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History 105: Week 3 Notes

by: Christian Benson

History 105: Week 3 Notes HIST 105

Marketplace > University of Oregon > HIST 105 > History 105 Week 3 Notes
Christian Benson
GPA 2.47
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World History II
Prof. Furtado

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About this Document

Notes for Week 3
World History II
Prof. Furtado
Class Notes
World History, new world, trade




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christian Benson on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 105 at University of Oregon taught by Prof. Furtado in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 117 views.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Lecture Notes 12016 Calcutta and the black holequot 0 Way to separate British from Indians 0 SirajudDaulah Nawab of Bengal Feared by his people and committed atrocities upon them 1757 Battle of Palsey 0 British 4000 troops o Bengal 50000 troops Clive wins because of collusion l paid off most of the soldiers on the opposing side British control Bengal 0 Now Great Britain controls most of South Asia 0 Many opportunities for business 1784 The India Act British East India Company was getting greedy taken over by British government The British Raj Separate societies Didn t want intermingling Elites retain status power and wealth Dependenton 0 Indians joining army and work in bureaucracy o The existing administration and tax systems of Mughal empire The Columbian exchange Big Question What were some of the consequences of the Columbian exchange between Eurasia and the new world 1 the horse the new world used to have them before the ice age but hadn t since then until Europeans came 1519Co es 1606 Navaho Raids l natives want horses 1833 Karl Bodner Sioux camp 2 Big question answer next biggest innovation was cattle pigs and rats Animals can move they are good for transport Want settlers to have food they like Barbacoa Bucan o Cows wound up on island in Caribbean multiplied too much 0 Lots of cows 0 People found out they could make money off them Rats were a problem for diseases Transporting sick animals made natives a sick because they had no immunities to those diseases Black Rat carries Bubonic Plague Ships always had black rats on them 3 Big Question answer Disease 0 Smallpox o Measles o Pneumonia o Syphilis The Pox o Brought to Europe by Europeans coming back from the new world 4 Big Question answer Plants 0 Sugar cane 0 Cotton 0 Coffee 0 Rice 0 Indigo 0 Tobacco 0 Chocolate Rice was popular Lecture Notes 12216 Plantation Culture large scale production for exportation Sugar cane is the number one commodity in England 0 Environmentally demanding ruined soil because it required so much nitrogen 0 Rice was important for everyone 0 Indigo used as a dye cotton and indigo used to make cloth Slavery was expensive Tobacco and chocolate were new world crops popular in Europe Mixing chocolate and sugar turned out pretty cool Potato main food of Incas Poor persons food in china but was good for agriculture Europe didn t like potatoes at rst Tried smoking them Chinese population went up Can grow corn pretty much everywhere where you can t go other crops Tomatoes didn t adapt quickly 0 Italy and Spain eagerly tried them 0 Suspicious everywhere else 0 People thought they were poisonous resembled nightshade 0 People grew them ornamentally Pineapples were from south America not from Hawaii 5 Big Question Answer Racial Hierarchy Peninsulares Iberians born in Spain or Portugal Creoles white Europeans born in new world Mestizos EuropeanIndian Mulattos EuropeanBlack ZambasMustees BlackIndian OOOOO Closer to equator l less intelligent because it was hotter Larger impact in the New world 0 Arrival of world foods increase food production to 23 times stabilized food supply Horse Ass and ox made exploitation and cultivation of land possible The slave trade 0 Columbian exchange foods and animals swap across worlds 0 Disease follows 0 Labor was in issue in growing crops What were the factors that led to the development and spread of early modern slave trade Plantation life 0 Heat labor location Took Africans from African coasts o Brought them to island to work in plantations 0 Couldn t handle heat themselves and assumed that the Africans were just used to it Triangle Trade New World sent raw materials to Europe Europe sent manufactured goods to Africa Africa sent slaves to the New world 0 18th Century England 1700 o 15 percent exports 30 percent imports o 38 million pounds of tobacco alone Africa slavery was just as common in Africa itself Concept of being African or being quotCentral Americanquot want a thing they didn t care enough about outside world to care Slave caravan 18th century 10 to 15 percent of claves died upon entering New World


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