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American Government Gov 310 L Week 1 Notes

by: Courteney Feld

American Government Gov 310 L Week 1 Notes Gov 310L

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Political Science > Gov 310L > American Government Gov 310 L Week 1 Notes
Courteney Feld
GPA 3.2
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American Government
Mr. Benjamin Hardee

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About this Document

My personal notes from the first week of class and textbook reading!
American Government
Mr. Benjamin Hardee
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Courteney Feld on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Gov 310L at University of Texas at Austin taught by Mr. Benjamin Hardee in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 78 views. For similar materials see American Government in Political Science at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Gov 310L American Government Week 1 Class and Textbook Notes John Locke s Treatises of Government 0 Enlightenment period Hobbes materialistic and negative gt Locke took his ideas and made them more positive Locke Born 1662 Went to Oxford and became doctor 0 Friend of intelligent men like Newton and Boyles Wrote mostly outside of England after he had been exiled His work on human understanding made him famous 0 1st Treatise of work Divine Right of Kings idea of patriarchy gt Bible doesn t support patriarchy gt Creating blank slate for new foundation government of freedom 0 Chapter political power is legislative not individual gt Right to make all penalties up to and including death gt Power comes from all society gt Political power 1 To regulate and preserve property 2 Defense and security 3 For the public good These things are bodily and material not moral or religious State of Nature perfect freedom and equality gt Natural state of men gt Law of Nature preservation of body body isn t one s own property it s God s no suicide or killing others gt Not necessarily spiritual 0 Enforcement of Law of Nature gt Right to punishprevent people from doing anything wrong gt If injured you can seek deterrence and x harm that has been done gt Only humans can inforce the law not God 0 State of being before the fall of Eve vs sinned state of being after 0 State of War occurs when any person tries to put another person under their power no one has security of rights or protection Commonalitymutualism between States of Nature and War lack of a judge men live together according to reason Book Notes on Locke llV Chapter I Adam had no natural rights because no Law of Nature existed nor Law of God Power who has power over whom Laws with death penalties and others gt Regulating and preserving property gt Execution of laws gt Public good Chapter II Natural state of men is free and equal State of Nature Possessions No liberty to commit suicide or kill someone State of Nature I Law of Nature no one harms another in life health liberty or possessions People are God s property only Law of Nature wills peace and preservation of all mankind Everyone has the right to punish one who breaks this law quotExecutioner of the Law of Naturequot Reason Duty to preserve mankind When one damages another s property right to seek reparation Emotions passion revenge illnature lead to too severe punishments or on the other hand not severe enough leads to confusion and disorder Civil government is the solution but carefully Laws of Nature bind men absolutely Chapter III State of War quotEnmity and Destructionquot right to destroy that which causes destruction or makes threats Innocence and peace is preferred Will destroy man who makes war gt Trying to gain powercontrol over a person is waging war You have the right to kill a thief Ex someone puts a gun to your head to steal your wallet total control and power States of Nature and War are opposites To avoid State of War society and authority and judges are necessary etc Chapter IV Natural Liberty of man is free from superior power on earth Slavery is a state of war continued between captive and conqueror


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