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Week 9 notes

by: Laura Pratt
Laura Pratt

GPA 3.82
California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla

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About this Document

These notes cover what was talked about in class during week 9.
California Comparative Government
Dr. Kaskla
Class Notes
political science
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laura Pratt on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to POSC 326 at California State University Long Beach taught by Dr. Kaskla in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see California Comparative Government in Political Science at California State University Long Beach.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
10292015 Governor cont Informal Power Agenda 0 Crime has a speci c meaning when it is part of becoming part of the political agenda 19605 campuses not about street crime just a generalized notion of civil disobedience Nixon fear of young people rebelling Civil Rights movement Nixon rst politician who was able to develop a strategy to talk about race implicitly talking about race without talking about race Southern Strategy Wallace ran as third party on an explicitly racist platform 0 Nixon and his team were aware of what Wallace was doing in the southern states 0 Kevin Phillips in Nixon campaign and later the administration developed the Dog Whistle Politics talking about race without talking about race without talking about race 0 Nixon used this to peel this off votes Michelle Alexander 0 The neinm Crow 0 Ian Haney Lopez dog whistle poIitics Educa on o A lot of education reforms occurred in the 805 o Lowering ratio of teachers to students 201 Proposition 13 national movement anti tax sentiment still is part of American politics Immigration Prop 187 1994 o Withhold services from undocumented citizens 0 Found unconstitutional in supreme court a few years ago 0 Antiimmigrant sentiment o Schwarzenegger California is being overburdened by all these immigrants coming to the state Issued a bill for services of policing the Mexican border 0 In CA want to nd something that makes the pathway easier for immigrants 0 Issue that is never resolved immigration reform never happens and is never resolved 0 Eg Climate change the other side has been managed very well to debate if climate change is real Partly leader 0 Pay to play 0 Schwarzenegger team around him set up the CA recovery team 527 Fundraiser worried that they didn39t sell enough tickets for an event Different by ins if made contribution of 500 could go to cocktail party if contributed more could go to cocktail party and could call up the governor and have a certain amount of meetings with him 100000 2 receptions and multiple meetings and dinner with the governor and his wife 0 If you go there buying in uence for 500 no have to put in more money 0 Plural Executive Progressive era 18901910 Cabinet directly answerable to the governor39s of ce Want to dilute the power of the governor because the appointees will be appointed to the government if hisher power is not diluted Cabinet is directly voted by voters in CA theory is more accountable to voters who elected that official to begin with Governor has his own cabinet but don39t have speci c duties of what the governor39s agenda is and they are only advisors without duties and responsibilities executive secretary is the only exception to this Line agency positions in the executive branch the ones that are directly answered to the governor Staff agencies are answerable to the executive secretary does have some duties and responsibilities Governor gt Lieutenant Governor runs government when governor is out of statenot there sits on state lands mission trustees gt Attorney General chief counsel of the state of California if CA is involved in any litigation the Attorney General takes care of it gt Secretary of State chief clerk official keeper of archives and so forth in CA any sort of documentation petitions ballot preparations etc gt Controller the person who is the chief accountant of state funds gt Treasurer chief nancial of cer bond sales in CA gt Superintendant of Public Education speci cally K 12 education oversight of superintendant39s job of board of education 10 members gt Board of Equalization goal involves tax and fee collection goes back to 1879 constitution gt Insurance Commissioner elected position decided upon by the CA voters since 1888 Politics and end of reality We live in a world full of simulations the virtuality of the world we think things are real but they aren t these are synthetic environments what has happened at the end of 20th century we have gotten rid of reality and we only live in these virtual environments 0 Simulations make us not the other ways around Eg Disney Land we know it39s not real main street is meant to connote this nostalgic feel the irony is that there were similar main streets simulation that sort of existed but sort of did not Baudrillard experience of Disney land visitors know it39s a fake and it39s not a real world once you know this and you leave back to real life you should actually exit the simulation you should enter reality but this does not happen we are still in the simulated environment of Disney land 0 We behave how others want us to behave Marx o Alienation this perpetuates capitalism and don39t realize how exploitative we are 1 alienated from you worklabor 2 Alienated from products of labor 3 Alienated from self creativitypotential do your job and that39s all that matters ln capitalism someone always decides what you are going to do work with what you39re going to do always decided by someone else Production you39re a producer in capitalism Baudrillard production isn39t as important as consumption 0 You immerse yourself into the imageryproductsadvertisemen ts in a dream world and don39t realize how captured you are in the situation 0 You are designated a shopper by the simulation around you you take on a position as a shopper so you take on that role Politics works in a similar fashion it39s about selling an image signi er without a signi ed part of that is to sell the imagery of potential and potency of someone who doesn39t say what they are going to do but they seem to have a lot of potential Enron Darrel Issa putting together funds to run a clipboard petition campaign trying to nd things on the Obama administration bin ghazi commission realized with gray davis39 situation recalled o Estrangement


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