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Rhetoric of Agitation and Control Ch. 1

by: Caleb Rogers

Rhetoric of Agitation and Control Ch. 1 WRIT 20313

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > WRIT 20313 > Rhetoric of Agitation and Control Ch 1
Caleb Rogers
GPA 4.0
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Power and Protest
Brad Lucas

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About this Document

These notes cover the first reading from our book RAC
Power and Protest
Brad Lucas
Class Notes
sociology, Social Movements, Rhetoric of Agitation and Control




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Caleb Rogers on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to WRIT 20313 at Texas Christian University taught by Brad Lucas in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
The Rhetoric of Agitation amp Control Chapter 1 What is Agitation Control Vertical vs Lateral Deviance Social Power Agitation Agitation persistent longterm advocacy for social change where resistance to the change is also persistent amp long term 0 Ex Efforts of MLK Nelson Mandela Cesar Chavez etc Style of persuasion characterized by a highly emotional argument based on the citation of grievances amp alleged violation of moral principles 0 Ex Patrick Henry amp Samuel Adams during the American Revolution Agitation exists when 1 People outside the normal decisionmaking establishment a Legislation power of deciding policy b Enforcement giving negative amp positive sanctions to those who violateobserve policies 2 Advocate signi cant social change and 3 a Social Chang alteration in way society works i Substantive or Procedural b Signi cance is subjective Encounter a degree of resistance Within the establishment such as to require more than the normal discursive means of persuasion a Verbal appeals amp essays aren39t enough other actions are needed for successful agitation rhetoric Why does agitation occur 0 O 0 Strong dissatisfaction w existing problems policies of government amp other organizations When individual or group has grievances amp challenging the social order is necessary Event or establishment action inspires individual dissent Ex Bloody Friday Two Kinds of Agitation 0 Vertical Deviance when agitators accept the value system of the establishment but dispute the distribution of bene ts or power win the value system a When person in subordinate rank attempt to enjoy the privileges amp prerogatives of those in superior rank b Issues are easier to understand c based on single value system amp focus of distribution of bene ts c Usually ends when establishment makes appropriate concessionsadjustments Ex Ten year old smoking Labor Movement Lateral Deviance when agitators dispute the value system itself amp seek to change it or replace it with a competing value system a Occurs in a context in which the values of the nondeviant are rejected b Ideology amp agitation less direct amp more complex bc working outside of the system where rules amp communication channels not de ned c Establishments reject action amp ideas of agitators bc they can39t understand them Control response of the decisionmaking establishment to agitation Establishments has control of language de ning society mass media information in uence wealth power status etc Establishments can give negative labels to agitators ex Deviants outsiders etc Social Change Social Organization is 1 Structured with set of procedures by which decisions are made amp set of positions in which decision making power rest 2 Goal Oriented Ideology set of statements that de ne the unique characteristics of the organization amp express the unique set of beliefs to which members subscribe Social Power 1 Universal to Western Culture 2 Individualgroup doesn39t voluntarily give up power 3 Exercise of social power is satisfying in itself Have power over another when one can in uence the other39s behavior Reward Power One party can give bene ts to the second 0 Both establishment amp agitator possess this Coercive Power One group can in uence another39s behavior through threats 0 Establishment is capable of this Legitimate Power When one individual or group is perceived by another as having assigned position 0 Establishments always control legitimate power Referent Power When individual in uenced is attracted to amp identi es with that individual or group Expert Power when one individualgroup has superior knowledge or skill in a particular area of in uence 0 Agitators totally depend on referent amp expert power


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