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Bio 152 Notes 1/15, 1/20, 1/22

by: Alena Comley

Bio 152 Notes 1/15, 1/20, 1/22 Bio 152

Marketplace > University of Kentucky > Biology > Bio 152 > Bio 152 Notes 1 15 1 20 1 22
Alena Comley
GPA 3.5
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Introductory Biology II
Dr. O'Quin

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About this Document

This is essentially the first weeks worth of notes. It covers all of Chapter 6 ( Lipids, fats, phospholipids, permeability, hyper-, hypo-, and isotonic solutions, along with methods of transport su...
Introductory Biology II
Dr. O'Quin
Class Notes
Biology, Diffusion, permeability, passive transport




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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alena Comley on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 152 at University of Kentucky taught by Dr. O'Quin in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 156 views. For similar materials see Introductory Biology II in Biology at University of Kentucky.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
ms U16 mm Cb Le x Cm MW 1716 W Wi ff i 3 M W a W e H mm Mm w my WWW Wyan fewIMW MW 1 x quot MWM W Qg 1 vj0ii39dC34iWWLLimamKL i saywam dg ym w Mg 9L 3165 i j p6 0 Wham 9w 0 W m inw 352ka km L I ed hwg WW mf Sgthaw aims 16w 527741 P L 1 397 i G vatRAF m gt 14 l E UKN WW SMkb MMWc rW 2 1 F szw 6 6 VT id7 3quot w g r 7 W WWWW quot quot F quot 39 mm W am cg mm A 9 gs WWW Emmy a fix 2 5 MW Wm p 5 Bin 39 a What type of lipid is shown below la 1 Fat M raw M 2 Cholesterol re a 3 Phospholipid 3 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H 7 l i 3w 3 i it 3 1 l f l l n i J 1 A we wt 1 at war a at l ml at 394 mi H l l i S f l i i gkfwil 3 3 5 fl 3 5 l 7 H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H g H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H in a i 3 a a l g s 5 g 1 I I a l V ri i m l m wt wtm mtwi ruf ewraiu o ii s a a i a u z I e a 5 a 391 1 I H H H H H H H H ll H H H H ll H i 3quot g 3 H H H H H H H H H H H H l H H a i I i i 3 3 i i 3 i 1 Elmi m a gt 3 3 l i l l mtw139mi wi w 39wt w mi mi39w ml mi mfmi mi39m ngqwm39 a 1 a a 1 a a a a t a l 3 A a a H H H H H H H i lquot H H ii is N H a l lugcllo phobic C1 k lla galsilk CGWPQ M erhip it illilg elem Ollgolve m quot Wm Qlqglw O 7h Mst U ffl mlltle jlzolcs bylawsMS O m lCelle S k lw m 02 m 3 m pl mpw gale39lq b jolmcgvr L1 lo 13 fl lOlc z C ll mw l lag lolmpwit l 539 39 0 MW Mawr y 47 3 lm fl jm r j C w mo l of xlmLfoHS 7 59 M m Sfmlmww I MmeW wf e mam er mm lhel jpgm camp Ll 31 5 3 WM So lu FlK lm l SCimi lSH FE tilml meal membmm 7 SW haw mole mil Cm we la mav Ll033 1M meowmm W ll laml mm Com 139 n picla m I Mimig lamb 4 we quot MECHW Wl U MW W1 W933 magW wirlgmoswjmlwiammlmag gag29 h ucgh pawlesz Elamcjglmsmg quotquot Gil A5036 Saw y iw malmlm ELM 22MB WW milMr 0W i knew M lmoo FWH l jqu