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SOC Chapter 3 Notes

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1 review
by: DaJavon Swingler

SOC Chapter 3 Notes SOC 108

DaJavon Swingler
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Intro to Sociology
Gregory Maddox

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About this Document

First exam
Intro to Sociology
Gregory Maddox
Class Notes




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1 review
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"Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!"

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This page Class Notes was uploaded by DaJavon Swingler on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 108 at Southern Illinois University Carbondale taught by Gregory Maddox in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


Reviews for SOC Chapter 3 Notes

Star Star Star Star Star

Amazing. Wouldn't have passed this test without these notes. Hoping this notetaker will be around for the final!



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Date Created: 01/24/16
Chapter 3 Culture Culture consist of material objects patterns of thinking feeling and behaving passed from generation to generation a peoples entire way of life A society is a group of people living within defined territorial borders who share a culture Culture provides the blueprints for guiding people in their relationships within society Three Dimesions of culture 1 Material consists of the concrete tangible aspects of a culture 2 Cognitice refers to the complex of ideas and knowledge includes language beliefs 3 Normativeconsists of the standards for appropriate behavior for a group Material culture concrete tangible objects within culture Artifcats have no meanings or use apart from the meanings people give it Beliefs ideas concerning the nature of reality Normative Dimensions of culture Moral point of view are re ected in cultural norms all those rules Good bad right wrong Change throughtout time amp from culture to culture Types of Norms 1 Folkways rules that cover customary ways of thinking feeling and behaving Nomrs that have little or no moral significant If notms are not followed the sanctions are very minor 2 More MORaysnormsrules with moral significanceSeen as vital to the wellbeing of societyViolations evoke strong disapproval Tabooa type of more that is extremely serious incestcannibalism 4 Lawsnorms that are formally defined and enforced by officials Consciously created and 9 enforced specify definitions amp punishments for violations Mores amp taboos are important sources of laws Enforcement of Norms 1 Sanctionsrewardspunishments used to encourage conformity to norms Formal sanctions given only by officially designed personsInformal Sanctions can be applied by most members of society What are values Values broad cultural principles that many people in a society consider desirable They do not specify precisely what to think feel or behave American Values Achievement and success Activity and work Efficiency and practically Equality Democracy Group Superiority Ideal amp Real Culture Ideal cultural guidelines publicly embraced by members of society Real actual behavior patterns exhibited by member of society Culture as a tool kit Culture can be view as a tool kit symbols stories rituals and worldviews that people can use in different configurations to solve different kinds of problems Whose tools Where do we get them Are tools used similarly or differently Language and culture The creation and transmissions of culture depends heavily on the capacity to develop symbols Symbols things that stand for or represent something else Language a system of interrelated symbols words through which a group of people ate able to communicate and share information Hypothesis of Linguistic relatiVity Our perception of reality is at the mercy of the words and grammatical rules of our language Language shapes our reality Studies demonstrate that language significantly shapes thought


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