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GC 444 Notes - week 2

by: Allie S

GC 444 Notes - week 2 GC 4440

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Current Trends and Deviations
Dr. O'Hara

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About this Document

Automation workflow notes updated, Nanogrpahy
Current Trends and Deviations
Dr. O'Hara
Class Notes
Clemson, Graphic Communications
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This 53 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GC 4440 at Clemson University taught by Dr. O'Hara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see Current Trends and Deviations in Graphic Communications at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
Prepress Workflow Automation Bobby Congdon Research Associate Paella gins Design 1 Examines Game iiliiiilll liiiiliiiii Elitiii ii iliili39EIi39SIiii Data Driven Prepress Workflow Automation Benefits 5 Rs Remove Wasted Time 39 Reduoe Errors 39 Refoous Employees Record of Activity Repeatability Remove Wasted Time Automate time consuming repetitive tasks Minutes or seconds saved per job multiplied by jobs per year Reduce turn around time increase capacity Reduce cost Automate number intensive or objective tasks Manual entry of numbers Objective decisions are programmable Error reduction leads to cost savings Automate non value added processes Allow skilled employees to focus on Subjective decisions Customer service Quality assurance Learning new skill sets Other special projects Searchable record Real time information Record of Activity 12F SZF Track actions 3 Repeatability Job to Job Operator to Operator Month to Month EXAMPLE Information Box aka Shirt Tail aka Customer Signoff Box How much time does it take to add the information box Math 3 mm x 20 items 1 6G min 60 min 3 5 citatan is 5 hrs 5 hrs x 52 weeks 1 2663 hrs How much time would it take to automate application of this information box c heruses Bearer BarsColor Patches Qoaaoauo r w q J 4 mmmmm 3W3quot 3 Joblden ca on 5 G A5 C1 1 AVA C A I y Y INSNTUTE 1N BREWERY i 1 39x i Trapping Screening Anigilies Dot Shape Curve Application u lurTnuJI QUuoruJ3941 0 1 I 3 Asu gt v wul7lL town in H I IFA AntVquot Firla CL N39 v u in kuv iiiE Run de uquot u 2 39 quot Stu1Uqu NIM JWvm w 39v rm Illxtulltl3 39a39u39I ll 3 in 39 4 4 Srn39hCnM HM 7C39u u h h um lt 39 r39 139quot Innn 4y DOC V9 phah n X m quot1de In quam M1 a A o mu m File Handling Copy Move Renaming Converting Version EmailFTP Workflow Routing ED Plate Distortion Cylinder Repeat Plate Package re digquot a lt l l r J m i F I I 39 7v 39 i quotquotk a39 391 39 n f V 39H Distortion Factor Proof Verification Categories of Automation Preset Tasks 0 Same settings repeatable action Intelligent Tasks Settings varied using data from jobfile Decisions Govern flow which tasks to take which settings etc Software Available HighEnd Workflow Others Software Hotfolders Esko Automation Engine Apple Automator Kodak Prinergy Action Lists CGS RealPro Workflow Hybrid Cloudflow Web Portal Database Workflow Server I 1 File Sewer m u a u u q a I a Workstation Workstation Workstation Proofing Server Workflow Software Handle common tasks automatically Use stored information to complete tasks Serverclient model Offloads computing Consistency among users Workflow Software INPUT OUTPUT New File PDF TIFF JPG LEN PLA etc H hr Action A MoveCopy typically a F DF39 Email etc Workflow PDF PIDE 39 39PiDF PDF a A i r tidal Adobe 1 39 Adobe Mute String tasks together to create a workflow Output of one task becomes input of next Software Vendors Esko Automation Engine Kodak Prinergy CGS ReaIPro Workflow Hybrid Cloudflow others International Paper Case Study CENTRALIZED PlRlEPlRESS I I3 employees I Foodservice i Serving 3 domestic plants some international I Beverage I Serving 7 plants PRODUCTS I Mostly flexographic printing 39 Process and spot color I Varying press capabilities 5 250 products dielines LAM request from sales 2 Prepress 8 customer service 3 Customer approval 4 PreparefSend for pliatemaking COMPONENTS Custom Database GOLD JDF TaskLaunching with EskoAutomation Engine Custom Scripts