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NU185 Notes

by: kgrunwaldt

NU185 Notes NU 185 6036 T45

Truman State
GPA 3.92
Dimensions of Professional Nsg
K Freeland

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About this Document

Florence Nightingale notes
Dimensions of Professional Nsg
K Freeland
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by kgrunwaldt on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NU 185 6036 T45 at Truman State University taught by K Freeland in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Dimensions of Professional Nsg in Nursing and Health Sciences at Truman State University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
1 Things that affect history 373Temw eeve n Money Social roles Ethnicityculture Disasters Disease War Technology Media Educa on Laws and Licensure Discrimination Professional Organizations Job Market Politics 2 80 of Americans rated nurses honesty and ethical standards as high or very mw a RNs have maintained this ranking for the past 13 years 3 Nursing in Ancient Cultures a nature Related to i Ideas about health and illness ii Treatments often based on keen observation of iii Male and female roles iv Record keeping v Location of care home or hospital vi Individual vs group vs public 4 Some Ancient Cultures FQTPQPRP I 5 Social Roles a b c Earliest medical records Egypt Developed acupuncture China Emphasis on Healthy Bodies Greece Code of Hammurabi Babylonia Laws regarding meat consumption Israel Isolation of patients with communicable diseases Israel Hospitals with male nurses India Very healthy reverent care of dead Egypt Many drugs from here are still used China Healing with knife herbs exorcism Persia Male vs Female Ethnic and cultural Socioeconomic i Rich vs poor ii Slave vs free iii White collar vs blue collar 6 Images of Nursing a Image from ancient times folk image 7 Nurses don t care about working conditions religious Dark Ages of Nursing folk and servant Neither a Nanny nor a Maid Monastic and religious orders dictated requirements Most trusted profession professional g TV and Media image Influence of War a Doctors resistant to help from women nurses in this war Civil Twas War b F Nightingale credited with advancement of nursing profession following this war Crimean War c US Army School of Nursing organized to supply nurses for wartime WWI d Nurses finally commissioned as officers WWII e Nurses stationed in MASH units Korean Vietnam Gulf War Iraq Afghanistan Learning to be a Nurse Intuition and observation and talent Apprenticeship Influence of Florence Nightingale Early Schools USA i Provided staffing for hospitals ii Cheap education for students iii Opportunity to enter job market e Education as Licensure Requirement f AideLPNADNBSNMSNNDPhD Nursing Education in America a British nurse leader who influenced nursing education and profession in America Florence Nightingale b Earliest US nursing schools were in this regions New England c Provided main source of nursing care in early hospitals Student 9055 nurses d America39s first black nurse graduate Mary Mahoney e Describes type of early nursing training Apprenticeship 10 Nursing in Nightingale s Time a Servant image of nursing b Sairy Gamp images Charles Dickens c Hospitals were deplorable places 11 England in the 1850 s a Reign of Queen Victoria b Women of social status were in the home c Women who needed to work did domestic service 12 Florence Nightingale a Born May 12 1820 b Died 1910 c Born in Florence Italy to wealthy parents Educated by her father Entered nursing with the disapproval of her parents Founder of modern nursing Considered the lady with the lamp 20th century feminist living in the Victorian era marten 13 The Crimea The turning point for Nightingale and nursing profession England France Turkey at war with Russia 1854 Nightingale took 38 nurses to Scutari to care for wounded soldiers Reformed hospitals organized and provided nursing care Collected and analyzed statistics i An early form of EBP evidence based practice Prior to her arrival i 75 of casualties in the Barracks hospital were from diseases such as cholera typhoid and dysentery 1 All contracted in the hospital ii Only 25 of deaths were from field injuries g Barracks hospital 1700 bed capacity almost 4000 patients 4 miles of bed 18 inches apart h Mortality rate reduced from 60 to 1 after Nightingale s arrival 14 Accomplishments in Britain after Crimean War a Wrote letters and used statistics to influence politicians and those in power to DPPP39ED h i Improve and reform laws affecting health morals and the poor ii Reform hospitals and improve workhouses and infirmaries iii lmprove medicine by instituting an army medical school and reorganizing the army medical department b lmproved the health of natives and British citizens in India and other colonies c Established nursing as a profession with 2 missions i Health nursing ii Sick nursing 15 Nursing Education a 1860 created school of nursing at St Thomas Hospital London b Major Principles i Nurses should be trained in teaching hospitals associated with medical schools ii Nurses should be carefully selected and must reside in nurses residences iii The school matron must have control of the curriculum iv Education must include both theory and practice v Teachers must be paid vi Records must be kept on students


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