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History 104, week two of notes

by: Taylor Curtis

History 104, week two of notes History 104

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > History > History 104 > History 104 week two of notes
Taylor Curtis
GPA 3.3
American Civilization Since 1865
Kari Frederickson

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About this Document

What we talked about the second week of class
American Civilization Since 1865
Kari Frederickson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Curtis on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 104 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Kari Frederickson in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see American Civilization Since 1865 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Reconstruction is like a 12 year experiment some ideas failed and some succeeded 0 Who is going to run for office 0 What is the status of the people at this time Are they automatically citizens Are they going to have work Are they going to have rights 0 Social arrangements integration 0 Many groups have competing interests I Rich want their land back and the poorjust want to be left alone and to succeed I President Andrew Johnson has an idea of how they want the south to look and who he wants to be in charge Political side of Reconstruction Political reconstruction actually started under president Lincoln 0 Trying to lead people away from confederacy Left it for the states to decide what happens to the slaves Under his plan many states started to reconstruct themselves Andrew JohnsonVP replaces democrat Lincoln was a republican o Lincolns party was not to fond of Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson 0 Raised in poverty in TN 0 Had been a slave holder 0 Hated planter class white southerner that held more than 20 slaves I Thought they looked down on him I Referred to them as traitors I Wanted to take their land away 0 Did not punish the confederacy even though everyone thought that is what he would do 0 He hated an overpowering government for than the confederacy 0 He believed in states rights I Should be the states job to figure out what rights to confer I Wants them to abolish slavery 0 Did not think the federal government should have anything to say about the rights of the decisions for the free people 0 He issues a proclamation I Pardons many of people that pledge to believe in the Union and then they would get their rights restored I Excused or exempted people even though many could not have this right away I AJ was very picky I Wants them to appeal to him personally if they want to be pardoned Had the rich begging at his feet I Issues about 12000 pardons in Alabama alone I No southern state under Johnsons place says anything about rights of the people 0 O O O 0 Many states want to send people to Washington I Congress was not happy I Many served in the confederacy I Thinking it doesn t look very reconstructed 0 Not much has changed underJohnson I 1865 they decide they need to change some of their laws I many did not want to recognize that slavery was over 0 Black Codes I Alabama s weren t as harsh as other I Louisiana was the worst I Pieces of legislation to deal the with economic opportunities and mobility and the freedom of the freed people to live their lives I Comes as close to replicating slavery without actually having slavery I Every state had some sort of vagrancy code Vagrant not hard working person don t have a paid job kind of on the streets no support not a productive member of society Redefined in 186566 in southern states Someone who is working for a white employer 0 Have to prove you were employed by a white man Townies would get money by arresting vagrants o Rebuilt themselves by arresting black men and having someone else pay for them I Appetency laws Tried to replicate the violation of separating people from their families Children can be taken away and bound out in order to work off whatever kind of fine the momfamily might have I Denied the right to carry fire arms or knives needed a slip to do so I Certain crimes were punished by public whipping o Weren t enough troops to keep order Doesn t seem like a whole lot has changed during this reconstruction period 0 Freed people have no right 0 Race rights in the south 0 Everyone thinks Johnson is a failure Reconstruction of southern economy Who s going to get land Who s going to work for whom How are people going to get paid if there is no money White people want control African Americans want independency When people left they just left their land there hoping everything would be ok when the war was over Sherman Said he was going to take land from the coast of South Carolina to the coast of saintjohns river in Florida I Land of rice planters I Give it to the people who are following us or giving it to the slaves that are there I Word gets around getting people to think about waiting it out to see what happens in places such as Alabama and Louisiana Doesn t play out for the free people because the government restores the rights of the white people I Was difficult because it was hard to take the claims since both parties has claims I Papers VS Sweat Equity Sharecropping O O O Planters would first try to hire the freed people as wage workers Then tried to hire in groups but they did not want to work in groups It became an economic vice that trapped freed people and poor white people as well Started as a compromise with the people who had the moneyno land and the people who landno money People liked being able to do oneonone arrangements Also if they were families they would decide whether they wanted to send their kids and wife out into the field gave them part the of decision Hoping one day the workers could buy their own land These arrangements did not end up working out like they had hoped because crops and money were still poor becomes a vice with not only free people but with the poor whites as well


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