Q Job entry 8 Product specifications 0 Customer contacts 0 Calendar 039 FedEx Shipping I Fileserver API 0 Job tracking 39 Billing amp Invoicing I ToDo list 3 reports D Platemaking tools quotI Proo r evisionsiaipprovails quot9 3rd Party art reVieW I JDF toAutomaition Engine D Error tracking 0 Ink data color matching 0 Wiki I W PHIDOW lm39PREFE mung111m clamn i SEARCH lg EnowsE JOEE a NEW EEV JEE E BRAND CERES Ema l DJI 1KENTDMARGH 4 m AREHNE H a Palm GROUPS q PLANT REVIEW Mm nm on Hnld DEMAND REVIEW Hm 3mm REVIEW ELMEMAMINE 7 r 7 FLA39ITE amaEE ELEPQ39RTE i r TEiuiFLATEE 39 l mummyquot 252 l BILLING I HE U limml l l GDST TABLES 39L39ilk Sl39 GE MIST SHIN IE EONT ETS I limurm EtaRR lqu min meoowm Dimming Enema D ch Wednesday Jan 25 39 LQQW QFAMQNSQ Mtumnjumnm NQLMDTs Hund y Jun EU 39 9 Cquot Am KTJUTHJCLSIDII l lnl GODMUIII39I Leave chimeric Heyan39u39amnei mama w nnar Wodlnmday Fm quotI 39 Daily Aw nh39urJSbQII LamIna Baily n C alen r ELISE 7 NEWS imanm39 EJ91 Lag Inte 1n rALu l39IIFEL39 39 HEELmun Julquotr comma i i a hum Trill I Inn IP NH12JI IEjwlll 7 H Emmi i ENDIle g ll nn39mmumnbmmmwnmmm mumw lm Emlmnl gr may p39lila Jan Lug l sang Em F i i r lam DETAlL mummhunh 39 vmm mlmwmi igmmmqmme V i Mbml imgnmphhmdmbml him Ii I39 l 39E i39Jl inngm l Realtime information to In Prepress Artists amp Manager CSRs amp Salespeople Manufacturing Demand Planning Q Platemaking amp Inks JDF TASK LAUNCHING a Artist launches le to Ink Coverage XML I File URL amp ink data I ingle option for operator XML parsed by GOLD scripts le is ready JDF TASK LAUNCHING 0 GOLD writes JDF for proo ng task I Substrate i Press 0 Plate type i Automation Engine applies marks job and le info and color management JDF TASK LAUNCHING D Platemaking prep launched from GOLD I Stepping and RIP parameters based on I Substrate 0 Product size i Plate type 39 Plate maker I Automation Engine applies marks EXAMPLE TICKET CHOOSING I Proo ng I SUBSTRATEPRESSPLATETYPE DOUBLEPOLYWEBTRONDGITAL I Stepping 0 SIZEPLANTPRESS I DMR22KENTONFK WORKFLOW SUMMARY II Creating a proof 0 N E 0 Step and RIP 0 N E CUSTOM SCRIPTS 0 Template creation I PDF from TIFFs l FedEx label printing 4 using firslmmber Flml wjnmtfigt IWEE39 j aw mi immq39ooevuwr 39j M giirmmh n rnmccrtthmmEm rum1 database I I I PI39OOf COIOI39 scanner CHALLENGES quotiquot Eustomization vs Purchased Solutions Maintenance cost performance r quot m limltial setup 22 g r ReSIstance to automation a 3 3939st v39 1 f quot quot3quot 39 4 i tuv I W k mM quotKym 4 3 f a fjivrquot 7 39 quotw g V 1 M if n 39 l J g 1quot r gV 39 g I 391 quot A 39 fff39MJjL 39 lRESUlLTS Changes ncreased Complexity 95 ErrorFree Cohsultatiwe Sales 997 ErrorFree Appnox D FSBVollume Beverage Business Corrugated Business Step 3 Repeating M1FG Spec Management Servtices Photography 2 Artists Design Marketing 7 Artists Videography and more 86 OnTime 986 OnTime Automation Engine Lingo Job Special folder containing files PDFs and associated data Shows up as Blue Folder in AE Pilot Task Single action such as trapping or RIP Ticket Saved parameters for a task or workflow Workflow Series of tasks in specific order Launch Send a file PDF to start processing on a Ticket or Workflow Parameter Setting in a task Can be fixed or variable based on Jobfile ESKDQ Automation Engine Demo Navigation Job Creation Workflow Basics How Do Know if This is Working Workflow Project Groups of 2 Parameters defined by Prepress Managerquot Create workflow Process PDF PDF Portable Document Format Invented by Adobe Systems in 1993 Specification available to the public that s used by people around the world to reduce the need for paper and make document exchange more efficient Can be very simple or extremely complex with a rich use of fonts graphics color and images PDF Subsets PDFX 1 PDFX 1a PDFX 2 PDFX 3 PDFX can be thought of as a shorthand way of specifying most of what you need to tell people in order for them to create a le that s likely to print correctly when they send it to you even if they do not understand the details of what it s doing for them If PDF is an over permissive parent PDFX is the authority gure that imposes strict ground rules for your