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Greek Culture and Creation Myths.pdf

by: Cassandra Miller

Greek Culture and Creation Myths.pdf CC 205 1

Marketplace > Ball State University > Classical Studies > CC 205 1 > Greek Culture and Creation Myths pdf
Cassandra Miller
GPA 3.363
Mythologies of the World

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About this Document

These notes cover norms of the ancient Greed culture and notes over the Creation Myth readings we had this week
Mythologies of the World
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassandra Miller on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CC 205 1 at Ball State University taught by King in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Mythologies of the World in Classical Studies at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Greek Culture Vythologres of the world Friday January 15 2016 1107 AM Ancient Greek Culture Greek Civilization Mycenaean emerged by 1600 BC This civilization was destroyed 12001100 BC No art or political control elsewhere For 300 years there isn39t much evidence of them Classical Greece reemerged 800700 BC Mycenaean civilization was the subject of Greek myths Greece had 1000 citystates Unified by language customs gods and temples not politics and identity Athenian or Spartan Each citystate had its own myths Greek Creation reading 1 Wednesday January 20 2016 1100 AM Hesiod and his Theogony 800650 BC First hero we really know about Farmer shown as older and tired looking The Theogony poem as a cosmogony the personification anthropomorphism of nature genealogy Theogony birth of the gods Cosmogony birth of the universe Greek Cosmogony the Primordial beings theogony 116128 1 Chaos the Yawn 0 Feeling of separation from our creator 0 Recognition of a separate identity 2 Gaia earth 0 Envisioned as a female who nursed human beings o In human development we recognize our chef nurturer as a separate entity mother 3 Tartarus 0 Around Tartarus is a bronze fence 0 About its neck in a triple row 0 Above the earth and sea 0 Were the worse Greek myths go to be punished o Frustration same as in the development of human development o It is seen as a person and a place 0 Known as cupid o Represents human attraction 0 Many Greeks were scared because he was so uncontrollable 0 Generally known as Aphrodite39s son here he comes prior to her 0 This is so there can be sexual reproduction 5 Erebus and night come from Chaos 0 Erebus is an underworld darkness around Tartarus male 0 Night is above earth quotgood lightquot more calming female 0 They mate to get Ether and day 6 Ether and day 0 Ether is an elevated light 0 Day is a light that shines on humanity o Duller 0 Not as magnificent 7 Uranus the sky 0 Born from Gaia without sexual reproduction o Opposite from the earth Result the essence of the cosmos includes relational and perceptible building blacks is life about relations and perception Suggests that human relationships through these terms are embedded in the material nature of the world The children of Gaia and Uranus Rain cumming down on the earth from Uranus This brought plants to life Monsters 0 12 titans o All associated with some aspect of nature 0 Hyperion sun 0 Mnemosyne memory 0 Oceanos water bodies 0 3 cyclopes o 3 Hecatoncheires o Hundred handed monsters Succession Violence and Attraction Theogony 156206 A myth of succession for supremacy in the cosmos Uranus dominates Gaia hides his children Gaia asks a Titan to punish Uranus Cronus volunteers and Gaia arms him with a scythe tool used to reap rain Symbolizes the gaining of rewards for agricultural labor Symbolizes that younger children tend to be less like their parents then older children Uranus comes down Cronus cuts off his genitals This made so Uranus cannot be king anymore The blood falls down onto the earth and turns into the Erinyes Furies They live in the underworld They punish people who have harmed members of their families The genitals fall to the sea mixes with sea foam Aphrodite is born she embodies sexual attraction She is a completely separate being from the other Olympian gods Violence and attraction drive the succession to Cronus symbolized by the birth of Aphrodite and the furies Cronus is attracted to his mother Cronus and Rhea Many children 0 Hestia Pluto Poseidon Zeus Hera Demeter Didn t learn that he must keep the mother of the children happy Cronus began eating all of his children to eliminate the possibility of an heir Gave birth to Zeus on Crete and gave Cronus a rock to eat instead of Zeus The youngest son is the one who survives and takes over just like Cronus What does Hesiod39s Theogony tell us about Green perceptions of the universe 0 There was no separation between the perceptible world and divinity o The ordering of the universe involves attraction and violence 0 Can be read as a metaphor for the human development and coming to power 0 Greek Gods work through relationships of exchange 0 Mothers attempt to end their sons39 rule sons resist Creation Readings 2 Wednesday January 202 2016 8314 PM Cosmic Egg and Yin and Yang Chaos comic egg and world parent narrative Chaos yinyang femalemale passiveactive coldheat darklight and wetdry Phan Ku Chinese Purusha covered with hair horns out off his head and tusks from his mouth Began with a huge egg containing Chaos Within yinyang was Phan Ku Phan Ku broke out of the egg and separated chaos into its opposites Including earth and sky Earth and sky are opposites similar to in Greek myth Phan Ku grew 10 ft everyday for 18000 years and separated the earth from the sky an extra ten feet every day He carved the mountains Valley rivers and oceans He made the sun moon and stars When he died 0 his skull became the top of the sky 0 His voice thunder 0 His legs and arms the four directs 0 His flesh the soil 0 His blood the rivers o Fleas in his hair became human beings o A vacuum was created which created pain and sin When yang and yin became one and the five elements were separated humankind was born The Old Yellow One came down from the sky and taught man how to stay alive and how to read the sky All things correspond o The fruit 0 The egg 0 The earth 0 The body Mesopotamia Enuma elish 12th century BC Part creation part celebration of the high god Marduk The emergence of order from chaos Primal waters as resource of creation War in heaven Emergence of a king god Creation of earthly matter MummuTiamat shehe who bore the earth Apsu is her husband Together they gave birth to various gods Opposites Tiamat marine waters and Apsu fresh waters The various sons of the gods were trouble makers They were loud and rude to their parents and the great gods including Tiamat Tiamat and Apsu planned to destroy them Ea the all wise saw through the scheme and devised a plan He made a sleeping spell and cast it on everyone Stole the halo and put it on himself He slayed Apsu Found shelter in a chamber with his wife Damkina Named the shelter Apsu Marduk was created their son He had to heads four eyes four ears he breathed fire Marduk kills Mummu is a single combat Splits the body into two and makes one half the sky Kingu was the one who made Tiamat rebel so they severed his veins and made mankind Boshongo Bantu Bumba39s Creation Bumba39s vomiting reminds us of Egyptian high god39s creation by spitting and seed spilling Female principle is absent suggests patrilineal culture In the beginning there was only water and Bumba Vomited up the sun moon and starts Then he vomited 9 living creatures Leopard koy bumba Crested eagle Pongo Bumba Crocodile Ganda Bumba A fish Yo Tortoise Kono Bumba Lightning Tsetse White heron Nyanyi Bumba Bee e Goat Budi Lastly many men but only one was white Loko Yima Each animal created all of the other animals similar to it The three sons created different things Nyony ngana made white ants Chonganda made all the plants Chedi Bumba the bird called kite Modern Big Bang Theory There was a great explosion that filled the entire cosmos Primeval Fireball We know because we can see it Humans needed to have highly developed senses to see it Everything that exists came from a common origin First theory to use science We are the first generation to know this origin of life


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