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POSC 326 Week 2 Notes

by: Laura Pratt

POSC 326 Week 2 Notes POSC 326

Laura Pratt

GPA 3.82
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California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla

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About this Document

These notes cover what was talked about in class during week 2.
California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla
Class Notes
political science




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laura Pratt on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 326 at California State University Long Beach taught by Dr. Kaskla in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see California Comparative Government in Political Science at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
90115 Continuities in California History 0 O O 1 Presence of Elite structures Political cultural economic Household income in 2013 0 Top 20 Next 20 20 20 Bottom 20 o 51 2314484 32 12 of all households take up 50 of salaries in this country Top 1 in US owns 346 of all assets stocks bonds real estate Top 20 controls 85 of everything California is one of most unequal distribution of wealth Top 1 in CA control 253 of income 65 states and DC Top 10 54 of all income During bubble 1 increased 189 while other 99 decreased 6 Rich families wealth is passed on corporate rather than to pass estate to family 2 RiseConsolidation f corporate power During 19205 LB Huntington was the biggest oil producer in the world 3 Dependence on cheap labor Mostly immigrant labor in history People become resentful of immigrant workers quottake work from Americansquot 4 Resource extraction and transforming environment Hydraulics during gold rush done by big corporations In 1850 alone Sacramento39s population went from 10005 of people to 440005 of people In San Francisco Bay area life in the sea is not native 5 Relationship between economics state39s goal is to distribute wealth Robber Barrons Stanford Huntington Crocker Hopkings Railroad Homestead act in 1962 government subsidized and Reclamation act taking and giving land 1902 AKA Newland Act Governments were to facilitate capitalism Western Times and Water wars n 19105 LA is taking H20 from Owen39s Valley 0 Historical method 0 0 Relationship between history and theory Does one start with theory to draw inferences from history Or do you look at history to draw a theory from it Walton argues history gt theory 0 Patterns of development o In order to draw inferences compare areas what kind of social arrangements do you have Capitalism Socialism etc o Are there phases There are patterns of development to look at 0 SP 32 and SP 350 o Walton MacroHisory Story and narrative Patterns and development Piautes Native American tribe 0 o o 0 Transformation from agriculture to mining 932015 PattersPhases State Expansionary Progressive 1900 Welfare 1930 18601900 1903 Present Over time To serve Welfare government greatest phases institutions number more spread from Utilitarianism expectations west over of what time government Went from will provide localized to expansion Society Pioneer Civil society National identity Pioneer Organization Old west society that give national don39t have society parties quotwesternquot formcontent support because of state Type of Fragmented class Community rebellion Social movements movement action there are class divisions but notas established as American east Paiutes o Europeans come and Indian wars occur 18621865 0 As land is taken away from Natives they resisted early settlers fought back against Indians and Fort Independence resulted came to be on 4th ofJuly 1862 0 As settlers came in increasing numbers they fought back as much as they could Starved out the Indians so that they would surrender JW Davidson Fort Tejon 0 Consideration mining where people look to strike rich Incorporating Wage labor 0 What happens next 0 Incorporate them as wage labor which is necessary to have production happening 0 Quick to blame the Indians by saying they are children andor drunk Paternalism o Paternal relationship between Native Americans and how the general population took care of them Moral Economy 0 Comes from a peasant society in a precapitalist world 0 Before capitalism had feudalism 0 Mode of production rate of production 0 Relationship between worker and owner LandownerPeasant closed relationship had to pay obligation to landowner Could never leave that obligation LocaHzed Mostly based on agriculture Born peasant stuck in situation Local people had to gure things out on their own There were rules for behavior what society de ned as acceptable versus unacceptable behavior EP Thompson James C Scott 0 Public transcript Hidden transcript codes that peasants use between them 0 Responsibility in feudalism moral economy no one should go hungry merchants are expected to lower price so people can afford food Value system changed in capitalism it is the complete opposite of these principles With the coming of capitalism everything gets transformed become a free agent as a worker Can go anywhere you want as long as you have the means 0 Industrial industrial revolution 0 World economy via trade 0 Even though there were governments in Feudalism taxes judicial system military but for the most part government was not spoken of didn t affect your life on a daily basis 0 Highly ritualized actions if you keep violating moral code Wife selling Tired of wife sell her Rough music 0 When you had someone having an affair and the community knew about it and disapproved of the behavior 0 Older guy and too young girlfriend They would take out whatever made noise and would congregate and make noise around the building Riding the stang stag Used for series of violations 0 Turn jacket inside out take antlers and attach them to the person stag would have a hunt o Peasant life in England One of the ultimate forms of reinforcement if all else fails arson Symbolic act against property burn down property


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