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Posc 326 Week 6 Notes

by: Laura Pratt

Posc 326 Week 6 Notes POSC 326

Laura Pratt

GPA 3.82
California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla

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About this Document

These notes cover what was talked about during week 6 in class.
California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla
Class Notes
political science
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laura Pratt on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 326 at California State University Long Beach taught by Dr. Kaskla in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see California Comparative Government in Political Science at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
92915 0 Limits of Democracy 0 We have a system that is capitalist and democratic at the same time 0 Capitalism is about growth of inequalities Always generates inequalities Ways to mitigate these inequalities socialism European countries welfare state Pension and social security is sufficient Capitalism inequality democracy equality opportunity legal one person one vote 0 Democracy We do not have a true functioning democracy in this country People participating in the system not a system where you are several steps removed from its functioning Participatorydirect democracy where people are making decisions In US we have indirect democracy aka representative Creates a series of checks and balances between the legislative judicial and executive branch ln representative democracy we are several steps removed from decision making process 0 Power Elite and Social Class classconsciousness inequalities Federalist papers Hamilton Madison Jay 0 Were these tracks they wrote and had published in numerous newspapers 0 Used to persuade to ratify the constitution Telling part of what the federalist papers is Federalist 10 Madison 0 Lays out argument with what is wrong with democracy elitist reveals the system for what it IS 0 Can39t give power off to ordinary people needs to be at the hands of the elite 0 Class struggles differences in education skill faculties and because of that you are going to get inequalities in society The inequalities are always going to be there 0 The most common and endurable source of inequalities is the distribution of property haves and have nots 0 Can39t get rid of class differences but can mitigate the divisions not about democracy doesn39t ender in this picture at all keep property of the haves from the have nots O 0 quotReal democracyquot is that kind of system where people participate in decision making process 0 Want to create a system that seems to give people power but doesn39t actually do that 0 Don39t want democracy because that is chaotic o Townhall meetings used to be the way that people made decisions this is direct democracy why is it that in such a diverse country cannot make this work We are told that we can39t make it work but why not 0 Hamilton Federalist 36 Appearance of a democratic system 0 Madison we have a republic rather than a democracy Owners bourgeoisie Working class proletariat Lumpemprolietariat criminals below or at poverty level Rise of precariat everybody being put in preacious position in capitalist system we are a 90 middle class 0 We don39t have strong distinction between working class and elite now called quotmiddle classquot 0 Still have factories but most are in other countries 0 Who are the owners Making tons of money People who do not do much but make 1000005 of dollars without being an employee Political Economic Cultural C Write Mills Always about growth Constant creative destruction As this happens urban spaces represent global system As development ensues you always have this kind of situation where the elite get what they want MOST of the time competition between the elites themselves Limits of participation for the nonelite 1 role given to people in society are proposing decisions that have already been made 2 Just because there are representatives do not think there will be impartiality andor objectivity Wealth distribution in America Household income in 2013 Top 20 Next 20 20 20 Bottom 20 51 2314484 32 12 of all households take up 50 of salaries in this country 0 Top 1 in US owns 346 of all assets stocks bonds real estate 0 Top 20 controls 85 of everything California is one of most unequal distribution of wealth Top 1 in CA control 253 of income 65 states and DC Top 10 54 of all income 0 During bubble 19792012 1 increased 189 while other 99 decreased 6 As of 2013 California is now Latino 384 white 35 asian 141 black 66 native am 10 paci c islander 4 Median household income Asians 75000 Whites 68800 Latinos 42000 black 36012 Paci c Islander 40 876 100115 0 California History 0 Gary Brechin Contado the idea of their being something of an economic hinterland Uses it to describe SF to the economic development of most of California Area around SF that is all locked into SF dependent development in California usable to where Owens Valley sat for LA Reliance upon cheap labor to help development Incorporation of NA population as waged abor Xenophobia Power Elite 0 Growth Machines 0 Logic of growth Corporation of more and more land into use Overall how capitalism works has to grow the benchmark is 3 compound growth per year f doesn39t reach 3 has to adjust how money is being made 0 Components 0 Hubs 0 Growth Coalitions Missions to Ranchos 1770518405 0 Mission system was shut up but the Natives did not leave immediately 0 Took some phasing out for them to leave 0 Mission system was almost completely ignored until early of 19005 for tourism 0 Californios glori cation of the ranch owners sitting around with bubbling water fountain in the middle of the area and everything is laid back 0 Abel Stearns married into a family was 40 years old and wife was 14 Bandini family was granted citizenship relatively easily is there really a process to obtain citizenship 0 People needed to prove that they owned the land and since they would have to pay attorneys they decided to just sold the land 0 Gold Rush 1840518805 0 Bare ag revolts led by Fremont and de The governor general of California was Vallejo and it was pretty apparent that California was going to be part of the United States Locked themselves in a cabin and drank brandy for 5 days 0 Progressive Era 1880519105 0 Stanford Huntington Hopkins and Crocker 0 Machine politics Political party machines Informal arrangements between the power elite Loose organizations around how the political party was supposed to develop Abe Ruff 0 Appointed to be the DA 0 Courts led against him being DA restraining order Jury selection Morris Haas Heney asked Haas if he was convicted for a serious crime Haas shot Heney in the head after this question Heney lived Haas was later found dead in his prison cell c In LA machine run by Otis and Merchants of Manufacture Association Walter Parker Handome Gene Shmitts mayor of SF 19021907 Spreckles Francis Heney Unionization should the shop be kept open or close the shops 0 Closed shop join the union or don39t work there IWW Industrial Workers of the World 0 Called the wobblies Labor Unrest and Depression 1910519305 0 EPIC was the rst effort of the elites to make advertisements so that someone would not be elected End Poverty in California 0 WWII To Suburbanization 1940sPresent


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