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Basics of Film & Television: Week 1 Notes

by: Coty Miller

Basics of Film & Television: Week 1 Notes FTT 20101

Marketplace > University of Notre Dame > Film > FTT 20101 > Basics of Film Television Week 1 Notes
Coty Miller
GPA 3.399
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Basics of Film and Television

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About this Document

Week 1 Notes include Lecture 1 and Discussion 2
Basics of Film and Television
Class Notes
Film, and, television, basics, week, 1, discussion, 2, movies, analysis




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Coty Miller on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FTT 20101 at University of Notre Dame taught by Becker in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Basics of Film and Television in Film at University of Notre Dame.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Week 1 Lecture 1 1 Recap of Formal Analysis Chapter 2 A Key quotes Film Art p 51 Artists design in film p 57 All we can many become i Going for emotion which comes from formal patterns ii Form is where the pleasure comes from 1 Gives structured experience 2 Gives purpose B Textual Analysis i How formula is enacted by filmmaker determines how effective it is and how it affects you 11 Conventional Hollywood openings contain a lot of exposition A any portion of plot that lays out story events and character traits i Much of it comes at the beginning of a film B But the beginning also leaves plenty of questions and predictions i Expect film to go certain places but also curious so leaves us to want to see more C Casablanca example i Beginning seems to be place of thieving and scheming seems to be waiting place to America ii Get exposition about the past 1 2 German couriers murdered 2 letters of transit stolen 2 Reno s character says he knows where letters are got it under control 3 So what s going to happen with these letters iii Characters 1 Rick cynical yet nice caring person hints used to be committed to things mysterious we get curious III A conventional Hollywood narrative is comprised of a linear cause and effect A This cause and effect chain builds toward a climax and every event in film advances the story in some way i Each scene tightly tied to each other ii Each scene linked to last making cause and effect IV Motivation A the justification given in film for the presence of an element B In Hollywood narrative form ideally i There are no extraneous events in plot example going to the bathroom 1 Only focusing on plot itself ii Every plot event is motivated a cause is given for each event 1 So no coincidences usually avoided 2 Usually motivate a reason why something will happen 3 In order to avoid coincidences given causes for events C Casablanca i Coincidence that Ilsa ends up at Rick s BUT coincidence is motivated because anticipated in exposition 1 Everyone goes to Rick s ii Victor s motivation understand why he s doing what he s doing V Usually the agents of the causeeffect chain are characters A Hollywood films feature charactercentered causality based on goaloriented protagonists B Casablanca i When Victor declines Ferrari s offer of l visa it shows that the visa is not his only goal he also wants Ilsa to go with him I causeeffect change because of this we know he ll keep looking C Can tie back causeeffect to character and their goals D Characters in Hollywood films act in unambiguous and consistent ways i characters have clear motivated goals and just a handful of important traits ii characters do not contradict their established traits they may develop within those traits across the film E Casablanca i A thematic intention of this film was to move the audience from isolationist mentality not getting involved in causes to inventionalist mentality getting involved 1 Symptomatic meaning 2 Example a Rick concept realizing more things matter than just himself b WWII concept seeing Pearl Harbor should realize need to get involved VI Delays obstacles and deadlines are crucial to Hollywood plotlines A If focusing on character goals may want to delay character growth or stories and create obstacles to delay B Deadlines help give structure to goals so that can have direct goals i Examples 1 Deadline for Victor has to get out of Casablanca soon or he ll be put in concentration camp 2 He has to catch plane or he couldn t leave VII Ultimately closure is achieved enigmas are answered causal chains are closed off and goals are either achieved or not achieved A If plan to have a sequel ending wouldn t be fully closed cliffhanger but does close off enigmas from film and resolve obstacles B Casablanca i Know what happened to letters of transit ii Know why Victor needs to leave iii Know why Rick is now committed to a fight he wasn t committed to at the start Discussion 2 o sequences driven by preceding action 0 Why is this tight causal thinking interesting or problematic In a certain genre if know what s going to happen because became norm can become predictable Don t like to see contingency randomness chaos disorder in lms unlike real life 0 Beginning and ending of movies 0 Symbol schemes Iterations and repetition lt side posts how we re supposed to read each character Reemphasizes character traits 0 Example Rick from Casablanca Motifs in Casablanca o The drinking and knocking over the glass 0 Music Songs are doing certain types of work for the context of the scene Paper 0 Gambling Fact that it was a gambling club is historically accurate Also gambling is metaphor gambling on which side to choose quotRound up the usual suspectsquot said at the beginning and end 0 Explanation of how story workshow things will happen is built into the dialogue Tells you how to read characters and how they re going to t 0 Newly weds Side story set up so we want to root for them to go to the US and get out of Casablanca and this made us like Rick more when Rick helps them 0 Through them revealed a lot about the characters 0 What signals do you see in Casablanca that we don t need to be told 0 Rick and French of cer walking away at the end quotThis is going to be the start of a great friendshipquot O O If what they said was said in the middle it would be weird Have characters theorize time like in new chapter of their lives now


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