own good Terri Stone PDFX l Original standard Cannot contain form fields annotations comments or images in any color space other than ClVlYK PDFX ta Subset of PDFXi Supports only CMYK and spot color workflow targeted to specific output device All fonts embedded Color management not allowed PDFX 2 Superset of PDFXS llore flexible than PDFXl Can be in the LAB amp CMYK color space Not for blind transfers For situations when there is more communication between the supplier amp receiver of the file PDFX 3 Shifts a great deal of responsibility from the back end to the front end of the production process Can use spot colors as well as CMYK RGB and LAB coor spaces Permits ICC color management Suitable for file output on digital presses worldwide PDFX 4 Universal Proof of Preflight audit trail records whether or not a preflight check was performed and what standards were used Checks on line weights image resolution font compatibility Updated ICC profiles RGB audit trail feature tells you who signed off on what The Ghent PDF Ghent is more INDEPTH than PDFX Workgroup GWG Z l i Develops best practices specifications for graphic arts workflows Free specifications aid users in creating reliable press ready files fully optimized for print 0 We already have PDFX why is this necessary These go much further recommend best practices for a specific market or process Magazinenewspaper advertising sheet offset web offset publication gravure packaging Different requirements depending on output intent Soft proof software able to indicate monitor calibration discrepancies who approved what history Soft Proofing Ticket 39 Keeps track of approval status viewing conditions when soft proof was approved and the person who approved the proof Proof of Preflight 39 Allows users to view a PDF file s preflight history What GWG specifications were used and what were the results Both potentially enable automation PDFX and GWG The real world significance Shifts prepress responsibilities upstream to the customerprint buyer Documents that are printable anywhere in the world with minimal variation and quality problems One stop checkpoint for process specific requirements in PDF creation New initiatives provide opportunities for workflow enhancementautomation Hap helpeskocom rcongdoclemsonedu PDF PDFtypes PDFX 39 Av Forms multimedia URLs r Aclobe 16 allows 3D objects USD 0 Normalized PDF Esko Checked for printability no extras PDF XMP XMP Extensible Metadata Platform Data about data File creation information records tagged Fonts used along with file Size Extensible Baroodes CAD Inks Layers Distortion Links etc multimediaurls out of the system Normalized PDFs specific to esko using form fills and annotations ALSO to track job info dynamic marks smart ink names uses the METADATA and can extract important info n n In o l39 e Mona3 nrvzr clcmmn cdu 39 5cs f quot70r iclLLN 064 U0 ts 39 Resoluluoa 39 escw Euu Tre Ink Luna 39nk hnnk 2 m9 lug poem 1quotquot I39 Art m Cyan c39ctns 151303 22 SE C Viemar I ERquot J Rc c39e 39 s I V on c39vxu 150 CO 7 SI C Nolma 3 lg 4 I is w n39rxcn 13910 EC 52 SC Nmmm 39 11 I 81 n39rxlu 173 2 3 5 SC Normal I Ran n39rxus Emil 23 57 SC C Hanut quotto Ayvn mars I 391 xmp Mm Kourn mm JDF VS PDF JDF Job Definition Formant 39 XMLbased open standard Allows JDFenabled devices to talk Main goal is to be able to create JOB RIPS READY RIPS Raster Image Processor ESKO name Produces the high resolution TIFF or LEN I I I I All vector art 18 ripped into a 1 bit For platemaking converts vector file into a 1bit raster raster file that the platesetter understands Laseronotf 1 bit tiff black or white on or off Creates the halftone image Q DPI is the resolution of LPI Resolution of the printed halftones DIGITAL file Terminology DPI LPIl lines per inch refers toIthe frequency of the Resolution of the RASTER image how many printed halttone screening Its the resolution of the I I I I printed halttone ie 150 lpi is 150 rows of dots per pixels there are in the digital raSter linear inch The halttone screen ruling DPl dots per inch Refers to the resolution of the raster digital file more appropriately PPI PPl pixels per inch its the resolution