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Week 2 AMH2097

by: JennaEliteNotetaker

Week 2 AMH2097 AMH2097

Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Dr. Amundson

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About this Document

Week 2 LectureNotes (1/11/6 - 1/15/16) with vocabulary words
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Dr. Amundson
Class Notes
history, FSU, amh2097
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This page Class Notes was uploaded by JennaEliteNotetaker on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2097 at Florida State University taught by Dr. Amundson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
11116 The Europeans believed indigenous people would have abandoned their religion and beliefs and when they didn t they viewed them as inferior Powerful central government and religious conformityuniformity helped other countries colonize the new world The Pope divided the western hemisphere between Spain and Portugal 1517 a reform movement from the catholic church 0 Reformers believed individuals should read the bible for themselves in their own language Spain believed they would save America from Protestantism by spreading Catholicism o On the other hand England believed they could save the natives from Catholicism The Spanish Empire consisted of modern day Mexico 0 Was larger than the Roman empire at it s peak 0 Capitol was located in Mexico City 0 Was built on the ruins of Aztec land 0 Had the first university in North America Spain was alarmed by the first wave of people to come to the New World Spain created a controlled government under their ruling 0 They did not view the indigenous people as their own race I They wanted indigenous people to adopt their religion I There was tension between Spain and the indigenous people because they were enslaving them and quotfreeing them according to the Spanish Spain believed they should import African Americans instead of using indigenous people as laborers o This ended the The first colonizers were young single men Spaniards moved to America to gain social status By the 1600 s Mestizos were a mix of Spain and indigenous people that began to spread and repopulate o Represents mix of Spanish and Indigenous culture 0 Vision that indigenous person had that blended Catholic Spanish culture with the indigenous culture Florida was not a Spanish territory until King George 2 sent someone to set up an outpost in St Augustine In 1565 Spain permanently entered Florida and the French were discovered to have an outpost there but they convinced the French to leave 3 main tribal groups existed in this area at the time o Guale Timucua and the Appalachia existed in Florida Georgia and North Carolina 0 Timucua I Located in North Carolina I Had multiple settlements in which they would farm I At the center of their settlements the chiefs lived there with their family and the elderly I It was possible for woman to become leaders 11116 I Chiefs help on to power by giving gifts and helping other smaller tribes o Guale I Located in Georgia I Ate shell fish hunted and farmed I Lived in small villages that surrounded the chief o Appalachia I Located in Florida I Hierarchy of tribal people chiefs elderly 0 Men from all of these tribes would draft members to work for the Spanish outpost I They would harvest crops build roads and bridges and round up livestock for the Spanish 0 Workdisease brought these tribal groups to less than one fourth of their original population The European groups questioned the Spanish ruling of the New World There was a main supply road that went in and out of St Augustine The Dutch arrived around the same time as the English in 1608 0 Established their own outpost o Looked for a passage to Asia 0 Colonized New York City The Netherlands began to make advances 0 Their empire reached from Africa to the Caribbean Freedom of press wide religious tolerance New Amsterdam was a religious safe haven The Dutch just wanted to trade with the indigenous people not harm them 0 They viewed the natives as victims of the Spanish 0 Established culture and diplomatic relations New York City was an armed force 0 Previously known as New Amsterdam The Dutch eventually ended up with more slaves than Spain Dutch women were allowed to own land and make lawsuits In the 1603 s 18 languages were spoken in New Amsterdam Dutch West Indie Company 0 Share holders were given a ton of land if they could import tenantsslaves 0 Had to pay for land America was a minor outpost in the land that the Dutch colonized France 0 Afraid of losing their population to the New World 0 Gained knowledge of customs of the indigenous and participated in gift giving ceremonies of the indigenous people they faced 0 Viewed indigenous people as equals Mestizos helped the French and indigenous communicate 0 Marriage between the French and indigenous people was acceptable 0 11316 The English in the New World Most prominent in North America Did the most to introduce slavery Diverse group 0 Some wanted businessmoney religious freedom Chesapeake Bay Colony 0 Governor John Winthrop Henry 8th 0 launched protestant reformation in England after Pope refused to divorce wife 0 Started Church of England heading it himself Edward 6th became king at age 10 gt persecuted Catholics Lady Jane Grey gt Queen for ten days Mary gt Queen for 5 years Catholic persecuted Protestants gt began colonization regained 50 years protestant 0 Didn t get along with Pope 0 England began to be dominantly protestant 0 England went to war with Catholic Spain England s 1st colonization was Ireland which was largely Catholic 0 Conquered using military force killingrelocating citizens seized land 1st English settlement in the New World was Roanoke colony o got permission from to colonize in the New World using his own funds 0 1st sent 100 men who attacked Spanish ships along the way 0 2nOI 100 men woman and kids disappeared 0 Raleigh went and the colony was gone Religion 0 England needed to rescue the New World from Catholic Spain England wanted to increase wealth and power Population surplus could be sent to New World to live 0 Could become importantwealthy here Land wealthfreedomindependence Hierarchy gt Men as HoH King headed nationchurch God headed everything 1607 gt 1st permanent colony o 104 men employees of Virginia Company were the 1st people to live here I Wanted to find gold and other resources Experienced high death rate Near swamp so Malaria killed colonists No one wanted to grow food 1616 80 of population had died Virginia Company sent hundreds of more people Colonists abandoned settlement but came back Any male who paid to go to Jamestown got 50 acres of land Indentured servants I Signed contract to work land for a certain time OOOOOOOO 11316 Most died before this could happen Could be soldtradedgambled Could have time added to term for different reasons 0 became way the Virginia Company made money I John Ralph experimented with types of tobacco He introduced tobacco as cash crop to Virginia I People started smoking beginning with elite I Thought to have medicinal benefits at the time 125000 people left England for the Chesapeake Bay Colony English fought with the native tribes over land livestock and other matters 0 Saw Native Americans as savages with no place in English society I Displaced Natives that lived in Virginia Maryland Massachusetts I Adopted Indian props gt snow shoes canoes Colony 1632 Tobacco as main cash crop Cecil Calvert got charter to establish colony 1625 his father declared he was Catholic losing government position Religious freedom Members of Church of England Anglicans I Caused tensionstrife He was given authority to run Maryland Colony People who owned property had power Hierarchy based on land Indentured servants offered money after completing service Faced internal conflict over religious issues Few women lived here Femme Sole woman alone I Women widows with no old son could own land and conduct business I Usually temporary I Margaret Brent I Impossible in England New England Colonists o in Holland I Farmers near London who thought Church of England retained too much Catholic origin Wanted to break away from Church and Queen I 1609 left Great Britain to Netherland I 1617 thought they adjusted too well and wanted an English background I Charter for Virginia but ended up in Massachusetts I Social order based on religion I Wanted further protestant reformation Thought God chose if you were damned or saver before birth I City Set Upon a Hill to be example for England 00000 0000000 11316 1620 1st arrived in village to settle where Native Americans use to be 20 members of his tribe who could speak English 0 Were kidnapped sent to England and came back to New World I Taught them how to hunt plant corn and establish relationships Faced diseasehardships 1642 thousands of people had migrated here Population steadied and increased through natural reproduction Traded tinder fish and produce with England People who violated social norms were expelled Challenged Puritans that they were God s people Said they had no right to live on the land they were on Established Rhode Island as a safe haven Preacher midwife wife of respected business man Believed Puritans were falsely preaching to gospel 2 day trial and was banished because she claimed God spoke directly to her and that she didn t need a Puritan to tell her God s will Killed between battles of Indians Puritan migration


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