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Week 2 notes

by: Tanner Earley

Week 2 notes 237

Tanner Earley
GPA 3.93
Organic Chemistry 2
Jacqueline Nikles

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About this Document

These notes cover 10.8-10.9 ; and 15.1. The rest of chapter 15 will be on later notes.
Organic Chemistry 2
Jacqueline Nikles
Class Notes
Science, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tanner Earley on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 237 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Jacqueline Nikles in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry 2 in Chemistry at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
quotE A r I t rs W 9mm he b3 IL U 1quot 2 gt A A I ng HAL DIAJALLQAMJ H5065 5 7 gt A biesuw o5 Oxalahm of 9mm atom Admits or f 139 Aacurbbwn am DamM o Sleme alcohol KUWKS 7242er 35 wmng mm og oxnlmm a M40110 ffadj LANHG 1425qu 7 if m5 61111 Job Ln i 44am g lAn U CgmwKJ FM 0 CarbOXL IIL 11171 quot39 Ch mx a 1711 C H 21f Cqu Wad NI Hi 31de3 mwhols er WK lwhmwey 1quot t mh 17thch PUQ alCzjhoIS Had NH14 PCC 0 ohm vvquot 3 u mLmY aJr an aldehgda Max Hw 1 A 39i 39f f I J 39 v 39 39 v l v 39 113 KIWI quot a 3 am n g Com a I50 Ham w h IA KMDII 107 MASO gt r aldr hljf l h39u 3 r f I i SECAMMJM 414ng WZLUF MEI14 i DMD MCL 60 1 ml me J6 DPS x rrLOLh39ZDJ 1 quotNS Ma rm Wimjmmfl AP quot39 pr gmg n ILLUJMR 10144 b 4 Or a mam 11L Owlu 39 A quot39 g lccmdvam 00 as ho 5 1101 w H411 DIM J 0 1 r m J Win f Pg731LI XIQ 7x15151me 0g GlleCoi S 317067 Kai rs LAin OWLny h OHMC Hm u a bum Lemmy MW Ca r39bmS hM yiw 0m OH band h rm Wo 4 l CArbjg n p I Q 39F ULMIOS39 13114leij HIVUme 607an am is mwe a 0 115711 c as I L S quot 11am 2 MW To am 41mm 1 by MW 65 cm MAJ1916 B anXHgmy LWO 73 911911 1 SuNhuo mi amt 39 v J V U MT u n39 Aer bf AS er a ee V 0 e W m V mm 1quot W A 1 0 I v r f m 0hr MIX av J U quot L gt R A 039 gm Q1141 g 7 A 2 e 39 1 3 3 quot 1 v d w 39 f J a Qquot W1 g I 39 mm WWMc mm f quot 3917quot mkva HAWK A AMMLL 71 I x Ar r KS an OH insqu U V 739 7 IQ nun OH MA39SH markup Is Tn a U v u Osmanmm use QHQRX SUIQAMF hm w TLW Mm g Nunquot a worm bad g V 3mm 01 mm in 33 5 xvi i a m L M f 5 we Law Dntcx m Sn MW 1me A quot mw Qadenvl his mm m y qu 4 AanOALo W S SS 5W0W thjllf 3 art thM m a myth q Q xh k betme HM ChmWM 13 mm m Ha avlz Oml 51m 1 3336 45 EMM WM QJWW amt1W J 0 I A A V V v v 9 W Car mm WWW A V a WW1 A l K 5 r 1 N M W I m i VLS also tedLU osmmb lt9 e L 39 l quott A I 39ll W1 V I x Rn I A loehamhfdlcgw t H 5 UA 1 1 It 11 LM39LAD 1 4 ipvmt vm f 1 equzu wi an H j mi mplmg W Av dL Za n MW J Li Wm M GHW THANW wi H g I ml 1 W hm 013m In g Ia mfg oquot 3 POL1 hid Mlquot C110 1761 H 1 rTgmx r2 Wagaa mwa ck hcmnm AMA m a mum2 i MM Had as jurbzm nudiqphka u ibA R 040k PB STHALQ 39 6mm 01 bem 39 Q1 r1231 l t V 11111 qu39 s V V 35m m 1 amalgam J 9 JA D 39 4 I ll h39 11 l quot395 7 1quot 31A quothlian 3 air I I I I I n a a I r 11 r quotV I V


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