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Biology 100 Class Notes Week 1

by: Megan Hansel

Biology 100 Class Notes Week 1 Biol 100

Marketplace > Kansas > Biology > Biol 100 > Biology 100 Class Notes Week 1
Megan Hansel
GPA 3.78
Principles of Biology
Laurel Haavik, Richard Williamson

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About this Document

First week of Class notes
Principles of Biology
Laurel Haavik, Richard Williamson
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Megan Hansel on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Biol 100 at Kansas taught by Laurel Haavik, Richard Williamson in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see Principles of Biology in Biology at Kansas.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Megan Hansel Tuesday January 19th 2016 Principles of Biology Biol 100 Major contact BlOL100kuedu If really needed you must nd Williamson s email What is a UTA We will be randomly assigned to a UTA 0 Any assignment to be turned in must be turned into your UTA Mastering Biology is worth 20 of your grade Must buy the one from KU Bookstore to obtain the Mastering Biology access code What is Mastering Bio Quiz like assignments based mostly off of the chapter reading Register lclicker correctly if you aren t getting credit in Blackboard talk to Dr Williamson ASAP Before class 0 Complete online assignments to introduce basic content concepts in the chapter In Class 0 Have clicker questions to answer over the chapter After Class 0 Complete the Adaptive Learning Module customized to your prior results MUST PRACTICE 0 Approach this class and online work activities as you would be practicing for a sport Online assignments and class participation are mostly just participation points Take advantage of the TA s they are here for your support and learning Use their study guides and attend study sessions Exams 0 3 midterms during the semesters Scantrons 0 Monday Nights 810 pm Feb 8th March 7th April 11th 0 Twostage exams First stage 0 Less than an hour 0 Take it by yourself 0 85 of your nal grade Second Stage 0 Rest of the time Exact same exam 0 A group takes the exam over again 0 15 of your grade Can t do worse on your test if you do worse on the group test 0 Comprehensive Final 0 All exams cover all the material 0 Texts o In class 0 Mastering Bio Grading o 70 nal grade Exam will drop the lowest midterm exam no makeups 20 nal grade Mastering Assignments 0 10 nal grade classroom activities Grade calculated based on 90 points possible to allow for an absence or two Today s Activity 0 Read over the twelve values on the values page 0 Think about those that are most important to who you are as a person 0 Think about times when these values were important to you 0 Select one or two values that you think are most important to you 0 Write them at the top of you page Header for page 0 Student 0 Name Athletic ability Being good at art Being smartgood grades Creativity Independence Living in the moment Megan Hansel Thursday January 21 2016 Principles of Biology Biology 100 Chapter 2 Big Ideas of this Chapter 0 Elements Atoms and Compounds 0 Chemical Bonds 0 Water s LifeSupporting Properties Chemical Level of Life 0 Electrons negative 0 Protonspositive Neutrons neutral 0 Electrons and Protons are attracted to each other Why don t protons repel each other like electrons o The neutrons help shield the repelling 0 And there is another substance within the nucleus Matter is composed of chemical elements 0 Elements determined by of protons 0 Hydrogen oxygen carbon nitrogen 4 main elements in the body 0 All gases except carbon however carbon dioxide is 0 Water is lighter than carbon dioxide 0 Need trace elements 0 The smaller elements within your body Mass number Neutrons Protons Mass number In order for a chemical element to become completely stable their most outer electron shell must be full usually 8 electrons on the shell ex Helium Neon Argon ect lonic bond 0 One element attracts another one and then one element actually takes the electron to make it stable Covalent Bonds 0 This bond is the sharing of electrons between elements to create stability 0 Two or more atoms held together by covalent bonds form a molecule o The 4 types of Covalent bonds 0 Hydrogen Bonds single bond EX H2 0 Double Bonds 02 o Nonpolar Covalent Bonds CH4 0 Polar Covalent bonds H20 Water and Hydrogen Bonds 0 The tendency of molecule of the same kind to stick together is cohesion o Cohesion is much stronger for water than for other liquids 0 Most plants depend upon cohesion to help transport water and nutrients from their roots to their leaves 0 The tendency of two kinds of molecules to stick together is adhesion Cohesion is related to surface tension reason some insects can sit on top of the water


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