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PSYS 277 Psychology of Sexual Behavior Weel:1/19/16-1/21/16

by: Katie Oracheff

PSYS 277 Psychology of Sexual Behavior Weel:1/19/16-1/21/16 PSYS 277

Marketplace > Ball State University > Psychlogy > PSYS 277 > PSYS 277 Psychology of Sexual Behavior Weel 1 19 16 1 21 16
Katie Oracheff
Psychology of Sexual Behavior
George A. Gaither (P)

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About this Document

This is just a week of notes.
Psychology of Sexual Behavior
George A. Gaither (P)
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Oracheff on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYS 277 at Ball State University taught by George A. Gaither (P) in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Sexual Behavior in Psychlogy at Ball State University.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
11916 Maslow s hierarchy of Needs Bottom physiological needs food water oxygen Safety needs comfort security freedom from fear Belongingness and love needs affiliation acceptance belongingness Esteem needs competence approval recognition Cognitive needs knowledge understanding novelty Aesthetic needs symmetry order beauty Selfactualization Top peak experiences Psychology of Happiness Quote quotIf you want to be happy for a few hours get drunk If you want to be happy for a few years get married If you want to be happy forever get a garden Evolutionary Sociobiological perspective of Maslow s hierarchy of needs Natural Selection Purpose of life is Propagation of genes I Darwin awards get people out of the gene pool Reproductive fitness fecundity Parental investment I Gender differences I Mating strategies Men have 3 types of sperm 1 Blockersset up a perimeter that nobody else s sperm can get into the partner 2 Killer go after someone s sperm and kill them 3 Egg getter get the egg Psychodynamic Sigmund quotFraudquot Freud19561939 Structures of the mind d instinctual Drives impulses I Present at birth operates on pleasure principle Superego I conscience Carrier of moral standards Ego quotRefereequot I Primarily conscious operates on reality principle Defense Mechanisms Keep us from experiencing unacceptable thoughtsfeelings which cause anxiety I Denial quotit never happened Repression quotlet s not talk about it pretend it never happened Projection quotit did happen but you wanted me to do it Rationalization quotit happened but it s not that big of a deal because Sublimation find a socially acceptable way to meet needs American Beauty drive through scene 12116 Homosexualheterosexual reaction formation test question push against something but they end up doing it themselves Before doing an experiment for someone make sure Consent What experiment is about Was it approved by IRB Does person conducting experiment have credentials Voluntary participation Confidential researcher knows who you are but won t give anyone else that information Anonymous Not even the researchers know who you are Classical Respondent Conditioning 0 What is it o Autonomic automatic reflexive Response Unconditioned Stimulus US Bright Light Unconditioned Responses UR Pupil Constricts Conditioned Stimulus CS Loud Sound Conditioned Response CR Pupil Constricts Match the US to UR US Bad foodg Nausea High Temperaturec Sweating Irritation in Nosee Sneeze Sudden Loud Noisef Pounding Heart Throat Cloggedb Cough Low Temperaturea Shivering Object in handd Grasping Pair a stimulus together with something else to get a reaction from it o Operant condition Reward and punishment NP P PP N Which picture does not belong here Vase doesn t match because it s not fetish Classical Conditioning of Human Sexual Arousal US Nude female CS Vase CS 9USForward Vase Nude good US9CSBackward Nude Vase bad URCR Male sexual response Penile erection Female sexual response Vaginal blood flow Plaud amp Martini 1996 Dependent Variable behavior measured Penile circumference Subjective Rating of Arousal 10 subjects 1st session Rate pictures of women US for sexual arousal Rate picture of vase CS for sexual arousal 2ncl through 4th sessions Classical conditioning 15 trialssession 5 probe trials CS presented alone Hypothesis Arousal to vase alone in Forward only Research Issues Cause amp Effect Causal Inferences Types of SEX research Case studystudy of one person Epidemiologicaltrying to look at how often certain things happen Correlationalrelationship between two things Quasiexperimentalnot random Experimentalrandom True experiments Singlesubject Metaanalysistakes results from other studies


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