feeling free  Sings about a man having trouble dealing with adversity, and that he hasn’t felt free (the love and bliss that comes from enlightenment  He says that Siddhartha’s journey is interesting  If he tells me all he knows about the way his river flows I don’t suppose It’s meant for me  Constant reciprocation and disputes by Siddhartha and those he encounters once he realizes this is not what he desires and he continues to his journey in his own way The River and Siddhartha  Siddhartha is made up of two words: “siddha” “artha”  Siddha=achieved  Artha= what was searched for  What is achieved is what was search for but not entirely, never know in entirety what you will achieve in that search  Siddhartha: he who has found meaning (of existence)  Siddhartha: he who has attained his goals  River embodies plenty of forces in the world that flow in a number of directions, not always how we anticipate  Look at what you can achieve when you can commit to a search  Finds what he believes is the entire universe in the river  Does not find nirvana in other people (family, teachers, friends)  Siddhartha discovers he must seek from within  Siddhartha finds an “internal connection to the river”  River offers a physicality of internal connection and inner self  River embodies plenty of forces in the world that flow in a number of directions, not always how we anticipate  See ourselves reflected in the surface of water and things unknown beyond its depths, yet we know it’s a river  Siddhartha believes the river contains the entire universe  Within the universe but it(universe) can survive without him The River  Represents life  Represents time (eternity)  Represents the path to enlightment  Use visual referrals to remind us that these are physical ways of talking about a search for enlightenment  Siddhartha wants the internal connection of being divine The River/Raga in Indian Music  Structure of raga encourages spontaneous moves and improvisation just as the structure of a river does  Structured through intervals  Another way to understand the key principals of what Hesse is doing in Siddhartha  Encourages interpretation  Raga is symbolic of the “color of experience” and the act of coloring Raga  The passion especially love, affection, sympathy, desire, interest, motivation, joy, delight  Counterpoint to despair  All of Siddhartha’s response to his journeys are passionate (intensity of commitment and engagement”  Raga and river are a counterpoint to Siddhartha’s despair, In the river Siddhartha finds Nirvana Siddhartha finds Nirvana  Nirvana= ground for existence  Nirvana, the raga, and the river, provide the experience of joy without ego, the feeling of attachment, pf blissful passion


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