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FA 305 Roman Art History

by: McKenna Laskey

FA 305 Roman Art History 305

Marketplace > Washington State University > Fine arts > 305 > FA 305 Roman Art History
McKenna Laskey
Greek and Roman Art History
Hallie Meradith

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About this Document

These notes cover more on what's going to be on exam I
Greek and Roman Art History
Hallie Meradith
Class Notes
Art, Art History, Roman
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by McKenna Laskey on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 305 at Washington State University taught by Hallie Meradith in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see Greek and Roman Art History in Fine arts at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
FA 30501 History of RomanGreek Art Week 2 Notes 120 16 Republican Portraiture 0 Partitions 0 Older white men mostly 0 Hairstyles are a really useful way to date pieces 0 Lots of men were depicted being bald or balding meaning older men were the ones with most of the power 0 Often people would make copies of famous bronze statues of the time to keep in their house and the copied often survived better 0 If the eyes have holes they were supposed to have stones in them if they are smooth and blank they were made to be painted often the paint rubs off over the years and the stones get lost 0 Alexander was in power during the Hellenistic period 0 Republican period was very naturalistic and detailed including face wrinkles and such 0 Coins often have the name of the figure on the coin all are in profile 0 Caesar became a title like prime minister or president 0 Swept hair was like Alexander coma shaped locks was like Augustus Romanizing the Landscape 0 Silica building s use changed a lot were very generic I Cardo vertical Decumanus horizontal city grid 0 Pozzuoli a city 0 Glass bottles I Four horses associated with the emperor I Keepsakes I Having a visual vocabulary for the architecture recognizable as roman 0 Lots of Arches 0 Opus Incertum open architecture works stones have some space between 0 Opus Reticulatum architecture style that was much more careful and regulated had a crosshatch pattern with stones 0 Arches commemorate battles and victories 0 Maps had weird perspectives arial view kind of but also from the side 0 Fortuna was the goddess of fortune if you wanted fortune you had to sacrifice to her I When preparing for battle warriors wanted to be up high so they could see their enemies coming 0 Atrium open to the elements a kind of house that is much more open 0 Focused view arches for the entrance so people can only see the public parts of one s house 122 1 6 Augustan Portraiture 0 Roman Castra Temples 0 Have the triangle top with columns Roman forum Roads 0 Understood the highway better than the city street like us 0 The intersection of the cardo and the documenanus created a terrible traffic jam in the middle of the city 0 Wheel rims on stone streets are made a terrible racket 0 The cities smelled awful like fish because that s what was considered a pleasant smell Implications of Roman urban planning 0 For a few hundred years their aggressive exploitative culture appeared to be eternal 0 Pax Romana the Roman peace was a form of civilization 0 Believed in communal version of toilet paper 0 The core of the empire the city of Rome I Roman insula apartment buildings often burned or fell down had no air conditioning plumbing or heating Augustus O Idealized hair 0 Face is beautiful he is always portrayed as being 30ish even though he died around 60 Naturalistic in the way that is looks like a photo of a person not abstract Breast plate has details describing a battle Idealized breast plate can see nipples belly button and defined muscles Figures on breast plate depict propaganda from Augustus Romans never wore trousers everyone who wasn t roman were seen as barbarians because their language sounded like barbar Principal Augustan Victories I in 42 BCE avenged Julius Ceasar s assassins Cassius and Brutus I in 31 BCE victory over Antony and Cleopatra I in 20 BCE in a diplomatic victory battle standards that had been lost to parthia in 53 BCE were returned to Rome Augustus never called himself a dictator because that s why Julius Caesar was murdered Augustus changed his name from Octavian to Augustus Coins I Targeted billboards a great way for Augustus to have his propaganda circulate I Depicted arches arches were erected to celebrate victory You can tell if it is Augustus in the way the comma shaped locks fall Augustus has a little bushel in the front partially on the left If a sculpture is bleached white it is marbel 0 If you want to dishonor a person you can dishonor their statue 0 Only the emperor can wear a circular pin on their toga aristocrats wore cross shaped ones and regular people wore simple ones


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