of the digital file Halftone Halftone Pixel Level zoomed in not quotperfectly round dotsquot where the circular shape WOULD fall in the grid pattern the finer the resolutionget more consistent patterns is more smoothe OUTPUT of the RIP process RIPLEN 1bithighresolutiontiffie2400 dpi Each color gets its own Tiff Digital film mapmask One per color EdeENmesame as a TIFF Drives digital platesetter Are ALL LOSSLESS compression files TIFF Compression Types whereas a JPEG is a LOSSY file lose a bit of data every time you open and close 39 LZVV the file CCIT GroupS different compression Packas CCUC mmM Systems Compression vs speed tradeoff More compression faster but more data loss set of RULES RIP Parameters What does the RIP need to know Dot gain compensation DGC Resolution Screen angles LPI Halftone type dot shape Orientation Right ReadingWrong Reading Output location AM or FM Hybnd 39 Special HD etc Solid density llicrocell Highlights yellow is so light it does moiree at 15 but is unseen Preventing lloire Keep angles 30 apart Yellow angle 15 apart Screening set at RIP or in file Screening Limitations Limitations based on resolution of platesetter imagesetter 0 828 133 lpi on a 2400dpi platesetter 13333 lpi RIP in the Workflow 0 Standard Settings ie platesetter runs at 2400 dpi always right reading Variable Settings ie DGC for press screening per job 0 Variable settings in file or workflow 0 Data used to make decisions Name Name Al 1 11005carton2pdf 110055Cartonpdf lOlOSScarton TESTDavepdf 1 Linked Images 1 110055carton revBJune12pdf 1 Original Customer Files 4777 110055carton TEST DAVE2pdf 2 Plate TlFFs 1 110055cartonpdf 3 Proofs art epdf 391 110055CartonProofpdf gt C customerartjune52012 V C Previous Version Proofs gt I newplate tiffs 110055Cart0nProof20120603pdf gt 1 OLDD0 NOT USE 1 110055CartonProof20120612pdf gt D original carton art V 1 plate tiffs V D proofs carton proofpdf revised proof Bpdf 1 revised proofpdf gt 2 revised cstomerArtJuneS Data Systems lS Management Information System ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Database Scope of System Enterprise Company wide all functions Departmental Smaller scope group of related functions Islands Very small scope single function ie spreadsheets Database Technologies Userfriendly quick learning curve consumer Filemaker Pro Microsoft Access Excel Robust enterprise require IT professionals llySQL PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL SAP Oracle etc Communication Between Systems Action or Data Hotfolders ODBC JDFJMF Proprietary Hotfolders Watched folder File placement triggers scripted action Common in proofing systems Very easy to setup ODBC Open Database Connectivity Uzetb39llsnmnsu muw L wm at Lamvmvmlw L118 Dun bane Method forquerying a W database from another n11 p N n I39 N N N N computer ODBC drivers needed for each database type An li l Hr mu nan umn vinm nndluhuln run1 b g nmmuaww Adem mceuw 39mbleraym m m we med an u and Mquot Moderately easy to t W m setup J D F amp J M F JDF Job Definition Format EL JlVlF Job Messaging Format ti System must be able to readwriteverify JDF More difficult to setup Proprietary Builtin connections to other systems ie prepress system to RIP Relational Databases Predominant way to organize data Tables are related to each other References between table using id numbers Data can be entered once and shared Example customer address used on multiple jobs Database Tables columns data subjectcategory rows information records keys unique integer identifier for each row data types per column text integer floating number boolean datetime etc vary between databases constraints restrictions placed on data in each column Example Table Relations customeLinfo jobdata itemdata substrate Example Data Relations Database Tables jobdata oId er Salt and 50 Vinegar 2012 03 16 678 Complete Chips 7 a Orange 51 Soda 14 2012 03 18 Actlve 52 BBQ Chips 2012 03 16 679 Complete 53 Aquaburst 141 2012 04 01 610 Pending D 54 39et G39nger 77 2012 03 30 Active Ale 2002 Database Tables customerinfo customernam customercit customer customerp customers e y state hone ince 39 39 Chi ie Chi 864 555 123 go p Clemson