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PSY 310; Week 1 Notes

by: Brianna

PSY 310; Week 1 Notes PSY 310

GPA 4.0
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Basic Counseling Skills

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About this Document

Notes from Chapters 1 & 2 and lecture
Basic Counseling Skills
Class Notes
Psychology, counseling skills




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brianna on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 310 at Colorado State University taught by Richards in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Basic Counseling Skills in Psychlogy at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Reading Ch 1 2 Terms 0 reflective practitioner one who takes the time to reflect and be aware of their personal feelings reactions and prejudices possibly recording them 0 emotional empathy responding to someone39s feelings O cognitive empathy understanding someone39s motives values intentions and thinking 0 common therapeutic factors basic healing properties found in all counseling theories and techniques 0 intake forms quotpsychological historiesquot Chapter One How to be Proactive in Reflection 0 Ask for Supervision 0 allows you to listen to yourself and explain your actions to someone else Develop a Support Group of Fellow Learners Become a Client Keep a Personal Journal 0 able to record your reflections so you can refer back to them Perry39s Stages 0 The Dualistic Stage the assumption that there are right or wrong responses that can be given to a client 0 very common for beginners O helper may fail to listen because they are too focused on what to say next 0 The Multiplistic Stage the realization that there are many possible responses to what the client says 0 no one particular response works for every client all the time Q helper may feel overwhelmed by the amount of possible answers Q The Relativistic Stage the ability to recognize that some responses are better than others depending on the circumstances 0 happens after study and practice experience 0 able to consider the possible responses of different approaches 0 How to Decide which Response Works Best I What I which skill should be used to be most effective I When I what skill is most appropriate for the particular problem I How I how you say it Ethical Guidelines 1 2 3 4 5 6 Keep what is said in role playingpractice sessions private Avoid advice giving Do not impose values onto others Be considerate with your feedback Stay within the techniques taught by your instructor and described in the book Notify an authority as soon as possible when a client is contemplating hurting themselves or others Essentials for Being a Helper according to Carl Rogers 0 Congruence O the ability to be genuine with another person 0 verbal and nonverbal signals agree with each other 0 Positive Regard O the respect of each client as a whole worthy person 0 never rejects a person though they may reject their actions 0 Empathy O the ability to understand another person s worldview or feelings 0 instead of evaluating understand Other Research on Effective Helping 0 An Effective Helper Chapter 2 has a positive and accepting view of others has a good selfesteem is secure and mentally healthy has good selfcare skills is creative and competent is courageous OOOOO Common Therapeutic Factors 1 9701990 Maintaining a strong helperclient relationship Increasing the client39s motivation and expectation of help Enhancing the client s sense of mastery or selfefficacy Providing new learning experiences Raising emotional arousal and promoting expression Providing opportunities to practice new behaviors Stages of the Helping Process 1 Relationship Building 0 building rapport and letting the client open up 2 Assessment 0 helper collects information through formstestsquestionsetc 3 Goal Setting 0 client participates in setting goals that will lead to improvement 4 Intervention and Action 0 helper uses techniques to accomplish goals 0 success depends on I clienthelper bond l importance of goals to client I acceptance of the helper39s methods 5 Evaluation and Reflection O decision is made whether to end process or work on a new quotproblemquot Lecture 121 Definitions 0 interviewing a conversation where one person tries to obtain information for a specific purpose 0 not necessarily about making change 0 data collection 0 counselingpsychotherapy professional helping services 0 begin with interview 0 often interchangeable Microskills Hierarchy 0 Goal understand how clients experience and make sense of the world 0 relationship is important 0 Research foundation for all therapeutic approaches maintenance requires practice and use crosscultural support use in multiple settings OOOO


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