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Chapter 1.1 and 1.2 Notes

by: Ayana Smith

Chapter 1.1 and 1.2 Notes Stat 200

Marketplace > Radford University > Math > Stat 200 > Chapter 1 1 and 1 2 Notes
Ayana Smith
GPA 3.0
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Statistics 200
Dr. Kirtner

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About this Document

What is statistics and data classification
Statistics 200
Dr. Kirtner
Class Notes
Statistics, Math, data




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ayana Smith on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Stat 200 at Radford University taught by Dr. Kirtner in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see Statistics 200 in Math at Radford University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Stat 200 11 Notes What is Statistics Statistics is the word used to describe often meaningless and trivial data Examples The number of students that will receive a passing grade in stat 200 The percentage of students that live on campus at RU The average on exam 1 in stat 200 There is a better definition is the science of gathering describing and analyzing data Branches of Statistics M h h u Hicks V P V h A n r it Nit t itquotfftt its is the branch of statistics that involves the organization summarization and display of data part 1 chapters 13 V 3th g is a basic tool in the study of inferential statistics and is the mathematical backbone of inferential statistics part 2 chapters 4 6 if E 7 is the branch of statistics that involves using 5 ample to draw conclusions about a population part 3 chapters 7 12 New Vocabulary A L Kare the people or objects included in the study A Ci l is a characteristic ofthe individual to be measured or observed IIII is an entire collection or set of individuals whose properties argto be analyzed A is a subset of the population A is a numerical measure that describes an aspect of a population 39139 22 g HZ 7 r A 1 i t at 7 Is a numerical measure that describes an aspect of a sample my if Example 1 in a recent study of 1329 high school volunteers those who had 8 hours of sleep were three times more likely to answer correctlyr on a math test than were sleep deprived participants I What is the sample 39lli ii iii l WlCNlV ll l olw 1 tr Tp r H l f I I pan 6 V 1 Anti quot iw 39 o What is the implied population Example 2 Determine whether the numerical value describes a population parameter or a sample statistic When working through these first determine whether the statement refers to a sample or a population To be a population parameter it must describe ALL members being studied not a portion of them quot quot Bigu la39t i i I The 2003 Maxroll of the Baltimore Orioles was 6945227539 ii3sf0mtiTQr U in aga mpie of US adults 62 owned celll plhones b TW 1 i The percentage of students that live on campus at RU Cl 739 o The average income of professors at public universities is 78300 per year gpr asg39 bu r In a survey of 200 households in Redford 20 still have a land line telephone Example 3 Television station QUE wants to know the proportion of TV owners in Virginia who watch the station s new program at least once a week The station asks a group of 1000 TV owners in Virginia if they watch the program at least once a week I What is the sample lip imp quot39quotol grastzrm I What is the population mil lie is ll in a is the proportion of iWe who watch the new program at least once a week a statistic or a parameter 7 Stcroess c Stat121001712 Notes Data Classification I Types of Data There are different categories of data 0 k lull ll l l i or categorical data describes an individual by placing the individual into a category or group it consists of labels or descriptions of traits of the sample Generally qualitative data will be in terms of words such as eye color hometown or favorite foods However sometimes numbers act like words For example numbers on sports jerseys serve only to distinguish different players during games in this case the numbers are merely labels and must be classified as qualitative a l if Tasha V p 1 7 o gill Er iiiu l Alli t con5st of counts or measurements and therefore are numerical Test scores average amounts of rainfall and weights are all examples of quantitative data Notice that quantitative data can be manipulated in ways that qualitative data cannot For example you cannot add eye colors together but you can add weights together Examples Is this qualitative or quantitative data Prices of a particular pair ofjeans at various department stores E 39 39 quotw a 7 v quot139 4 n o Widths of the doors In a thECl 39le lf39ii i 151 Bank account PIN numbers l itquotshilllidl l isquot quotli Sizes of T shirts on sale t 1 I Number of siblings that students in Ms Pitcock s third grade class have is tf ylalu r E39v n w 394 u l Types of pets reported in a recent survey if in 39ij quotquotjquot ah ll Further Classification of Quantitative Data Quantitative data can be further classified as either discrete or continuous bill lial can ta ice on any value in a given ra nge of numbers This gate is usually measurements such as length and weight Wit iv M can take on only particular values and connot take on the values in between It is quotcountablequot data such as the number of pets you own How to Determine the Level of Measurement From lowest to highest the levels of measurement are nominal ordinal interval and ratio To determine the level of measurement of data state the highest level that can be justified for the entire collection of data Consider which calculations are suitable for the data Level of Measurement Example W Suitable Calculation Ntrnl nol We can put the data into categories Any qualitative data names marital status etc Di C l l r rn l We can order the data from smallest to largest or worst to best Each data value can be compared with another data value Rankings of qualitative data fair good great mm a n l We can order the data and also take the differences between data values Example time temperature 36 El 00 pro l H t A litl 5 quotllll ltfl Example age price rmed We can order the datatake Traysrink differences and also find the strives 7 ration between data values The following describe different data associated with a state senator For each data entry indicate the corresponding level of measurement a The senator s name is Sam Wilson ll r l ll quotr jil b The senator is 58 years old rr quot r 94mm The years in which the senator was elected to the Senate are 1998 2004 and 2010 l l rlfir l The senator s total taxable income last year was 878314 Qcmo The senator surveyed his constituents regarding his proposed water protection bill The choices for response were strong support support neutral against or strongly against Cr cl mo l The senator s marital status is married Ni mo l A leading news magazine claims the senator is ranlced seventh for his voting record on bills regarding public education 0rd l l quotquotrir r r Examg les Is this discrete or continuous data The time it takes a student selected at random to register for the fall term ltji39r i t The number of bad checks drawn on Upright Bangon a day selected at randomyiLei The a mount of gasoline needed to drive your car 200 miles i gquotirrMC Pick a random sample of 50 registered voters in a district and find the number who voted in the last county election Number of traffic fatalities per year in the state of Florida l5lil flliifi39l39llft39 Distance a golf ball travels after being hit with a driver r Time required to drive from home to colllege on any given day 39i l 5 Number of ships in Pearl Harbor on any given day Dt t i j t Your weight before breakfast each morning Ji Levels of Measurement Data may also be classified according to the level of measurement 7 if 7 if W applies to data that consist of names labels or categories Data cannot be ordered fro smallest to largest There is no way to order the data gotIi l x l or i itsrt if Elf d Crib applies to data that can be arranged in However differences between data values either cannot be determined or are meaningless r ice or if m i i Mitre applies to data that can be arranged in order In addition li ni1r v o l differences between data values are meaningful You can subtract to find 11 Wit tort tiliv differences quoti o differences between data values and ratios of data values are meaningful Data at 7 applies to data that can be arranged in order In addition both the ratio level have a true zero lwlif39ijikv ff2i g


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