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Mass Media Literacy Class Notes

by: Raquel Cato

Mass Media Literacy Class Notes POLS 311 004

Marketplace > Political Science > POLS 311 004 > Mass Media Literacy Class Notes
Raquel Cato
Cont Issues/Amer Public Policy
Danielle Nicole Atkins (P)

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About this Document

This contains notes covered through class lecture over Mass Media Literacy
Cont Issues/Amer Public Policy
Danielle Nicole Atkins (P)
Class Notes
Mass Media, communication studies, Literacy
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Raquel Cato on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POLS 311 004 at a university taught by Danielle Nicole Atkins (P) in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Mass Media Literacy Living in a Media World Class Notes Mass communication is possible only through technology 1981 The Buggles quotVideo Killed the Radio Star 0 Very first song played on MTV 0 Many though television would mean the end of radio New and Exciting in 1981 MTV General Hospital major TV soap opera Cable VCRs No DVRs or Reruns 9 people worked their schedules around popular TV programs because there was limited ways to watch them another time OOOOO Fast Forward to Now 0 No mass medium has died 0 Now WE control WHAT we watch and WHEN we watch it The one constant in the media Change Change is caused by 0 Money 0 Power 0 Technology People are more in charge of the media they consume Media is not singular it s plural MEDIA ARE Media ARE pervasive 0 Media is a factor in the way we seeexperience the world 0 Many cannot imagine life without media 0 New media demands new rules of etiquette I We communicate much differently now because we can We expect to witness lifechanging events 0 Our ability to see and hear about events nearly instantly changes our understanding of world events Information Entertainment Infotainment o Infotainment a television program that presents information as news in a manner intended to be entertaining We expect media to try and persuade us especially applied media such as advertising and PR Primary Mass Media 0 Print Defined by binding regularity content and timeliness books magazines etc 0 Electronic Reaches you where you are Radio television internet etc 0 Chemical Less important as things move digital primarily filmthe movies Media makes money in 4 ways 0 Advertising 0 Subscriptioncirculation revenue 0 Audience donations 0 Private support Advertising 0 Primary way of making money for most media 0 Media as we know it exists largely because of advertising 0 When a medium sells advertising it is really selling YOU SubscriptionCirculation Revenue 0 Circulation revenue is what the AUDIENCE pays 0 Subscription and news stand sales 0 Cable and satellite fees 0 Defrays costs but doesn t pay the bills most of the time Audience Donations 0 Some media offer special content that the audience is willing to pay for I PBS Public Broadcasting Station I NPR National Public Radio I Local Station East Tennessee s Own WDVX Private Support 0 Making money many not matter if your business has a private sponsor o The Christian Science Monitor newspaper is owned by the Christian Science Church 0 Big corporations often sponsor NPR and PBS which can t accept advertising 0 Knoxville s WUTK is sponsored Major Media Trend o Demassification I Moving away from the old mass media I Moving toward fragmented audiences I Gives audience more choice I Gives advertisers more choice 0 Proliferation of media goes with this trend 0 Targeted media goes with this trend I Something for everyone I Match and advertiser with an audience 0 Who Owns the Media I Mostly businesses mostly corporate chains large and small I Media must make money to stay in business I Many decisions are based on this economic imperative o What Decisions I Populist programming wins out over Elitist programming 0 Pop culture wins over educationalinformational programming I We get more programming that benefits the verticallyintegrated corporation Media Giants I News Corp a 62 Billion company I Gannett daily circulation 72 million I Scripps global giant local presence I Scripps Networks brands you know And Media NotSo Giants I Republic Newspaper Knoxvillebased chain Parent company also owns radio I Numerous smaller chains own media too I But the trend is for larger companies to buy up small independent media Bad about Corporate Ownership I Sameness the McDonald s effect I Crowds out competition independents have a harder time getting in I Sometimes quality suffers the bottom line profit rules Good about Corporate Ownership I Sometimes quality is better more resources more money to hire good people I New ideas stability and money make it easier to take risks I Cooperation media outlets working together can do more sometimes Convergence the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity


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