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History 1B week 3 lectures

by: Sarah Doberneck

History 1B week 3 lectures History 1B

Sarah Doberneck
Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa A.D. 843 to circa 1715
Dr. Mcclendon

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About this Document

Notes from week 3 lecture
Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa A.D. 843 to circa 1715
Dr. Mcclendon
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Doberneck on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 1B at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Dr. Mcclendon in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 68 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Western Civilization: Circa A.D. 843 to circa 1715 in History at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Pope urban II 0 Over saw the administrative part of the church 0 Canon law church law was developed By the 12th century the church had organized itself with the pope clearly at the top Pope Cardinals Archbishop Bishop Priest abbotabbess Monknun Monasticism was an effort to elevate the quality of spiritual life in Christian society The very rst months had withdrawn from the world in response to what they called complacency toward the church St Benedict called for a withdraw from the world in order to better serve God Even this monasticism got caught up in the secular world Monks lives and taught in this world and were even landlords for the secular world Monastic houses doubled in number from the 11005 to the 12005 The Cistercian order Emphasized a rigorous version of the benediction rule Organized when a group of monks organized a new monastery in Citeaux France because they were disillusioned by the actions of their old monastery Lived very simply only had one robe Spend more time in private prayer Not very elaborate buildings Built their houses way out in the country 0 Supported themselves by having laymen that would work the elds 0 Became very successful business men with winecrops metal working etc 0 Found It hard to remove themselves from the world because of this 0 Bound together by a representative council of each house helped them maintain their strict lifestyle Developed a new model for Christianity Spread all throughout Europe Bernard of clairvaux 10901153 Popular man known for his great mind Became a known gure in the secular world Known for activism helped to settle a disputed papal election Advocate or the crusades Created the Knights Templar knights who would assure safe passage for pilgrims trying to go to Jerusalem Told people they could have a personal elation ship with God Portrayed Christ and Mary in more personal and human terms than had been done before allowing people to feel like they could really pray and talk to these gods First house of Carthusians Very strict lifestyle for the monks All lived in separate cells met for meals only once a week Fasting was required at least once per week 0 Not as popular but still a new order that rose up Female monasticism Changing image of women 0 The cult of the Virgin Mary was spreading rapidly made her more approachable 0 Literature had made objects of admiration in ways not seen before 0 More women started joining the monasteries o Males still vastly outnumbered females probably around 51 0 Males were better off nancially and supported more 0 How woman joined 0 Possibly aristocratic families who couldn39t get a dowry or marry their daughters put her there 0 Intellectual aspirations that wouldn39t be achieved outside the convent 0 Escape arranged marriage Hildegard of Bingen 10981179 joined a nunnery at 8 took her vows at 14 Became an abbess then left to start her own monastery Started writing down divine revelations she said to have received Became very famous and was highly regarded by royalty and was consulted by them 0 Saints were abundant local saints were popular and saints cults were founded Thomas Becket 0 Archbishop of Canterbury 0 In 1770 the king had some people go and murder hum o 3 years later he was declared a saint 0 He was buried in Canterbury and his tomb was said to become a place of miracles Viewing Mary was the most popular Saint during this time period 0 Miracles started to be attributed to her 0 Monasteries named her as their patron saint 0 She was looked at with fascination a don was relatable because she was human yet higher up because she was Christ39s mother Relics Holyreligious items Indulgences Sold with relics Reduction of punishment for sin Related to the doctrine of purgatory souls went here when they weren39t sent to hell yet they weren39t quite ready for heaven indulgences would shorten the time in purgatory Given for charitable act Pilgrimage Points to strengthening of Christianity because it was very popular jerusalem was the most popular place Bible Canterbury Rome Santiago de compostela we39re other popular places to go Spiritual quest sort of vacation for the as well Financial dimension 0 Cost money for foodboard o lnns along the routes spring up Badge of St Thomas becket was often bought to show people you actually went The most important book for Christianity and this region Clergy used it for everything they did Very few vernacular versions people were discouraged from reading the bible out of fear that they would Misinterpret it because they hadn39t been properly trained Instead scenes were painted on church walls so that people could learn Sermons Early sermons were focused on re and brimstone and he39ll Later focused on practical morality and living a good Christian life Clergy were supposed to use the bible to create sermons but many of them were illiterate themselves The seven sacraments 1 Nl quotl 39 Baptism Ceremony that gave a person membership in the Christian church without it they could not receive salvation Marriage Not a sacrament until the twelfth century not surprising given the prominence of celibacy Eucha st Brought Christians as close to Christ as possible symbols of Christi body and blood Transubstantiation part of the service where the priest turned the wine and bread into the actual blood and esh of Christ People stopped consuming it so the church said you had to at least once a year Many people them did it on Easter Confession Practiced since the early days in the 12th century the process became very personal Before it was done publicly but now it was just between a person and the priest Had to be done once a year Extreme unction Confession at the moment of death that was said to still allow for salvation Holy orders Con rmation


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