SC 4 2006 05 11 7 Soda Inc Richmond VA 80465000 2006 07 01 8 Foodatron Atlanta GA 4043958539500 2008 10 30 Tiger 404 555 880 9 Distributing Atlanta GA 4 2008 12 09 10 Joe s candy San Francisco CA 415 555 042 Company 9 2010 01 01 Basie SQL Query SELECT eotumnnamee FROM tablename WHERE colurl39lnname operator value SELECT jobname dueedatei ouetomelrginfogid FROM jobdata WHERE id52 quotBBQ Chipsquot 2012031E B Basie SQL Query SELECT cotumngnamem FROM tablename WHERE collumnname operator value SELECT customergname cuetomergphone FROM cuetome5nto WHERE ic 6 quot Cntppie Chip Ce 8655551234 Data to Store What kind of data would we want to store Ink and screening information Platemaking Step and Repeat Dielines 0 more Data in Workflow Key parameters and settings DGC distortion stepping information proofing etc Steps to Take Additional processing Customer approval box or shirttail Approval form on proof job and customer info Dynamic content Create graphic elements with a data source JDF How awesome is the future JDF The Basics Job Definition Format Managed by CIP4 cip4org The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress Press amp Postpress Organization Rooted in Adobe s CIPS press Based in XML JDF The Basics Simply a language Communication between devicessystems Specific to printgraphics industry Specification version 14 1168 page PDF httpwwwcip4orgdocumentarchive downloadrequestphpdid1961 Start reading JDF s Goal W Provide a common language between all devices and systems in a printing workflow facilitating easier automation between them JDF Devices amp Systems I Proofing Software As ci i r39 Presses 0 Finishing Equipment MISERP Prepress Software Typical Communication IMmmmbN Specifications Dewceisvstem JDF Communication IMmmmbm Specifications a Devicei39System So What is XML Extensible Markup Language Similar to HTML JDF Specifications define XML tags Extensible developers can add custom tags ocks ltEcok lSB1Jquot39Ui5532124l9quot39gt title herloe Holmes template Revels 39 ltCategorygt r ltau39hrgt51r Arthur Conan Doylelt39a39uthrgt information gggikisengoma a56739quot I ltcategory i iiiiif 33 39ii ii i iiiimm gEEEEESENEWEB aE69Mquot I Tags can be nested 3233i i i ii aa g giki E quot 432l 173 7 What other tags 2213i i t t tf e33252333fm mil Siftquot Customer Intent inks size etc File Location Task Nodes Manufacturing Process lnfo can vary from intent 0 Output Logs Example Processes ColorCorrection DieDesign ImageSetting Imposition Proofing RlPing Trapping DigitalPrinting Varnishing Creasing Cutting Folding Stitching Wrapping JDF is Alive JDF is not a 1 way instruction list Results of the task are appended Status of nodes is updated New nodes can be added Single JDF document can follow the entire job Resources Resource Pool Files given a nameID and the URI Each resource also given a status Available UnavailableWaiting Input file output files everything in between Nodes Activity for a device to perform Input Resource Status Waiting Complete Error etc 0 Task information ie RIP Settings Output Resource Nodes String nodes together Output of one becomes input of next Resource Extensions JDF Schema defines 100 operations Extension Schemas can define custom tags ie Esko Automation Engine Job Messaging Format JIVIF Communications between system StatusAvailability Events Output The active part of JDF Practical Applications Prepress Practical Applications Prepress System Step File X this way Practical Applications Prepress V 39 Plate Cutting Table Recap Why automation Remove wasted time Reduce errors Retocus employees Record of activity Repeatability Recap Applying data is critical Enter once use many Where does it come from I Thank You Questions and Feedback Bobby Congdon Research Associate 0 313 Harris A Smith Building rcongdoclemsonedu Inkjet and nanography Ink Jet The ink jet process is a computer to print technology in which ink is sprayed from nozzles which means that no image carrier is needed link Jet Technologies I l I Continuous Ink Jet I I Drop on Demand Ink Jet l l Binary Multi Electro deflection deflection Thermal P39ezo static PaperSubstrate Primary Technologies Continuous inkjet