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MNGT 4400 Organizational Change Lecture 1 Notes

by: Peyton Oglesby

MNGT 4400 Organizational Change Lecture 1 Notes MNGT 4400

Marketplace > Auburn University > Business, management > MNGT 4400 > MNGT 4400 Organizational Change Lecture 1 Notes
Peyton Oglesby
GPA 3.37
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Organizational Change
Lucian Bifano

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About this Document

These notes are supplemental to the lecture and powerpoint presentation for Lecture 1
Organizational Change
Lucian Bifano
Class Notes
MNGT 4400, Organization Change, notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Peyton Oglesby on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MNGT 4400 at Auburn University taught by Lucian Bifano in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 92 views. For similar materials see Organizational Change in Business, management at Auburn University.

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Date Created: 01/25/16
MNGT 4400 Organizational ChangeLecture 1 quotNothing endures but changequot Heracitus Change is happening and it s happening fast Ex nokialjblackberryljandriodiPhone First in the web search Yahoo Now Google Photography in the beginning Kodak or Polaroid lm Photography now Canon Nikon Leica DIGITAL Calculations Keuffel Esser or Post slide rules Calculations now Calculators quotIt is not necessary to change Survival is not mandatoryquot Comte D Artois What drives organizations to change quotSomething isn39t workingquot quotVision has changedquot quotStrategy has changedquot Flat or declining revenues To gain the competitive advantage Flat or declining pro ts Market share loss Strategies are failing Problems with execution Bad quality Low customer satisfaction Competitors are beating you New visions Organizational pressures 1 Change 2 Stability Change F gt Two hardest things to Strategy Culture ta rgets 0 Structure Tasks Technology and automation 19th century machines replaced dangerous and dirty jobs 0 20th century machines take away boring jobs airport kiosks for tickets 0 21st century machines take away decisions automatic brake system for a car to avoid crashes Change in Roles in order of power highest to lowest 0 Global Change Agents highest role Local Change Agents Horizontal Change Agent Opinion Leaders Change Recipients l lowest and most difficult to play 0000 Lewin s Change Model I v Current state Unfreezing l MovingChanging l Freezing Types of Change Needed Where we Proactiv gt7 Incremental nd A resistance is Reactiv Fundamental Reactive quotstop the bleedingquot or reacting to the CURRENT issues Proactive anticipate future and prep for it lncremental improve on current methods of doing things Fundamental do things essentially different 0000 Why do people resist change 1 Tunnel vision 2 Lack of info 3 Fear of the unfamiliar 4 Risk aversion 5 Lack of trust 6 Difference of opinions 7 Threats to personal wellbeing Key Change Commitment Change Questions That Will Be Asked P P FP NE Is this change needed How urgent is this change What changes are needed Are the ones proposed appropriate Is the organization serious about making these changes Can I or we really successfully make the change What s in it good and the bad for me


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