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Lecture 1: The Elements of Music *CH.1-2*

by: Zahrea Small

Lecture 1: The Elements of Music *CH.1-2* MUS121

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > MUS121 > Lecture 1 The Elements of Music CH 1 2
Zahrea Small
GPA 3.5
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MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening
Allison Kelsey

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About this Document

These notes include everything the professor has gone over, a handful of points are revised to simplify understanding. Some example songs are given and additional notes are added towards the end (t...
MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening
Allison Kelsey
Class Notes
MUS121 Intro to Listening




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zahrea Small on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUS121 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Allison Kelsey in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 103 views.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
MUS121 Lecture 1 Music Fundamentals Elements of Music Are the foundation walls and roof of music Sound 0 Sound The result of vibrations in the air set in motion by the activation of a sounding body EX Slamming of a door 0 Tone Definite and specific sounds in music 0 Pitch The specific highness or lowness of a tone 0 Interval The distance between two pitches 0 Octave A specific type of interval between two notes of the same name8 scales EX one D to the next D above it 0 Scale A succession of pitches contained within an octave 0 Dynamics The loudness and softness of music add musical interests to a piece of music 0 Timbre The distinctive tone quality of an instrument same notes and melody but different instrument EX Piano vs violin vs guitar Rhythm 0 Rhythm Ordered ow of music through time 0 Beat The recurrent pulsation in music is more broad and most times basic is an important component of Rhythm but are not the same 0 Meter The organization of beats into regular groups can be any length gt Triple Meter A meter with three beats per measure EX The StarSpangles Banner My Name Is Jonas by Weezer gt Duple Meter A meter with two beats per measure EX Mary Had A Little Lamb Foggy Mountain Breakdown by Flatt and Scruggs gt Other meters include quadruple sextuple most common compound meter Tempo the speed or pace of music Melody Horizontal of Music Melody a series of pitches that add up to a recognizable Whole contains all elements previously mentioned Phrase a shorter distinct section of a melody Theme When a melody can be a key recurring structural element Harmony Vertical of Music Key Harmony A group of notes sounding at the same time can be a group ranging from 212 Chord a collection of three or more notes played simultaneously Triad Simplest constant chord made of the 1 3rd and 5th scale degrees Consonance A combination of chords considered to be stable Without tension Dissonance A combination of notes considered unstable and tense want to be resolved composers use them for their expressive power Key The tonal center of a piece gt Maj or KeyScale Starting on C on the piano play each White key in succession until you arrive at the next C gt Minor KeyScale Has a number of lowered notes have a sad character A sign at the beginning of a piece of music indicates the key of that composition Texture 0 Texture The combination of the vertical harmony and horizontal melody elements of music gt Monophony one sound A melodic line with nothing accompanying it common in Medieval Music gt Polyphony Two or more melodies are played at the same time most common in renaissance and Baroque music gt Homophony A single melodic line with harmonies undemeath predominant in Classical Era and is still the most common texture in all forms of popular music Form 0 Form The organization of musical ideas in time gt Unity is created by repetition of musical ideas gt Variety is created by introducing new contrasting ideas 0 Variation a technique of altering a melody to create variety within a composition Additional reading notes Staff The five horizontal lines on music paper highest notes on top Unison When two identical pitches are back to back the smallest type of interval that occurs Down Beat 1st beat carries more weight than the other that follow in the group Up Beat Short note before a down beat Syncopation Accent notes that are played between rather than directly on the steady beat Climax Highest note Fermata To hold note longer than the normal time Chromatic scale A scale that includes all notes black and white keys composers use it to create dissonance Modulation Going from one key to another within the same composition ImitationImitative polyphony When one melodic idea is immediately restated by another voice or instrument sound like an imitation of each other When all voices play the same melody round SuffixesDescriptive music words gt issimo extremes gt Crescendo getting louder gt mezzo medium gt Legato smooth gt forte loud gt Staccato choppy gt Decresendo or diminuendo getting gt softer gt


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