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Physics 116a week4

by: Anikeya Aditya

Physics 116a week4 PHYS 116-A

Anikeya Aditya
GPA 3.85
Mathematical methods for Physics
Tesla Jeltema

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About this Document

Kinear algebra
Mathematical methods for Physics
Tesla Jeltema
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anikeya Aditya on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 116-A at University of California - Santa Cruz taught by Tesla Jeltema in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Mathematical methods for Physics in Physics 2 at University of California - Santa Cruz.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
Lian ZS 20 W39W 5m am 1quot J V39o Zz2 a b c Eabc 17515 673 17 whim Fz f i xazbfa 3235 161 3 EdfC H756 CILf 605836 APPTGGEf W21 W5 1739 23 tzo Y7 llfl Law 14 taoa aromq MW W m we WM f 04W M rm m2 2 Haj1395 1 0 4 2 L 0 mat5L 1425 M MWW vs 2 mamy gym 26 out M MAMA f 171739 02 VCtLHI quot quotpl2 E 51 no 1 vT FI J Z LO c 397 1612 539 Izzz32 51 lquot 3 25 f 6 fz ycldJ 3931 lwz L0J LA 1 x xJ h 336F q a 20 dag 70 bCi yd C 36 or awee by cz 61 dzazdP yo 620 Dmim to a Aim Ettakiwi catW 304L1rva T Wiri pozlmf QGmZl M llo 2 Nae P 39ltZTPquotZzTsma WU M m LIWdmep MunI d WW Wat Wm d t77 t I 0L k WW IFSl We WW iDGLW axIba 6 04 P A 69q750 221 c r A7 arbld R j39 gk WMWWM A pith01W P f 2 WWW AraCom 1m gt h 39 I 9 LD E 7 1 J 0739 Mg Mn0a apmmmy jr 1 N dm Qnd 3M Comm h CA O P r088 b39 6 DH Ciak 0 0C 39 ildIKMCI lJ KH LEN139 1 IX ILfCthlfw 233 of 310 391 1 UK 213 I 31 0 2 any moot1w cw bu0X 7 T foam Ewiqu WW 6W1 1ZL f U v v VA GMMAZOMO K1 1 WV WY K aAAn 1 3313 5 4 ch 112 3 39L 13 Is 123 own RqufL Qv3pt QBaQJL IR Z L439V 21 22 2 Wle VLgZV Vszgv 1 2 2 r 17 37 V Ajafm was rus z39xmo rm a 1a212 0312 0 3 bzzz J 1 3 0 67 zx 6313 2 M iJ aablz a 0 d 0nazgaus 7592750 555 0 q 03PZM I Apexn N 4 HM ifoj 4 plane quotquot 3K0 tJu39pb Wm WM a Q7 Q3 valuma Wrcwwcd a x6o 6 b1 6 9 3 C 62 C3 41101 0 arr WIWWY 5 moi2128 I qFMth to 1345wa mootwvo WALWZ a MWILOZWWMMIDWWWWW MAL Wmm tin arm 5 caEPQA NW quot1 771 0 432 M sz m ww majam L6 two WW W Md I151me WM MW 5 quot 0351 gt coco04 ogcml fm axle K1 0253 x quot a 3 05yGLAI A 2 q 37d 1 rn d q x xz C01b5 03539 X5 G 1 C bz imam W 076 a11a3 blx 4 6112 4 Wu 39ah of We pm 75 AW wW 01x quotPOLXZ O 32 z 1quot 12 1 X3 cuffx I 301 WM 33 22 0 61 a26 Or 0392 25 b r db aaa r 062026 A jfpz f a 01 A bLHD D in I oz fL WJ clm j Q3 02 A M MWML W 14 2quot W IMJC39K be 3 30 0 D 00 mxoM ommQM b5 0239 mngJ39m hm So JM W LIL 312 quot1 1y quot21239 t L DtUl 17 8 th 25 6 l 50 L 91 B 3 D c 39 D 392 393 I 13119 10 L19 1102171quot D D quotL 3 23 L quot 3 12 12 Vt Raw W am a 01 a3 a 10 C dl a O 1 d3 639 2 53 Cu FolMi Mil9A 6N WM Wmtarry W 9 muggy mamw a W 63 norm gm CWW 3 Add 0AMde 2mm Tamiz 11 00 hawJmo owd 4 339 W 0X 11227141 With wxou Mummani as MJW I rmlzfVl ltWC4 9 no W m 2 39 W39gut Adon 3 WMJLW54JQltn na ozWM RMMWWAJMAIano 7742 WWW Mauidz gt MOM7W3 WM mWLp ca hn b WM Mao mam f 24 X 01 Q Z 1 Q3 b 197 12 133 H 247quot WNQb notab m x m 73gt WWMW WM MU ltL1amwct0n 17 3 IxgtTlt11 2a WW 5395 x17 2 axe 13 2 qu 61 xlzgt but 3 A895 84 Fquot WA A v OIL0X Avg X M Avilax 7 Ml QM twd WMCQA aAn mi 060va ax 2 41 5 27w 7 bv Homou CLO adi Lam3M H N 3 x 10 hi at mm ll 27 07 d zx d C a 35 Msz JL zddiw 395 z39tb


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