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Week 1: Introduction to Persuasion

by: Nishtha Kapuria

Week 1: Introduction to Persuasion CMS 332K

Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Communication Studies > CMS 332K > Week 1 Introduction to Persuasion
Nishtha Kapuria
GPA 3.297
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Theories of Persuasion
Dr. Donovan

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About this Document

These notes cover the first week of lecture. They are color coded with a key at the bottom :)
Theories of Persuasion
Dr. Donovan
Class Notes
theories, Theory, persuasion, Theories of Persuasion, communication, Studies, communication studies, notes, color coded, week 1, Lecture




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nishtha Kapuria on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CMS 332K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Dr. Donovan in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 156 views. For similar materials see Theories of Persuasion in Communication Studies at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
CMS 332K Donovan Spring 2016 Week 1 Introduction to Persuasion is a symbolic process in which communicators try to convince other people to change their attitudes or behaviors regarding an issue through the transmission of a message in an atmosphere of free choice o eg works slogans enhancements and embellishments I The person color font design etc chosen and why I Pay attention to words that persuaders have chosen BWM is the ultimate driving machine I What are the symbols designed to o meaning is interpreted in light of past present future expectations I What is about you that makes you more receptive to certain messages because of experiences you have had in the past 0 Focus on I Persuading is about in uencing I communication process from social support comforting small talk information seeking etc o eg a request for help a speech a yer advertising a sale I Focus on the quality of the message itself I effect of using statistics vs a colorful image I People package arguments but in the end Perloff pg 19 Ancient Greece first documented class in the science of persuasion as described by Aristotle o quality of source s character 0 appealing to receiver s emotions o use oflogic and reasoning social scientific approach 0 Interested in to these symbolic social interactions Make hypotheses about what approaches are successful and which are not 1 9305 I Rise of radio and pass media I Begins to ourish with study of Nazi propaganda Today I Use scientific approaches stats experimental methods eg know about context and how it can in uence what people think Today we are faced with o ads pop ups word of mouth online etc I Problems for persuaders how do you get people to pay attention in the first place I Eg search for something and then ad pops on FB ads 0 Institutionalized analysis of messages because of sophisticated tech and quantitative techniques to analyze data Emphasis on changing attitudes a learned global evaluation of an object person place or issue that in uences thought and action 0 I complete a customer surveyquot how satisfied are you and likely to shop again I Eg if you want to do a study on people s attitudes towards Texas you would ask them an openended question like What adjectives would you use to describe the state of Texasquot and look for patterns I Eg Have people rank their favorite options from worst to least to quantify I Eg Strongly disagree to Strongly agreequot I emotions or feelings about the object D How do you feel about a message I beliefs about the object U Do you think this message is correct I behaviors intentions with respect to the object D What is your currentintended behavior after hearing this message 0 I creating attitudes for new audiences that did not have a prior attitude blank slate I persuading people to retain or intensify their attitudes easiest I persuading people to change their attitudes eg get them to switch political parties banks etc hardest Notes Key Main topicsubjectsection Definition Important point List Example


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