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by: Callie Ruth Bridgforth

Week2-copy.pdf PS 1113

Marketplace > Political Science > PS 1113 > Week2 copy pdf
Callie Ruth Bridgforth
GPA 3.6
American Government
Wesley Ammon

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About this Document

These notes cover the topics discussed during week 2
American Government
Wesley Ammon
Class Notes
Government, American Government
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Callie Ruth Bridgforth on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PS 1113 at a university taught by Wesley Ammon in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 68 views.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
Sunday January 24 2016 Week 2American Government Political socialization Politics is more than just a process that determines what the government does it is also the way we determine how to behave and make decisions Politics are everywhere newspaper tv musicthere is always a political story to be found Politics are also the way we identify ourselves democrat republican independent or conservativeliberal this is known as Political Identity How do we develop this identity We usually learn through socialization traditionsolder generationsfriendsfamily We tend to share the same beliefs as our parents Developing a Political Identity is a learned behavior The Government also plays a key role in your political identity example the first thing you learn in school is the pledge of allegiance or through government holidays such as MLKLabor DayMemorial Day You cant even start an athletic event without saying the national anthem Constitution First attempt to structure our government and is the rule book that we use to form our government It is written in articles and limits our government we the people are the ones who have the power The authors did not include the president or any executive leaders instead congress got all national power 39 each state had a single vote Sunday January 24 2016 The Constitution can be outlined into three separate parts Separation of Powersdivides government into three branchesjudicialexecutive and legislativeand assigns distinct duties to each branch legislativemakes lawexcutivecarries it outJudicialdetermines value of law Checks and Balancesgives each branch some power over the other two exPresident can veto legislation passed by Congress Congress can impeach president and the Supreme Court has the power to interpret laws written by Congress to determine whiter they are constitutional everyone has limited power Federal Systemdivides power yet again by allotting different responsibilities to local state and national government Supreme court justice serves for life while president has a time limit this is how the president is monitored With the power divided in this fashion no single faction could dominate the government We do not have an all powerful government our government is in layers ARTICLE 1 Legislative Branch Headed by Congress which is divided into two powers House of Representatives to be a member in the House of Representatives must be 25 years and a citizen of the US for 7 years also need to inhabit the state at which they are trying to represent The Senate to be in the Senate Must be 30 and must be citizens of the US for nine year Sunday January 24 2016 also need to be inhabitants of the state they wish to represent at the time of their election Powers of Congress Taxraising revenue for the federal government through boring and taxes taxes allow congress the power to make you buy something you don39t want Regulate interstate and foreign commerce Declare war or raise army also make rules for the militarily To coin or appropriate money IMPORTANT Control over taxation and spending Congress s exclusive powers take on additional significance through the Necessary and proper clause aka elastic clause This gives congress the flexibility to pass laws related to any of its exclusive right to compel people to serve in the military The president s most important powers are contained in the executive powers clause The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America and in the direction to ensure that the laws are faithfully executed Political experts say Obama has run up debtHowever technically congress has bc they control the money Congress can do all these things because of the clauses Who is the most powerful not one person is the most powerful because they39re too many layers and branches Article 2 Executive Branch Main responsibility of the executive branchenforce laws The head of the executive branch is the President Sunday January 24 2016 President s powers include vetoreject a proposal for a law appoint federal posts such as members of government agencies Negotiate foreign treaties with other countries appoint federal judges grant pardonsforgiveness for a crime Qualifications to be President 35 years old resident within the US for 14 years natural born citizen How do you vote for a President Through the Electoral College established in Article 2 Section 1 and modified in 12th amp 23 amendments This process consists of a separate election in 51 regions each state plus the District of Columbia where people actually vote for electors who pledged to one of the candidates These electors make up the electoral coHege thats why when you vote the name on the ballot is electors for Each candidate is competing for the majority of 538 elector votes 270 for each state of electors of senators of house representatives house representatives are according to the size of each state s population electors can never be a senator or representative Winnertake all the party that wins the most votes in the state appoints all the electors for that state two exceptionMaine and Nebraska Sunday January 24 2016 Article 3 Judicial Branch Judicial Branch is the system of courts that look at the law and applies it to different cases Supreme court and lower courts The federal court system must have one supreme court where there must be a Chief Justice who presides over the court must be nine justices Judges can hold their offices for the rest of the livesuntil convictedimpeached by congress their pay cannot be decreased while they are in office but can be increased Even though it does not say that there has to be any lower courts congress is given the power to create and remove lower courts Powers of Judicial Branch Supreme Court has the right to hear any case for the first time this means that it has original jurisdiction Crimes have to be tried by a jury unless the defendant does not want one Punishment of treason treasonsomeones tries to attack or wage war against UShelps enemies in any way to prove someone guilty two different witnesses to the act person must confess Article 4 Belationship among States Article 4 establishes that all states will honor the laws of other states ex if a couple is married in Florida they are also married by Arizona same goes for crimes Sunday January 24 2016 Also states that citizens of one state be treated the same as citizens of another this also goes for if someone commits a crime in one state and flees to another they have to return to the state they ran from Admittance of new states and control of federal ands statehood procedure if a region want to become a state the region is granted protection ones a state


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