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POSC 326 Week 7 Notes

by: Laura Pratt

POSC 326 Week 7 Notes POSC 326

Laura Pratt

GPA 3.82
California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla

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About this Document

These notes cover what was talked about during class.
California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla
Class Notes
political science
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laura Pratt on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 326 at California State University Long Beach taught by Dr. Kaskla in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see California Comparative Government in Political Science at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
10082015 I Growth machines cont 0 Hubs of growth use of land is vital to making pro t 0 Antigrowth coalitions When it comes to antigrowth coalitions usually lose At the level of EPA get modi cations There are setbacks like when you have to worry about parts of the project Small victories are what these coalitions base their life on o SLAPPs trategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation If you raise too much of an uproar you can be quotslappedquot Example of neighborhood houses with big baclqards in middle of the 0C and there was a horsetrack in the middle Property prices were rising Brandywine bought all ve houses He knocked them all down and built 14 houses replacing 5 This entitled squeezing the houses tightly Groups of people were against this construction and formed an antigrowth coalition They build 11 houses rather than 14 houses 0 Law suit was led against the people who spoke up against the company 0 Edge cities CBD People commute to and from the big center city 0 Like LA and the cities that surround it 0 Edge cities are suburbs that are selfsustaining cities and don39t need the big metropolitan centers 0 Central Place Theory Walter Christaller o The idea that in any kind of environment that people need certain kinds of good There movements represent what is needed Low order goods second order goods and high order goods Transnational capitalist class TCC Have no entity or speci c area where they are LA building boom with Asian money 0 This class is not always pursuing the bourgeoisie but a city in California or Palm Springs in Hong Kong 0 The way they advertise this quotreal imitation lifequot 0 Adding a layer of complexity At the other end you have people who come to this country to send money back home 0 People who immigrate here are not trying to strike rich it is a survival strategy Importance of remittances 0 Money that is earned in one country and transferred to another country c In rst few months of 2015 JanMar remittances only from the US to Mexico 56 billion and 16 came from California I Gaining access 0 Twoparty system Social issues bring people back to the core values of voters Structural aspect to this the reason we have a twoparty system is because of the way it is set up we have a plurality aka winner take all 1St past the post system involving single seat districts 0 You don39t need to win the majority of votes just who gets the most votes out of all of them 0 48 of voters who are not represented are accounted for with concession speech 0 What would make America more democratic would be to change the way we vote 0 Duuerger39s law 0 Alternative proportional representation PR percentage of seats is relatively proportional to the number of votes that the party receives Single seat districts to multiseat districts 0 Party af liation Rise in independent voters You can decline to state what your party af liation is Confusion between independent and quotindependent partyquot Nazis More and more people are declining to state party af liation California registration 0 In 19305 California was 20 Democrat 73 Republican and 7 other e In 1942 60 were Democrat 35 Republican and other 5 o In 2015 43 democrat 28 republican 5 other and 24 independent In California we have the top 2 open primary 0 Meaning that everybody gets to vote in the primary election the top two vote getters in primary election go against each other in general elections Fraud in votes HAVA was reaction of this states could buy voting devices that were electronic to try to prevent fraud of votes 0 Direct Recording Electronic DREs 0 Problem is that they can be manipulated l Candidates and Media 0 quotCitizen Politiciansquot 0 Media and elections 0 Pay to play 101315 0 Candidates and media 0 quotCitizen politiciansquot don39t have experience as politicians but jump the ladder because they have money Eg Donald Trump aunting his money saying he cannot be in uenced newest incarnation of this situation Reagan union organizer actor Mike Huffington in 1994 Al Checchi ran for governor ran a series of commercials where he had school children trying to pronounce his name did not get out of Democrat primary didn39t win Arnold S Meg Whitman ran againstJerry Brown in 2010 set all time high on how much she spent on the campaign 176 million 0 Need media exposure which is really expensive in California don39t have daily newspaper anymore 0 Very few reporters who present information on how legislature affects California and politics on the local level 0 We are distracted by infotainment it LOOKS like there is value to the information you encounter but it has no substance to it but it has only entertainment value CNN commercializing the democratic debate Money is the thread that runs through this entire process 0 Campaign contributions 0 Limiting in uence Famous assembly speaker money is the mother39s milk of politics 0 Regulation of how much money can go into the process Critical to this is the Federal Election Campaign Act 1971 revised in 3974 Tried to place caps on contributions going directly to candidate 0 With this came the distinction between hard money and soft money 0 Soft money 0 You can make the donations to the party DNCRNC o Advent of political action committees PACs form of money laundering give money to this committee who will divide it proportionally to campaigns Originally they could take unlimited contributions 0 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act 2002 McCain Feingold o 5275 Similar to FECA another attempt to get money out of politics Can run election advertising for purposes of providing voter information Can39t endorse a candidate eg vote for X 0 Citizens United v FEC 2010 Money is a form of free speech Gave rise to dark money aka independent expenditure money that goes into these shadow campaigns not run by the candidates themselves but parallel to them quotSwiftBoatingquot when John Carry was running for president term means 0 Money went to the dark money campaigns Quid pro quo Have to prove that A gtB o gtDecision Virtually impossible to prove this in campaigns 501c4s can engage in political action if not primary goal of the group 0 There are a lot of campaigns that go on all the time for NRA California has done its own reforms Political Reform Act passed in 1974 0 Everyone who makes a contribution has to register o If all this info is out of the open it would be transparent PR nightmare and they won39t contribute as much Proposition 34 passed in 2000 0 California version of MCCainFieingold o McCutcheon v FEC 2014 Direct democracy Concurring opinion Clarence Thomas there should be no limits to campaign contributions 0 End up with a process that doesn39t seem to work that well but we have been dealing with this issue the Progressive movement Initiative Referendum and Recall Initiative gather signature and can writecreate laws if the legislature is not doing its job you can petition against it and put on the ballot for the next election Reapportionment Aka Redistricting Gerry Mandering Every 10 years there needs to be redistricting after census divide districts for equal size of population Creating safe seats know htat your side is going to win more often 0 O O Referendums o Compulsory The legislature has approved a constitutional amendment Have to approve bond sale 0 Petition Something has been passed and gone into law can recall past legislation and vote on it again RecaH o If someone is in of ce and isn39t doing theirjob gather signatures and vote himher out or not Problem is that this direct democracy was that these interests have been coopted by moneyed interests Clipboard Petition Companies 0 Getting signatures for campaigns Ca voters took away this authority from gov39t Professionalizing legislature


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