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Technology Guide 1 and 2

by: Dalia Szkolnik

Technology Guide 1 and 2 BTE 210

Marketplace > University of Miami > Information System > BTE 210 > Technology Guide 1 and 2
Dalia Szkolnik
GPA 3.8
Fundamentals of Business Technology & Innovation
Geraldine Perez

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About this Document

These notes include information about hardware and software.
Fundamentals of Business Technology & Innovation
Geraldine Perez
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dalia Szkolnik on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BTE 210 at University of Miami taught by Geraldine Perez in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 289 views. For similar materials see Fundamentals of Business Technology & Innovation in Information System at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Technology Guide 1 Hardware Physical equipment used for the input processing output and storage activities of a computer system Three important factors task speed and cost 0 Central processing unit CPU Primary storage main memory Secondary storage Input Technologies Output Technologies Communication Technologies Supercomputers 0 Doesn t refer to a speci c technology but rather the fastest computer at any given time 0 Used by large organizations such as banks to execute demanding tasks that involve large sets of data Mainframe Computers 0 Airline reservation systems corporate payroll programs web site transaction processing systems Amazon and eBay Microcomputers PC 0 Desktop PC 0 ThinClient ThickClient Systems I Thinclient low processing power iphone I Thickclient pccomputer 0 Laptop and Notebook Computers 0 Tablet Computers Wearable Computers 0 Constant interaction between the user and the computer 0 Allows for multitasking I Apple Watch Google Glass live direct or indirect view of a physical realworld environment whose elements are enhanced by computergenerated sensory input like sound video graphics or GPS data 0 Healthcare 9 vein viewer Computerbased integration of text sound still images animation and digitized motion video Collection of various input and output technologies OOOOO Merges capabilities of computers with televisions CD players video and audio recording equipment gaming technologies etc Requires powerful microprocessors and extensive memory capacity for high quality Human DataEntry Devices 0 Keyboards microphone touch screen touchpad mouse GestureBased Input 0 Wii 9 gesture recognition SourData Automation Input Devices 0 Magnetic strip reader 9 ATM 0 Barcode Scanners o Scantrons used in exams 0 Cameras Monitors Printers Voice output speakers Also known as microprocessor It is the hardware that performs the actual computation inside any computer 0 Computer Memory I Memory capacity bit byte kilobyte megabyte gigabyte terabyte petabyte Exabyte zettabyte just try to remember the order not necessarily how much each one is I Primary storage main memory Highspeed storage that is located on the motherboard that stores programs and data that will be processed by the CPU An example would be RAM Random Access Memory 0 NOT FOR FUTURE USE I Secondary storage Magnetic tape costly magnetic discs ash memory Technology Guide 2 Software Set of computer programs that enable hardware to process data Set of machinereadable instructions that directs a computer s processor CPU to perform specific operations Documentation written description of the functions of a software program Independent Software Vendor ISV Programming the process of writing or coding programs Defects 0 Software bug error aw failure or fault in a computer program or system 9 causes incorrect or unexpected result or for the program to behave in unintended ways I Most are caused by mistakes and errors by the people rather than the source code or design Licensing 0 Must comply with copyright laws 0 Proof of purchase compliance concerns 0 Software can NEVER be resold 0 Software acquisition cost is constantly increasing Proprietary Software 0 Developed by a company and has restrictions on its use copying and modification 0 Usually this source code is not available and modifications are only contracted with the company that developed it o It is usually joined to a particular hardware platform I For example iTunes is tied to Apple platform 0 Most expensive software OpenSystem Software 0 Opposite of proprietary o A combination of interoperability portability and open software standards I Unix and Unixlike systems 0 Competing products can work together OpenSource Software 0 Made available in a sourcecode form at no cost for developers and users 0 Always available to the public 0 No copyright restrictions 0 NO COST 0 Developed in a public and collaborative manner Companies usually don t have opensource systems because although it is of no cost it is the least liable type of software The security is not guaranteed since it is open to all users If a problem occurs one must have a thirdparty individual try to resolve it which could create problems Proprietary Open Source Microsoft Of ce Google Docs OpenOfflce Adobe Photoshop Picnikcom Google Picasa Main system control program Supervises overall operations of computer This is what allocated the CPU time and main memory to programs Interface between user and hardware Application programs usually require this to function 0 Examples iOS system for Apple Android Microsoft Windows IBM System software that allows users to have direct control of hardware by manipulating visible objects and action which replace command syntax 0 Virtual reality pen and gesture recognition animation wireless communication capabilities Set of one or more programs designed to carry out operations for a speci c application Computer instructions that directs a computer system to perform speci c processing activities and provide functionality for users DEPENDENT ON A SYSTEM SOFTWARE IN ORDER TO WORK Offtheshelf application programs that support general types of processing rather than being linked to any speci c business function 0 Spreadsheets 9 Excel 0 Word processing 9 Microsoft Word 0 Desktop Publishing 9 Adobe Acrobat Hardware and software require each other and realistically cannot be used without the other Overtime the hardware costs are decreasing and the software costs are increasing Software still needs to be done by humans while hardware can now be duplicated much easier through automation


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