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Week 1 Notes American Literature since 1880

by: Morgan Smith

Week 1 Notes American Literature since 1880 2203

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > Foreign Language > 2203 > Week 1 Notes American Literature since 1880
Morgan Smith
GPA 3.9
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American Literature Since 1880
Eric Goldman

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About this Document

Notes on American Yankee in King Arthur's Court
American Literature Since 1880
Eric Goldman
Class Notes
2203, American Literature since 1880, Eric Goldman




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Morgan Smith on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 2203 at University of Connecticut taught by Eric Goldman in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see American Literature Since 1880 in Foreign Language at University of Connecticut.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
English 2203 121 01212016 CT Yankee in KA Court Twain Writes fast and modern 0 Frame narrativenarrative nesting out of characterslower 0 Why include Palimpsest Palimpsest writing over other writings like one culture over another in the story Makes it more realistic for that time period 0 Twain read the death of Arthur during book tour and was inspired to write this book because of it 0 First person narrator unreliable 0 maybe Twain s opinion is subtext o Hank Morgan quotpersonaquot mask opportunistic pragmatic utilitarian practicaluseful v traditional secular v church a hates the power of the church a wants freedom of religion wants to control savages of middle ages like Cortez did with natives n this demonstrates reform become imperialistic o PreRaphaelite painting 0 Raphael was renaissance painter who moved away from medieval style 0 Preraphaelite goes back to medieval style and glori es older values 0 Southern America and England picked up on this around Twains time o Arthurian court was important in Twain s time This book had cultural relevance during this time 0 Painting looks really pleasant Contrasts with Morgan s description of medieval times a No modern conveniences a description of the armor in chapter 12 hotsweatybugs annoyed by everything because hot 0 Morgan blows up Merlin s castle why 0 Kill two birds with one stone 0 Get back at Merlinprove Hank is magic 0 Uses electricity which was a big discovery around Twain s time o Hank Morgan is very frustrated with Medieval times 0 Pg 110 interaction with Sandy very frustrated cant understand why she cant understand 0 Grailing wandering aimlessly around countryside no use to Morgan Arthurians use it for knights to gain a reputation o Freeman sees them as slaves Wants to change society and talks of French revolution No longerjust establishing his own power Latches on to one man who seems to understand a quotMan Factoryquot 0 Patent of ce was it actually important 0 Morgan comes from a capitalistic culture 0 Maybe Morgan was scared people would rip each other off 0 Inventions without patents don t make sense to him just for use and to help people Patent symptomatic of Yankee wants to make pro t Individual pro t motive basis of democracy capitalism ls capitalism perfectly compatible with democracy 0 Hank thinks democracy is fair but the way he gained his position was inherently unfair Lying as to how he has all this knowledge Lying as to his powers and ability Hypocritical criticizes monarchy but pretty much nobility himself 0 Not really equal competition But is capitalism ever equal competition 0 What is Hank s title and how does he get it 0 O O O The boss and he had the people vote on it The only boss as opposed to many dukeskings etc Pg 91 title translated would be the boss elected by the nann Proud he is elected by the nation but is that entirely true


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