Dropondemand inkjet Continuous Inkjet Only part of the continuously generated flow of small ink drops is directed onto the paper during printing in accordance with the image Two types of continuous inkjet BinaryDeflection MultiDeflection Binary Deflection The drop has one of two charge states namely uncharged for conveyance to the paper and charged for deflection in an electrical field Binary Deflection Continuous Inkjet Principle of a nozzle system based on Hertz technology which enables a high frequency stream of drops of 1 MHz or more to be created The pressurized liquid is pressed out of the nozzle The highfrequency excitation via a piezo oscillator results in the constriction of the stream due to fluid dynamicsrelated effects and the separation of individual drops from the stream vibration in chamber causes the continuous Dr39Op Formation continuous stream to break up into small droplets Orifice Jet axis Nozzle Jet Point of drop formation de each droplet will pass through a gate Binary Deflection and potential gain a positive charge Continuous Inkjet Some do not receive a charge at all The individual drops are electrically charged by an electrode in accordance with the image just before separation from the jet The charged drops are deflected in a subsequent electrical field plate capacitor deflector and fed to a collecting device Binary Deflection Continuous Inkjet charge gateA Imaging signal Piezoelectric Charge crystal x electrode Deflector 74 gt a o I l O l W01 Nozzle Gutter Pump Paper any drop that gets a charge is a NONPRINT droplet Only non charges are able to pass on and become print continuous firestream gutter charged droplets collect here Digital Proof System with Continuous Ink Jet Dupont Digital WaterProof another inkjet is MultiDeflection Inkjet The drops receive different charges so that as they pass through the electric field they are deflected in different directions and are transferred to different positions on the substrate can charge droplets to varying degrees MultiDe eCtion depending on the amount of charge it Continuous Ink Jet will deflect more or less Substrate movement I Deflector I Nozzle Gutter Charging system Digital signal input MultiDeflection Ink Jet o The height of a line written in this way depends on the distance between the ink jet head and the paper surface 0 The writing height increases as the spacing increases although the resolution will be reduced o The resolution in the direction of printing is determined by the speed of the substrate and the drop frequency multi deflection used mainl in mailin MultIDeflection Ink Jet Y 9 System for Addressing another inkjet type DroponDemand Technologies With dropondemand technologies a drop is only generated if the print image requires it home printers mainly DroponDemand Technologies two types Thermal inkjet Piezo inkjet Thermal lnkjet This is done by heating the liquid ink until it vaporizes where upon a certain quantity of ink is ejected from the nozzle as a result of the pressure exerted by the vapor bubble hence the name bubble jet No moving parts but for the ink itself resistor metal plate that heats up as it takes on a charge Building the bubble An electrical pulse of 2microseconds is applied to a resistor that raises its temperature by 100000000 C per second This heats ink at its surface to over 300 C in a superheated vapor explosion Jet of ink leaves nozzle at 1015 meters second heats ink and causes it to vaporize creating a bubble of ink this forces ink the the out to be ejected from the nozzle bubble is displacing volume within nozzle chamber this is what forces the ink temp drops 2 microseconds and bubble deflates Drop Generation with Thermal lnkjet After the activation of the heating element the temperature rises rapidly to up to 300 C The ink evaporates and forms a bubble The bubble presses the ink drop out of the nozzle The temperature drops and the bubble collapses Drop breakoff the capillary force sucks new ink into the nozzle Thermal lnkjet The color printers used in desktop publishing or in an office environment mostly use thermal ink jet systems HP Canon Lexmark About 75 of inkjet printers employ this