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Psychology 2510

by: AJ Ponte

Psychology 2510 psych 2510

AJ Ponte
GPA 3.94
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Survey of Abnormal Psychology
Julianne Ludlam

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About this Document

These notes cover simple history and background for abnormal psychology.
Survey of Abnormal Psychology
Julianne Ludlam
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by AJ Ponte on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to psych 2510 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Julianne Ludlam in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see Survey of Abnormal Psychology in Psychlogy at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Week 1 Abnormal Psychology Lecture Notes History and Background Psychological Disorders 0 Psychopathology psychological disorders 0 A psychological disorder is usually considered to be quotabnormal behavior 0 Abnormal behavior does not simply mean different rare or unusual 0 Ex Committing murder is rare and not in societal norms but that does not mean every murderer has a psychological disorder 0 Psychological disorders are common 0 Nearly half 47 of US individuals will receive treatment for a psychological disorder 0 The most common are anxiety drugalcohol dependence and depression Criteria of Abnormal Behavior 0 from cultural societal norms o Norms related to mental disorders can serve those in power 0 Problem with this criteria I Societal and cultural norms change I Deviance is highly influenced by context quotGoodness of fit I Helpful if used with caution when looking at culture and age 0 Behavior is or maladaptive 0 People can have mild forms of dysfunction and not be psychopathic 0 Behavior causes or suffering 0 However some disorders don t cause the person distress o Often it is normal for an individual to be distressed 0 Sometimes the criteria of is used 0 Definition of abnormal behavior Behavior that is inconsistent with the individual s developmental cultural and societal norms creates emotional distress andor interferes with daily functioning Historical Perspectives o 3 models used to explain psychological problems 0 Supernatural 0 Biological o Psychological 0 Ancient views 0 Evil spirits were cured by quottrepanningquot or trephination which is drilling a hole in an individual s skull to let evil spirits escape o Demonology and exorcism a spirit can control your behavior 0 Greek and Roman views Week 1 Abnormal Psychology Lecture Notes 0 Medical concepts biological reasoning o Hippocrates father of modern medicine I No more demonology I Believed in environmental and physical factors that attributed to psychological problems I Imbalance of humorous fluids I Roots of hysteria wondering womb theory 0 Middle Ages 0 Witchcraft demons exorcism 0 Treatment blood draining beatings burned at the stake o In cahoots with the devil divine punishment 0 Ship of Fools symbol of evil I They would build ships and put mad people on them and send them off to die Development of Asylums 0 Limited improvement around the 14005 0 Asylums or quotMad Houses like Bedlam o Chained people in dirty places and bad hospitals 0 Nineteenth Century 0 quotMoral Treatment 0 Asylums used this model 0 Phillipe Pinel worked to change asylums 0 William Tuke English man helped change conditions Nineteenth Twentieth Century 0 New Finding Syphilis had similar delusions and hallucinations to mental illnesses 0 Used Penicillin to treat symptoms 0 Emil Kraepelin identified many disorders 0 Biological or somatogenic model I Diagnosis often more important than the actual treatment 0 Today the biological model is most dominant 0 New finding Talk Therapy 0 Josef Breuer s quotTalking Cure 0 Led to psychoanalytic humanistic behavioral cognitive traditions Current Trends 0 43 of people believe people bring mental health disorders among themselves 0 35 consider mental health to be caused from sin 0 Medications have existed since the 19505 Week 1 Abnormal Psychology Lecture Notes 0 Outpatient care is prioritized over inpatient care 0 Prevention programs are popular 0 Multicultural efforts have been in effect 0 Insurance coverage has been created for mental health


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