low low Wmecdo lfl ba j nge ox pm ei k PM 19va 1ch 1 cl Cram 196 l2 amp by mm 577 quot who Smlrml lmx quyl iw GMQKLQ Ewl j lawmam in WWA Cl ml 2 lmcV ew d M s we 6 Lmohuite Pie 1 Where do you think amino acids would be placed along this image when it comes to membrane permeability g n H m Fr ii I A Location A 7 B Location B C Location C AWSW g WWW C ail D Location D 39 pumaability 39 39c 39 H39 1 glycemi L Wmmiity scam amines ttri ewes Fame quotif l m Lew permeability r icephe p lbliay t L 7 7 7 39i me 39 39 of iii iSGl l h mitt hydmrtirlom lad is quot be ye quotWWW rmer ems See in awe CL J ikiloiwfaili leii lame quotlime We L 5quot i NSWWQ my lC ll ClLWllr How do you think the presence of unsaturated fatty acids changes membrane uidity A Their presence would increase fluidity B Their presence would decrease fluidity C Their presence would have no effect on fluidity i atquot rquot I I a l 1 i Their latesmcewml I i I I r i 4 It I i isd I I l y i OY tigg Plum ifttr l 15 f lf l r I I Saturated Mixture of saturated and fatty acids unsaturated fatty acids e We e 9 mN3E iwaampskj t a Pam MWW 5 3 j gt yaw mmwwm Ass Pf if y m Vi n 91 um Shem yeww Afa Maid i 40 cm W 711g if m mm W kiwi L 4N Sparse mm W i 1m w Ike mm WWW m wm j mag WM em WamlS iWEmc m 4er PM h mprwacw Mawx 016527 C Wi M 909 2Fquot 9 344ng a bmw fa 5mm m emc m Mammm WWMW W macaw quotm 37 m a Emn 516 mmbmm Me Erik jLess Wm r HY jag V 6 m 53950591 93 Ff Vfimmg gquot 348 MM quotU cm baggy 1473 7 Em g L3 amWp W1 WWSW mm Jim Ah Mmsz gamp F 019rquotc9nis PM C c mf L7 I 13 m 3y quot5 W WWFWW ithm if 39WCWM aminva WWW WWW WWMM m m mwa 39 llao lec lmrs 4 529ka DWWW prowl 0F Wm alarm ewim m 7L7 MEWS chcm 39d al lLVmc aJ fore 2m Condomt mgom WCMQa owed W97 maul39m mmm in olirrchfa m Conce lnilaii39m gladml r C lralcia bu ab fftrmrf in S olulc Gamamm L5 mm from h i qlaw Montictth to am L7 um hi 39 lui llbn mm soundloo mavelvauz Writen derail We Membrane How would an increased temperature affect the rate of diffusion A It would decrease the rate of diffusion B It would increase the rate of diffusion 1 VCflhe rate of diffusion would remain the same OSl hOSi S Spcoiol Case of OU Filltrim WNW w i or on o Selaawe pumaw memloaue held 8 lad tile Some or W 95 like Sale 3 Cl mowmm 56 39 116510 wardmteao g39ocours to DC i a saw Based on the principal of osmosis how do you think water would move in the diagram below A Waterwould move equally between the two sides 5 B Water would move from left to right rhist B Wilucl that s from 100 0 right C Water would move from right to left 39 movermm lie emails impalar76 quotquot for well i r Shrink rnmbmm lagsrenal verwe Elm Saleli Fer idmwe Waller imam5e WU Smaller M4 CeM M llq ii We Omitsigle Solemn 4 WclJrEY leaW Ma le e mole flagMM WW 5 ii will pm 1364 1 quot le he 6le cprfV HUM A i4 iSG ibMC w g lm i Cancelloanb m 0W 6qu WSiclg relmm Size 0 ib locjig if5 we minnow1 6quot HIM him h MJ39W39QW salmon Wallis Qxlb n39ur