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Week 3 AMH2097

by: JennaEliteNotetaker

Week 3 AMH2097 AMH2097

Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Dr. Amundson

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About this Document

Week 3 Lecture Notes (1/18/16 - 1/22/16) with vocabulary words
Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States
Dr. Amundson
Class Notes
history, FSU, amh2097
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by JennaEliteNotetaker on Sunday January 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2097 at Florida State University taught by Dr. Amundson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States in History at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 01/24/16
12016 Slavery in Colonial America English felt it was natural to enslave All colonies be end of 1600s had slave laws New England the North 0 Massachusetts Bay Colony 1637 slavery I People they traded in the Caribbean I Were at war with tribal groups defeated them and traded them for African slaves Dutch colonists also participated in slavery 0 Born and enslaved in Philadelphia 0 Lived to be 116 this was unusual for slaves 0 Did not do fieldfarm work but instead worked for wages in domestic work Slaves in the north were more able to mingle with whites Slaves had some rights 0 Masters weren t allowed to murder slaves o Slaves could seetestify in court testify in court and fight in war Onli 5 of the population before the revolutionary war were slaves Born 1755 in Gambia Abducted and brought to the Americas Was named after the ship that brought her to the new world Was allowed to learn how to read Could read both English and Latin Published a poem by the age of 19 Invited to party by George Washington on behalf of a poem she wrote about him On Being Brought from Africa to America 1St African American Poet 1St woman to comment on political matter in America The South Some slaves owned their own slavesindentured servants By end of 1600s slavery was set in place in the South Labor force replaced by Africans Banned sexmarriage of people of different races Conversion to Christianity could not set slaves free 1675 Landless impoverished whites rebelled Rebels were mad that land in the west was blocked from whites for Native Americans Fought both native American s and whites Burned down the city of Jamestown I Made governor ee the state 0 Purchased African slaves for land work 17001775 0 75000 enslaved people arrived in Virginia and Maryland I Did field work I Low death rate among enslaved people I Relied on reproduction to keep population going Slaves were forced to work longer unlike in the North where they worked seasonally Slaves got time off for religious holidays but had to work year round colony established in 1663 o Built on slavery OOOOOOOOOO O 0 12016 The original colonists were from Barbados Half of all slaves imported to the colonies went to South Carolina Slaves worked on rice plantations I Harvested in the summer Task system once slaves nished what their master scheduled them to do they culd do what they wanted for the rest of the day 1709 female slaves were burned alive because she hit a man Georgia started as a colony for criminalsdeterspoor whites O O 0 Originally slavery was banned here Colonial plantations I Blacksmiths butchers etc I Skilled workers had some freedom Woman assisted with cooking cleaning helping with birth Urban slaves in the south OOOOOO Isolated with no family Broke farm equipment and stole from their masters Formed family relationships Slaves ran away and revolted Large groups would relocate to Florid and live there in the swamps Louisiana gt slaves ran away here and would ght off whites and natives British Colonies 17001770 000000 0 Experience rapid growth Able to establish more stable cities Settlers started to push west In 1770 the population was 23 million The population became much more divided Immigration from England stopped but other Europeans continued to migrate to the Americas I People came from Scotland Ireland and 110000 came from Germany Germany I Small nation states I Faced much religious strife I Germans at the time were migrating to Russia and Hungary I Nation states faced was amongst themselves People migrated in order to avoid being drafted for war I People would go into debt to get to North America I Most Germans settled in New York Pennsylvania and North Carolina I These Germans became tied to the people in their settlement by religion I Immigrants from Germany did not have slaves or farm cash crops I Independent farmers I Experienced low taxes and freedom of movement The English colonists began to establish fundamental freedom I Ordinary people started to adopt this notion of freedom I Colonists tied land owning to freedom I Pennsylvania went from woodlands to a settled area with towns 12216 British Freedom in the American Colonies Had common law language and religion 17005 at war with France 0 Led to creation of large military high taxes and establish of bank of England Economy expanding rapidly 0 Used North America to bring in raw materials created goods to selltrade around the world Wealthreigionfreedom Samuel Adams celebrated active participation in public life on the part of economically independent citizens was the true essence of liberty 0 Property owning citizens should be allowed to vote Country party warned of authorities who had been appointed by King 0 Said they were more prone to corruption and should be replaced by those elected saw liberty and freedom allowed for a lot of inequality of wealth o Urged people to think about period before government 0 Said we created government to have rules to curve freedom I Social contract People gave up some of their freedoms Argued natural rights gt rights to life liberty and property Family relationshipeconomic relationships should be able to go on without government interference I Talked about liberty I Wrote about liberty as a universal right I Writing contradicted spoken beliefs Colonies were left to govern themselves 0 Elected councils started to clash with appointees of King I Elites of British Society Massachusetts Colony clashed with appointees over payment 0 Appointees wanted indefinite contract 0 Assemblies only would let them make a 1 year contract Would allow printed money sometimes People outside of political class became involved with these debates American philosophical society 0 Usually elite but sometimes other Colonies had coffee houses taverns where people would discuss these ideas Libraries and newspapers spread ideas Freedom of speechpress 0 England applied to elected officials only and freedom of the press 0 Criticized governor of New York colony 0 Assembly ordered his paper to be burned and him to arrested 0 Found not guilty 12216 Benjamin Franklin 0 Established newspaper almanac scientific experiment library 0 Influenced by Enlightenment Some people called themselves deists 0 Thought it was best to understand God through nature 0 Local religious events defined by shared commitment to differed approach to Christianity than that previously Large numbers of slaves took up Christianity Many women including blacks became preachers


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