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Lecture Notes

by: Elizabeth Rubio

Lecture Notes GEOL 110

Elizabeth Rubio
Long Beach State
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Natural Disasters
Klaus Hagedorn

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About this Document

Hello :) I hope you find these notes helpful!
Natural Disasters
Klaus Hagedorn
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Rubio on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 110 at California State University Long Beach taught by Klaus Hagedorn in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 81 views.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
GE OL 110 Natural Disasters 1252016 If there is inadequate weather conditions this may be the cause for many natural disasters Earthquakecatastrophe 85 of people in PortauPrince lived in slum conditions Poor conditions lead to 190000 destroyed or damaged homes 1A million killed 2millions homeless with poor sanitation and poor water quality catastrophe was clear heavy human development Land is prone to ooding and mass wasting plays a role in our natural disasters topic Why is studying Natural Hazards are important Experiences of large costly and deadly natural hazards since l995call for investigation and mitigation Deadliest tsunami are caused by earthquake in the INDIAN OCEAN Tsunami in Japan caused by largest and costliest earthquake in history Catastrophic ooding in different areas of the world Volcanic eruptions that shut down international airports Worst tornado outbreak in the USA history It is also important to investigate the causes Physical chemical and biological ways in which events affect Earth s surface Internal processes come from forces within the Earth Plate tectonics Result of internal energy of Earth External processes due to forces on Earth s surface Atmospheric effects Energy from the sun What happens when tectonic plates move They break deform Due to plate movements new rocks form and other rocks become magma or recycled This involves the tectonic cycle What powers the process of the cyclemovements of the tectonic plates inner energy source in the geosphere Hazard Natural process or event that is a potential threat to a human life property Disaster Hazardous event that occurs over a limited time period in a de ned area Criteria of disaster 1 10 or more people killed 2 100 or more people affected 3 State of Emergency is declared 4 International assistance is requested all should meet the criteria to be a disaster Catastrophe at this time Massive disaster that requires signi cant amount of money or time to recover Why is it a hazard People are affected massive amount of damage caused and so much money needs to be invested Examples Floods snowstorms tomados center US etc During that past half century there has been a dramatic increase in natural disasters ex Haitian earthquake Indonesian tsunami Hurricane Katrina United Nation 1990 s International Decade for Natural Hazards Reduction Mitigation it reduces the effects of something natural disaster preparation information if there is a natural disasters ahead we can inform the public to be aware or evacuate to safety Note Global Warming impacts an increase of natural disasters like wildfires due to increase of temperature Effects of hazards can differ and change with time due to changes of patterns of human land use Human land use examples includes building schools or houses in areas and people must be aware if there is or going to be any hazards Within that surrounding for the public s safety Natural Hazards that cause the greatest loss in human life may not cause the most property damage Hazards vary greatly in their ability to cause catastrophe Natural Hazards are repetitive uniformitarianism History or an area gives clues to potential hazards maps historical accounts climate and weather data rock types faults folds soil composition Geology conditions govern the type location and intensity of natural processes Collectively processes are called the geologic cycle 4 SUBCYCLES o Tectonic Cycle 0 Rock Cycle 0 Hydrologic Cycle 0 Biogeochemical Cycle


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