n We Cell of erle nlgpmmgc alch WWWm Cinema 39 minimlie in col AX HK P ronic Selm m 303533quot Salul i Willie vimmi 5mm le Si WW MUM Sal mmquot e W a WWW quotNola Calif W quotl l M r g p l l a l l l 1 r I l I Which cell is representative of a cell place in a isotonic solution C 3 b A Cell A 1 1 B Cell B WWW 5 39C C litlid iii Ll Wthh cell is rep esentative of a cell place in a hypertonic solul riorfJ 33 quot g quot quot quot39quot 9 mew 39 I quot 5quot 24 ny 7 a w H JEI EE a E39Tiii taix an A Cell A B Cell B C Cell C A Cell A Which cell is representative of a cell place in a hypotonic solution Clicme rg B Cell B WQW W CCe c leekwe FFJ ll PhoSPElfmlj 5 omitrim quot 5quot c de anclmry 05 Wt my 5 mace af rmU Gem x hrm Mathew i or some i mom 4ch fhi can 39 MM 54 Mimego 1qu gwk 5239 am J 56 Mel PM MW Mews Li lloughtquot Wotm Woti c Fm tam I Were SM d volwed mu 596 U c Och o 0U g Sheba WW 1 Mi a 3951 awemi c clct omenme h f 39 39 0mm e m Vt 373 quotVi142 fear Eden e IAq4a5c A f j EWJV J n h 3 5 I but ch noel r30 39 lan h cit 39 Swma WM o lxm m ow f e 96 MidiMil 0W5 tilWW Wt w i n M We lam r glam avg plumMe gmevdwolwt 4 loll 1 olriWWml WOSgpholiFQb slooLg i quot Sirw new ha lit116195quot EMUPQW iqu i Efrem m i729er atth quotquot berm J a 0143 can 190155 Tiaraugh IA c chimerle I QQWW WQMEmQqmcs w m mmlemwgh YamJ 43mm Cohccn i m i lieWW Alien 3 Rim 9 show airmail T6 11 E will l diller 7 T J 393 rquot 39 n T s a f max j I7 r Dom1 EdiV nes 1 9L WK Pf E2 054 l How would chloride ions move along their electrochemical gradient in the image below ancenira gn at 13 72 A From outsrde the cell to msrde the cell IA at energg B From inside the cell to outside the cell C They Would move quotequally between both sides 39 Net 3 charge Low concentration of 1543 5443 meat15 ww w Mia quotWMMWWPQ 6E6 on th wmd w 4N Wit W 1me w CW1 m 5H ark REE QR 39 T S ovuai aw 1 arm quot quot eye4 awed J xL 0 ox 14 VICHm 0w mIZmWM m WWiz mi O N fr COLMg MilMm be Uup 39 10 100 rmfgcm mg fMWW Emak 015 W Mm quot Lt big m39 mo MJWx W39mJogM 3 CF PMWH Mfg1 9m 5 W0WM 57W Am 24 Lg j M ue MM 30 75mg 5U ZZM L1 quot I 6 Obj 7 i SWQWN b w H aquot W quot 39 m 5m W Wi f GodQ d i 3 4 39 1 I 3 quot 7 quot J n M via ka SS U i 7 l 1 quot Ill 5 4 b A gt q u 7 Maw 0906ng 7725 57 my own 1 0 pa WM v1 1 70 Hugh J MW KW EQSEGUES 3ng WEE 353 3333 hm mgk 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energy input It is not possible to move a molecule against its concentration gradient a Ow v g f i fLafim x s w m M V r I V x H1 9 i v 1 q quotquot39ri 139 J m 3 I a ag6 5 r 14 a 5 x v i 1 k 39 v v 3i 2 I 1 g 3917 r r I H A ult J 39 Eff E m mm mimama s wants a It bib Haw ms samwmmsmm W gupmmpm was my 6 7 1 39 d 37 r r 39 w 39r u39 rs i W WSW WWMWWW swab m 39 1 39 quot OM WS NWLOE WM E1 rmg wWMVi x ummha mw w M hm 3N W O39kMS Wm WM himggomw EWQ WW KwM W th WWW o w x K WM MWW Wk gmwugg 3 938 NMW O a


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