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by: Erin@BSU


GPA 3.49
Speech Acoustics
Dr. Shaffer

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About this Document

Vibration II -Whistling/Clicking Languages -Vocal Fold Vibration -Bernoulli Effect -Simple vs. Complex Vibration
Speech Acoustics
Dr. Shaffer
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erin@BSU on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SPAA 260 at Ball State University taught by Dr. Shaffer in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Speech Acoustics in Linguistics and Speech Pathology at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
SPAA 21 0 I 20 0 Vibmhoh W 39 Vibmh39om Mechanismjg inSQUmA Mucham 39 Subgi mw berm vibrahom 39 SMduiodh39ovx 39 39 Nbme mmth Mk1de Her ahmrab 5W 0 mm SQWCQ Aivshmm macmnisrws G0 wiHn m Flew w 39 Airs mmm WCWKWSMS kmmw HILL RM 633 am MSWm 0 whim vitam on 39 0C0d f7 SOu dk N K USamp of HM RSPi mka sking as a Souvce 0 m rtow 9 pwduce Sounc Aevmikgmmi WNSHQS Channeling om airs wam MWU5M on CongMcHolx CW brbul nw I39m Hm hdeDLHA VovHUZA a out IL pea b HSOH mCEL Consjrvidio mamw GM Ar wkm lou wkiSLU SpiW Jq away PW M Tea KQML whfsm Wadi Sound WW ih gemObi em H s l hoHu 39 How o Salaam in HM spew Conr d 0 PM hwugl L wkfml NWT 1 i 39 3W on HM WE me 592 m ire Hate sound Mmea in We 39 wm m HM inwrm Got er HAIL getad CW Uriva k wM m Wu Ou rs xdz HAL WNEHL 7 39 lov f p radiate Smqu wt HAL qumog 0 W4 sownot wmw in HM w Mandivb 0 1 whisHmS Miss M W4 rm 3 Jrkt Saw 0 140 VimH0 quot1quot m sound is dame k a BMW WWSWL Langua amp 39 W erh SW MOUW 9F MIW 39 Usec 41 ammonium at a 0034ian 39 NW 0me gleam oF HAL MSW Go WH A HNL Flown 39 MYSWM obs mdrioms harmMp Hm rm of an 40 CW Vibvodiom 0 44M gqbs lwmi I 39 Lgt Nko rwu 1s Conshid iwg JrN m Mada5 14 V39Ibmmw 39 loml Rum 0v siMHM SMCW m MM 0 obsfwdr m Willow Mm HNL MtgL simuli39ckMDusl a Combih h om 0F musculm em FOYCML PeygbndlculotL 40 Hqu m How Jaw 130m Vibra m u 1 GuiL I39m ConsMMi pm dam UoCM Mobu pulLLd 96e KWA b3 SU C HOV L speed oatm is 33m 39 Wou39kan Jr Fwyt enougk wf rkouk Bernovlli a I if AM u Cpmfnj Wmu Fovggg 53am lump SN 39 Ferd Bevnoulquot MEXHM tr ems Fovum Form quot Em s cjkb stig rivxg being hMSQWMOQ in shape 0v Mum 0 o rijina 31AM i M39 WbW batmi a among 15 Jaw obJEUr air HAM will at a HAZE obdeu in moh39m wi39 1920 in Imo riom 39 lMYHUL amoum obtrer h WWW o ghjed39b mama 39 5HWWAA a 6V 0LQWGO 9 stJd39UV C beaming new RAW4 mama a e sm Vibrath pf rch 39 A 055mb km a SHW mm I Eu r 0M momU pmme Eavnoum qudr GMM a ans0n WWW How 0 MA or uid 56 0 POI aF Cong fn39d fan wi be om Harem m HM Monika 0g m HON f amp d mm m PW perpendiLMOIL 0 N How IZgtH amp P21 P1 M L p Pi Simg b backd 9rh MO HOVI quot 1001th foqu a up a dnwm I WUQC L39 mmo Wva m vibrah39on V pram PM 4mm 65 ning M 630 JOCM Hobo M00121 OM WWO a Vibmh n5hwt produce1 hawon Mquemlj quot TM JQCOLQ dep M6 Con nUmlb gnaw50 batch Mam banL M low m m Foin 05 Cong idQCQ How wfvs CDWQM Uibm m quot IQCOJL Rub W Nka SMdUM vibrate in W Wm M how small MOM a VIIBmHOtx A CW9 0 lt3th FOSd Ui DY39 OVX MMM 3 WWW 39 sows bimwpwm WWW hm SWLJNva okLthme Ham humans Wow quot39 Swim 1395 yaw 4W U0 CM pmdwch om OCCUR WWIL HAM M Hut WOW LamsuaggA quot Click5 owe ObSMVH Sound1 pmducuq b3 thh Mam PM M w W PM asw m Pm 0r liaan Mom 39 Vi bm om IS Source 0 all 80de A I I Exam 0 gubs m bome uibmh on 39 920va Conduch39ow loom 035mm pufnm MW pom 6 skips cum x widow 3M HM sauna WW I


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