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physiology 12

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1 review
by: Ashley Notetaker

physiology 12 2420-02

Ashley Notetaker
GPA 3.5
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Human Physiology
Dr. Paul Pillitteri

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About this Document

Ch 12 notes,look of how I take notes.
Human Physiology
Dr. Paul Pillitteri
Class Notes




Star Star Star Star Star
1 review
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"Loved these! I'm a horrible notetaker so I'll be your #1 fan in this class"
Jeffry Schamberger DDS

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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Notetaker on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2420-02 at Southern Utah University taught by Dr. Paul Pillitteri in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Human Physiology in Physiology at Southern Utah University.


Reviews for physiology 12

Star Star Star Star Star

Loved these! I'm a horrible notetaker so I'll be your #1 fan in this class

-Jeffry Schamberger DDS


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Membrane pi 1 Semipermeable membrane or selective pick at choose Potassium keaks through permeable Sodium Nanot permeable 2 Nak pump Needs energy 3 Na out 2 k in More negative inside 3 players 1 Large n protein not permeable 2 K ions always more inside 3 Na more outside Permeability to k Concentration Resting membrane pi at rest 70mv Cell is polarized one more neg one more positive Depolarization less negative Hyper polarized more negative Nervous tissue Gated channels open or close Voltage gated channels when membrane pi change Chemicalbind to elements Thermal temperature change Mechanical gated channels touchpressure vibration stretchopens Nerve cell Soma neurons cell body Dendrites receive signals Axon Axon terminalinfo leaves Schwann cells no Good signal Nodes of ranvierspaces saltitory Myelin sheath around the axon Mess up ms lntervation Neuron cells Nerve lots of neorons together Synapsesspace between 2cells Pre synapticsends info Vesicles membrane bound contains NEOROTRANSMitter Ca2 outsideaxon terminalsvgate Post synaptic receives info Receives Kin slowand Na outfastohemioal gatedin synapse Vgate everywhere else ca Action pi Threshold all or none same size Graded pi Comes in different sizes Decremental At synapse Purpose Summationadd graded pi Temporal 1 pre synaptic added to make threshold then occur Spatial 2pre added to post synaptic Types of synapses Excitatory post synaptic potential post synaptic cell depolarize closer to threshold increase Na permeability Inhibitory post synaptic potential post synaptic ce hyper polarized farther to threshold increase K permeability Refractory period can39t get another action pia channes closed Stop reverse 1 Absolute refractory period 2 Relative can but hard need strong stimulus Why Na K 1 2 gates cosed can open 1gate 2 Open Closed 3 Out gate cosed can39t be reactive Open 4 Closed can be active Both v and c Open slow close Inside gate v 2 Cell to cell 1 Convergence Come to one line 2 Divergenceone line to many Direction Afferent sensory inside Efferent motor do something out Inter neurons inside cns 2divisions Central nervous Brain and spinal cord Peripheral Any nervous or tissue not cns Everything else Afferent Somatic Afferent sensefeel touch sense temperature see taste in aware of Visceral bp ph not aware of unless it is pain Efferent Somatic efferent innervate skeleton muscle contract or no do Autonomic heartsmooth muscleinvoluntary 2 parts to autonomic Sympathetic fight or flight Parasympathetic rest and digest They together dual interact counteract one another


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