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Conjugated Dienes

by: Alisha Thomas

Conjugated Dienes CHEM 3410

Alisha Thomas
GPA 3.2
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About this Document

Chapter 14
Class Notes





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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alisha Thomas on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 3410 at Georgia State University taught by Staff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II in Chemistry at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
ilulm f 0110 CUMUQMED DWNES Lew 3739Qf1I gitg W V 7 7 WW I H r 2 RawMILK MEL J T e bch 63 as awacwmum c d 9 04 SDWLCN dmbubmds Conjugattd Spaced m m smqm bond 4 10L0L C Hum 11 L1 1 ka C 0 mi UQJa f d n39 I391 r 39 1 1 quot r quot i if if 1 1 71 quot quotquot imt wli quotnmea Ll ll I i w swmcmm 39 2 NOmecB 25 S LBWYYWCS xS M Q commg e e e 53 ngM e x Smumuae e meme has mt dumb bonds aeggao ccd bu 90qu bond v 4 204 G 0 9 9a a M LZQ C e le C c Q c 7 r 0 b if U via 0 0 quota O if l 139 O quotT Wm mndws fagM160 Fabm HM WAQOHCA 0 Sp Sp M OQKOLP anEAfo DW K Uquot mama w wimp Cum a M C ngmm 5 ShSUQLLL ti aRC mh r 77 7 w auras Unii u 1 r39H wv1 1 ngnmJcr Jr rt 13 uni i if39lquot iquoti39 Z 32N 1s quot1quot r n quotIr I LRJ M m m VDC IWQWEHC W W 1 74 i ac b 32L quot 312 39 K me 15 gm IZOPm l rt pm h has a b cm Izogt r m w g HT a nmh W nd wax xwti su quotWm mmww39x mm meb DL L613 F EELU39 1w H1 A plt6 ltgt 7 if 39 V 7 erg 53 gram SW m d i7EECLS S swam 391 HLWt39nL M k 39a ij 1 5 v y M 47 1 V E 7 WEIm a 2142 W e f 39H I quot MM M mo PVOZ N Cci tCL LLCUtEd I i 1 i3 m39 1 vac H e9 I 235 km 391 521 H mm My my H g i 1 quotF7 25139150039 77 PU iWL n fur quot0 a I ALLLUlLE Rim 7 7 2 Nammg quotquot U1gkh39gw ul w EM 3 LLLMJ a 11quot in a L gut i 1 uw V7 hcmldhenc 7 l x GAE J s JAR 7 7 7 Alhij 7 92 W V W ax I H I I F L lt Y I r Cbe M bx crmc x0n 39 E312 emcehm W d M Md cw Wu Czq w cm 0 n 95 is f a n a p cm mms 3 f 3 I xvi r 7y quot M i Cg 13570106 e I f 5M1ciwczmm xjx lDLk PS Od u 3 OH DH he L ilUCm mm Q DH w 640 mm x HJC 1 HY quot 2141 0 a F i 39 I 39 r L J 2 339 39 x n I q 5 F H M w r 7 r r w l 7 11 I quot 397 E 1 L I L r 1 k T I k l J 1 I A if V I E 1 F r 11 F K m b g O4 COHJKAQICUCCG dim s l AVP EAZ Fi ELf u 116me 71 7 7 7 EM fl m a t I A 5 15 mom mm qMawa 7 Mm 1 F 5 UL k5 LN 51 F Ar HE 61 r 8316 1 Xx t l 4 532 a A4 W Jr K Medacm xgmz f I f MW 7 H r4 7 7 0 1 a 31 r P as 77 as Z aHL JMJC CJ E Hf ge 5mm fr yx i 5M tip 22 n H d m l nag m wm On udud lg mum