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Week 2 Lecture Notes

by: Sadie Shelton

Week 2 Lecture Notes NR 002 - A

Sadie Shelton
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Nature & Culture
Adrian Ivakhiv

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About this Document

Mainly the lectures are about population. Lecture 3 continues from where lecture 2 leaves off.
Nature & Culture
Adrian Ivakhiv
Class Notes
NR, NR2, NR 2, NR 002, Natural Resources, UVM, Nature and Society




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sadie Shelton on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to NR 002 - A at University of Vermont taught by Adrian Ivakhiv in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Nature & Culture in Environmental Science at University of Vermont.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
Monday January 25 2016 Lecture 2 World Population NR 002 Vermont 0 1500s 39 Park like forests managed through burning 1800s Clear cut fields for grazing animals Height of agriculture 39 Regrowth of forests 0 Con icts 39 Uphill vs Downhill vermonters Real Vermonters vs atlanders Liberal vs conservatives VT landscape today 39 Decline os hill farming and dairy farming 39 Marketing and branding What VT should look like The Sustainability Bottleneck the Anthropocene Living forms are likely to evolve on many 0 Some of these are likely to give rise to energy intensive civilization 0 EICs are likely to trigger critical changes that endanger their own existence 0 The likelihood that an EIC will overcome those threats in unknown Monday January 25 2016 Overpopulation 39 3 Perspectives on Population and Environment 1 Neo Malthusian 0 Population grows exponentially 0 Food supply increases linearly 39 Population grows faster than food supply 0 Natural urge to reproduce and kept in check by mortality 0 Do poor people have too many kids or does poverty and hunger cause env decline m population growth 2 Cornucopian 0 There is plenty of stuff in the universe 3 Social Structuralist Wednesday January 27 2016 Lecture 3 Population cont Scarcity and the tragedy of the commons NR 002 Overpopulation 3 Perspectives on Population and Environment 1 Neo Malthusian 0 Limits Population grows exponentially Food supply increases linearly 39 Population grows faster than food supply Natural urge to reproduce and kept in check by mortality BUT Do poor people have too many kids or does poverty and hunger cause env decline m population growth Cornucopian 0 Markets 0 There is plenty of stuff in the universe More people more brainpower amp labor to work out technological solutions to scarcity Social Structuralist 0 Institutions and political economy 0 Frances Moore Lappe Power structures political economy 39 Powerful countries have greater ability to gain food and meet their needs for food 0 Amartya Sen Wednesday January 27 2016 39 Poor countries have little control and few options gt see children as economic resource 39 Famine caused by lack of access to food Limits Models neoMalthusian responce to critics IPAT 1 1mm on environment P Population A Af uence per capita resource consumptions T Technology negative impact of production technologies Applications of IPAT 39 Carrying capacity 39 Ecological footprint http z wwwfootprintnetworkorgzenlindexphpGFNZpagez calculators Z Demographic Transition Model Model that population growth rates will level out as the country becomes post industrial Birth Rate Death rate Population Growth Stage 1 High High Stable or low Stage 2 Increasing Declinging Rapid Stage 3 Declining Declining Moderate or low Stage 4 Post industrial Declining Declinging Stable or decreasing 39 As female literacy rates go up birth rates go down Conferences on Population Policy 1974 Western MDCs blame overpopulation favor birth control LDCs amp Socialist bloc blame poverty favor wealth control and equitable development Wednesday January 27 2016 Mexico City Conference 1074 LDCs mow recognize population problem 39 US Reagan opposes population and family planning programs Cairo UN Conference 1004 Massive NGO participation International consensus solidifies family planning unit poverty women issues 39 Opposed by US congress religious groups Hans Rosling39s 200 countries 200 years httpswwwyoutubecomwatch vjkaRLYSojo o This shows averages and not the median there is a wealth and health gap in all countries Introducing The Tragedy of the Commons Common pool resources resources from which individuals derive benefits while charing costs collectively As a rational being each herdsman seeks to maximize his gain Logic of Commons 39 People will continue to exploit until resource is depleted


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