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Psychology Class Notes January 19th and 21st

by: Melissa Metzgar

Psychology Class Notes January 19th and 21st 1557

Marketplace > Kutztown University of Pennsylvania > Psychlogy > 1557 > Psychology Class Notes January 19th and 21st
Melissa Metzgar
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
GPA 3.47
General Psychology (PSY 11)
Dr. Manos Akillas

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About this Document

These notes cover what we went over in class on January 19th and 21st.
General Psychology (PSY 11)
Dr. Manos Akillas
Class Notes
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by Melissa Metzgar on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1557 at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania taught by Dr. Manos Akillas in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 332 views. For similar materials see General Psychology (PSY 11) in Psychlogy at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

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Date Created: 01/24/16
First Exam Topics Tuesday February 9th De nition of Psychology History of Psychology Areas of Specialization Research Methods Learning Motivation Emotion Definition of Psychology The scientific study of the human mind and its functions especially those affecting behavior in a given context History of Psychology Concept of Abnormal Behavior 0 Prehistoric gt 11th century AD 9 Madness 0 Religious and Occult Explanations performed exorcisms O trephining opening the skull to give the demon an exit point 40000 years agotoday many survived 9 Biological Explanations C Huang Ti yellow emperor 27th Century BC 0 Wrote a book claiming that all living organisms have a positive and a negative force 0 Believed that strange behaviors result from an offbalance of those forces and dieting would help bring balance back 0 Hippocrates 5th4th Century BC 0 Believed that everyone has 4 fluids in balance in their bodies but that balance gets disturbed sometimes and affects our behaviors ie depression 0 Also believed that there is the tendency want to become healthy and to do that you need to remove anything from your life that is setting off the balance 0 Created mental institutions to try and provide people with a stress free life in attempt to heal them 0 These experiments were successful and he became popular based on them O Psychological Explanations O Plato 4th Century BC 0 Believed that in order for a person to be healthy they must have strong logic 0 In order to help mentally ill we need to teach them philosophy to heighten their logic and enhance the control of their impulses O Avicenna 10th11th Century BC 0 Believed you can help the mentally ill by simply talking to them not discussing their issues but in a more manipulative way 0 Called upon to help a prince who believed he was a cow and ended up curing him through manipulative ways 0 His methods worked because of his creativity 9 the average physician wasn t like this they all assigned the same treatment for everyone with the same illness 9 Avicenna tailored his treatments specifically to the needs of the person Abnormal Behavior 11th19th Century 9 Social morality and control 0 Poverty and workhouses 17th century 0 Concept of abnormal behavior expands and includes people who don t conform O Asylums arise 9 Benjamin Rush 18th19th Century 0 Director of PA hospital in Philadelphia 0 Relocated the mentally ill up from being chained in the basement into livable conditions and better environments 0 Wanted to provide these people with treatments 0 resembled torture 0 spinning chairs brain might rearrange O blind ice baths shock would better the brain 0 Also wanted to teach people skills to help themselves failed O Emphasis on the ability to work 9 More and more people were being seen as mentally ill 0 Concept of AB was changing because of things like economic problems in Europe during the 17th century 0 unemployment which was made illegal O homelessness 9 these people were arrested and taken to workhouses 0 over time this concept changed again to being less broad O asylums became huge Abnormal Behavior 19th Century 9 JeanMartin Charcot 0 Theory of Hysteria O the person has lost functioning some place in the body 0 suffering from a brain weakness results in hysteria believed that there was no cure 0 Theory of Hypnosis O can hypnotize the person suffering O discovered many similarities between a person suffering from hysteria and a person that s hypnotized 0 found that only a few people can be hypnotized 9 those with weak brains 9 those suffering from early onset hysteria O thought that healthy brains cannot be hypnotized O Hippolyte Bernheim O Performed studies on hypnosis and discovered that everyone can be hypnotized some take longer than others C It can t be said that everyone suffers from a weakness because then it wouldn t be considered a weakness 0 Theory of Suggestibility O hysteria is the result of suggestibility O Argued with Charcot and ended up being correct in his theories 9 Psychology emerges as a new psychiatric approach The Problem of Subjectivity 9 Science and Objectivity 0 science vs philosophy 0 claimed knowledge was based on observation not logic O belief that empirical observations are objective 9 Discovery of perceptual subjectivity in Astronomy 0 Observation isn t always objective due to perspectives 9 Many scientists decide to study subjectivity 0 Efforts to study perception and the mind lead to the development of psychology as a new field


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