technology In a typical application a separate lnkjet head is used for each color Printer Speeds Smaller the droplet the more it takes to cover substrate In 2000 limited to 20 million dropletssec By 2005 HP Photosmart 8250 delivers 100 million dropletssec from 3900 nozzles integrated to single silicon chip Number of droplets doubles every 18 months Speed of printers held back by drying time on substrate Consumer level inkjet printers Pico Liter 1 Pico Liter 103912 Liter or 1100000000000 of a liter One million droplets to cover a square inch of substrate Printers can lay down 100 million droplets in a second DroponDemand lnkjet Thermal lnkjet Nozzle Bubble orifice Ink Heat source Heating resistor Imaging signal Paper Specifications example Drop frequency approx 5 8 kHz Drop volume approx 23 pl Drop diameter approx 35 pm Piezo Inkjet The drop is generated as a result of a change of volume within the ink chamber due to piezoelectric effects which leads to the drop of ink being ejected from the nozzle system Piezo technologies are used by Epson Piezo Ink Jet With piezo ink jet unlike thermal ink jet ejection of an ink drop is generated by mechanical displacement in the ink channel and not by heating and vaporization within the ink jet system Piezo Ink Jet The channel walls are deformed which produces a pumpingsuction action in one channel and an ejection action in the adjacent channel DroponDemand Inkjet Piezo Inkjet Imaging signal Paper Piezoelectric ceramics I I Nozzle Specifications example ori ce Drop frequency approx 10 20 kHz Drop volume approx 14 pl Drop diameter approx 30 pm oscillatesmechanical pumping can use various types of inks UV Solvent Aqueous Piezo DroponDemand Inkjet System for Digital Proofing Calibration and customerspecific setting of hue Eight multidensity inks color management f 320inkjetnozzles Frequencymodulatetl V szroening quot HRH Printiru cylinder and imaging system LargeFormat Ink Jet Printing Systems There are many systems available for printing large format products such as posters and largescale advertising displays Widths of about 135 cm are common though there are also systems for printing widths of about 5 to 8 m Inkjet can be wide formatted unlike many other methods of print greyscale higher densitylower lnnova ons Greyscale printheads Printhead can eject droplets of varying size f39 ed head 39s as 39de as the substrate Fixed head InkJet lX l W Print head is the width of the paper Greatly enhanced print production speeds so you don39t need to wait for passesmuch quicker Memjet 8inch wide print head 70400 inkjet nozzles 60 A4 pagesminute 51 inch wide format 6 12 inches second memiet HP T300 30inch web at 400 ftmin 10 rows of 7 425inch printheads in an overlapping pattern for 29inch print width Pre coating allows wide variety of substrates to be printed T300 Video Different type of printer Landa Nanography A unique digital printing platform using nanosized color pigments Landa video nanography ink so thin it dries and is able to bond by lamination instantly no residual inks no post dry Father of Digital Print Landry NanoPigments Improved color strength high surface area ratio high transparency Waterbased inks jetted onto heated offset blanket Very thin ink films dry on blanket transfer as dry polymer film for sharp dots and no absorption into substrate Reduced drying costs due to thin film Thin film preserves the gloss or lack thereof of substrate expanded gamut non particle pigments water based inks Offset Inkjet system Innovative Interface 3meter touch screen Operator control on either side of press Screen Iifts to allow access to press components interface HighSpeed 13000 sheetshour 660 ftmin web speed Bridges gap between current digital and offset litho price points Strategic Partnerships manroland Komori and Heidelberg have licensing agreements with Landa to incorporate digital solutions to their customers Seybold Report Digital Projections 0 Digital printing will grow to nearly 30 of all print production globally from 20052015 0 Half of all packaging and label printing to be done digitally Frank Romano


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