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ENG 216 Wide Sargasso Sea Notes in class

by: Julia Dang

ENG 216 Wide Sargasso Sea Notes in class 19877 - ENG 216 - 03

Marketplace > Grand Valley State University > Foreign Language > 19877 - ENG 216 - 03 > ENG 216 Wide Sargasso Sea Notes in class
Julia Dang
GPA 3.87
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Foundations of Literary Study: Critical Approaches
Brian Daniel Deyo

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About this Document

These are all the things we discussed during class. You'll have to read the book or summaries of the book to understand all of the references, but it goes into the details and possible questions.
Foundations of Literary Study: Critical Approaches
Brian Daniel Deyo
Class Notes
english, ENG 216, Critical Approaches to Literature




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julia Dang on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 19877 - ENG 216 - 03 at Grand Valley State University taught by Brian Daniel Deyo in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Foundations of Literary Study: Critical Approaches in Foreign Language at Grand Valley State University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Wide Sargasso Sea Jean Rhys A Why does Annette marry Mason 1 Financial security 2 Convenience 3 Money B Antoinette understands how it feels to be mistreated like the slaves when she s wearing Tia s dress because the others come in looking beauthl 1 When the mom comes in she see s that Antoinette is acting weird and we realize that she s not the best mother C Why does Mason marry Annette 1 We saw the ladies after the wedding talking trash about Annette and her family s history They re mysti ed about why an English gentleman would marry trash i They think she s trash because she has no assets he could marry someone with money economic power etc ii Marrying for money is a general thought try to raise yourself up in the world iii Also she s French who are rivals of the English They fought battles for land in the Caribbean and she s from Martinique There are stereotypes there They are not as moral because the French are notorious for actually enjoying life and telling jokes and eating good food and having fun That s taboo in English culture because you re not being productive iv She convinced her deceased husband to have sex with servants and have bastard children 2 She s pretty and a wonderful dancer she s alluring and fun and teaches him to live life PASSION He s able to let go 3 What values shape his identity i Brits are normally rigid and stiff repressing emotions and happiness and instinct to enjoy oneself appetite and deswes D After honeymoon phase there s con ict Why 1 They re so different and they see themselves and the world differently 2 She wants to go to England and escape the judgment of locals She s afraid of the recently emancipated slaves They see Mason as a previous slave owner and that it s going to go back 3 He argues she s never been harmed but she s like quothow do you knowquot E Annette wants to leave because 1 She s nervous of the slaves 2 Mason doesn t think that it makes sense 3 She claims that he s never had to go through the same experience so he doesn t know the internalpsychological trauma 4 Even Luttrell committed suicide F What is Mason s attitude about women and black people Do those ideas overlap Why contempt around pg19 1 quotblack people are too lazy to be harmfulquot 2 Basically he s like if you weren t physically affected you re ne 3 He thinks her fears are a function of hysteria Her reasons for leaving are groundless and don t have merit 4 He thinks women are by nature more given over by emotion than men 5 He thinks men have more reason 6 He calls Annette a wild cat needs rescue 7 Almost like he doesn t want her fears to be true though because he wants to make money he runs the risk of losing his investments 8 She was alone for so long she was becoming irrational because there s no in uence of a man 9 Men civilize women 10 p920 He talks down Aunt Coraamp Annette and says she s talking so wildly i He speaks in a dominant tone talks her down maybe it s a power play because he knows that Antoinette is so smart 11 pg 2122 Nonwhites need someone to help them otherwise they re lost in the world he compares them to children i quotcouldn t even hurt a yquot not smart enough thinks they re lazy but inherently they d rather do pleasurable things ii quotrather carry on like savagesquot 12 p921 Why did Mason talk of all these offensive things in front of Myra i He could think she is too dumb to care ii Maybe she would think it d start all over again iii She s really restrained very moral and religious she s vindictive smiling at Hell because she enjoys punishment iv He s nai39ve he might be trying to convince himself G Why does Coulibiri burns to the ground 1 Mason had way too much pride 2 His sexism he didn t listen to the ladies and what they were warning them 3 4 Racism assumes black souls are like animals and they wouldn t take a stand If people hear that he s trying to import people Coolies from East Asia to come work here they ll outrage i The people think he s so racist because he s assuming that those people won t do the work this would normally anger people it s insulting H Does Annette hold Mason responsible for Pierre s death pg24 1 2 quotMyra left him alone to diequot she contemplates for a while as she whispers this Then she immediately calls Mason a fool quotI told youquot I Antoinette marries Rochester 1 2 3 4 5 He did it mainly because he get s mason s inheritance You give up all your power It protects economic interest because men have more power quotwomen aren t smart enough reasonable enough to make logical decisions with their moneyquot i These views are demonstrated through the law He s also scared that she might have mixed blood and isn t fully white J What s his relationship with his father like Rochester 1 2 When Antoinette is ghting with him he ips a switch and is hostile maybe because of his relationship with his parents He doesn t talk about it much because it d make him feel like less of a man i He learnt how to repress everything when he was 5 or 6 The letters that he wants to write and the one he does i The one he wants to write is full of anger ii The one he does write is informative and formal The relationship damaged him to the point where he s afraid to love and doesn t know how K Rochester and Antoinette s relationship almost mirrors Annette and Mr Masons 1 2 3 They end up tragic for the women They start off with lust They start off with ulterior motives


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