smm KmC nb vg hdmodgmmio e gmmhm 7 which Piudu gxzmg Fi 397 mid i i M Jr H ff a Mme Ht P OdtJLL r A 7 Jr quot W D K Im mbdu namjh i W E l p odug LN i v r 7 H 7 i r Kati 6quot Y w h i l I A l W mamaska 99mm I an DD L Dd A 7 F39 6 7 quot Lou L V Imugm 7 f V Wm f 2 panama Wudxg m i A 39 DQUdULG 5 f V7 1 K K2 1 A a 3r A D aRC a quotF 1 d v liv f1quot f1rwiuf39 vw r is f V Iii 739 V 39 I amp gen 1 Augi 39 awr fg Elf1 E1 rJ39 illri rllrm 1 quot4lquot I l l2 I n 42 r Iri39i39i T if r aquot a 1 WWWg W95 if 2quot 39 239 L39quot39q quot 15V Jriig iquot 39 139o 7 quotn 39 39 r39quot3913 f x Iva 1 I 39 1 39 13 g V 39m 39 J39 139 l j J I Jquot a w if 339 P 0quot 4quot 3quot a ti r 31 39 H Nkl39mquoty r M 5quot F H wage A J t 391 39 14 hquot quot I r i39 a quot 39 aw 2 39 1 at x i I 39 Wquot i 1 n l I I if quotI r r gt i f m gt 39 739 77 V 7 J H I 7 Vquot k W Hr gt an 7 r quot quot r a w I Ml if If a 1 7 l w as AA r 139 eachm K x g NW A I u w I v e 8 m 4ch M amwnw 1 m 7 7 E m f emsmwa 1 Wmm menopmtlo LL40 x dt r l mum i m igm L w C 1 C 395 CUFHL quotan iimud UL H 215 M r Q i i 39 39 lt M 7 5 a quotI 39 ii n 5 r 1 v 192 7 I L337 15 Li a 1 7 Q mime clfif wn 7 A y 1 Vi I r Q v q quowmdtem i f H HW quotLi MN m i aquot innamt nalx mam gm mam x a 1 s x r kiw E aquot 7 IA 1 77 k u 71 g yrs I all i 15 1 x H m an a9 0 W M f Unix x quotKi Gil H 9 14 E mom f J a quot5quot A f Uquot 39 l 4 h M J g L m v 39V w e 5 Fme WCCXUGL La A mm mug bra pxmducgd E f 39 39 E f m cm W GM H mm r S m VUEJZ tuna 7 7 i 003 dDw we mama Lam mg c gmxpc on Jim d1 HQ chm hwo d LF quotq wkk adds Q US ng Aw dia39 c QWK g LL yum dkemb M w Hmig my SATELqu LL11 J L w u c quotA39 I 7 I RN A X of J4mx1HHFVltCZW xjmn P z quot 239 z39I rrf r In x W I 35 I nFI als quot uTTquotquotZIM auw39s t gum cw w 39 39Asrr39lrn P I I I an r 14 3 nt l f Lti 4 a 7 s Wt C39HI ZLHMW W m R 8 quot 39m M 191m i Fagmcm an 1 f I u F 7 LHChOW gym 7 r r FNLHQ quot CMDDHJWJ AKCQM MmcwogLefff C x 16314 M Q a lx fxbxc Ugm 39 39 39 A quot OH 03 j 3 V 77 E f p i V39quot 0 13m awmmphuae 39ltJ f ohmomw 0L IXDUQJO EQCE wtm WWW w l rrslxt quot l b y EN39E OME 4 4 L 357 l HUNG Wowdung 0M9 ak 39 T1 M39 uk x3 I aklt m 6 7 Elle ux WS EPJ RQ39 z Mmka HE mmmmnq U31 AIMEE 39ip wgizz Mr L r i i 39LLH 7 X if J N f f Z00 f 210 720 392 21 quot2 FEB JHOMO Nghe Wl d moxecmaka DEDIMI i mm lm 2 210 LJLMO LowaS b occupa m mmcmCL O bl rzxi f M m 1251 e e N A 4 jquot lw l mixHi n a 1 L 1gp 4 336 M341 X KH 39339 I 392 quotT 5 l 1 Hui QE KCLE W4 RC AMQJ Summwn MCMMS wwumgm f


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