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ADVT 250 Notes: Ad Industry Structure

by: Didi Hill

ADVT 250 Notes: Ad Industry Structure ADVT 250 001

Marketplace > University of Tennessee - Knoxville > Advertising > ADVT 250 001 > ADVT 250 Notes Ad Industry Structure
Didi Hill
Advertising Principles
John E Haley (P)

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About this Document

It covers material that will be on the exam.
Advertising Principles
John E Haley (P)
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Didi Hill on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ADVT 250 001 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by John E Haley (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Advertising Principles in Advertising at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
01262016 Marketer Advertiser Nike CocaCola US 1 Proctor amp Gamble Co spending 4971500000 as of 2013 0 Why Ton of products represents a ton of brands World Wide 1 Proctor amp Gamble Co spending 11247000000 0 Based in Cincinnati 0 The comparison is that its food as well as beauty products Proctor amp Gamble Co 0 Went over their brands EX Olay Swiffer Tide Diversity of brands so much money on ads Marketer Structure 0 Advertising function located under the marketing function careers o Centralized o All decisions are made in one place 0 Companies with one or few brands EX WalMart o Decentralized 0 Decisions about advertising made at multiple levels depending on the needs of that company 0 Brand Management Ex PampG PampG brand isn t important rather individual brands are important Each brand has it s own marketing teams and can compete with other brands within a category Tide Dawn Crest 0 Automotive Companies Regional Divisions Ex Ford in the US Brand decisions made by brand management system Additional marketingad decisions by region of the country 0 End User Market the ultimate customer Ex Johnson ampJohnson Marketing Divisions by Target Market a Hospital vs Home 0 Two separate advertising teams Marketer Decisions 0 Marketing Allocating Budget 0 Once this is done the marketing team has to distribute the budget to the teams below 0 Promotions Allocation 0 Advertising Allocation Sales Promotion Allocation 2 for 1 deals etc PR Allocation Sales Support Allocation etc 0 Final approval for all advertising decisions 0 Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation 0 Shows how the brand spent the investment in allocating the money LOOK UP EXAMPLE AD BUDGETS amp UNDERSTAND lT Why are Budgets so Different Different sales volume by category and item 0 Different competitive environments by category 0 Different price points by category ex Cosmetics is brutal while Wal Mart is easy Advertising Planning Marketers may do advertising planning 0 Alone inhouse Calvin Klein 0 With Partners agencies PampG 0 OR Both The Walt Disney World Resort Marketing Communication Specialists 0 Advertising Agency Direct Marketing Agency Digital Agency Public Relations Agency Logo Design agency Brand Strategy Agency etc Research Suppliers 0 Companies that produce research Syndicated 0 Simmons Market Research Bureau Studies consumers 18 Asks about media usage product usage quotWho s the best customerquot 0 Roper Starch World 0 Produces surveys about different info that companies buy the results of the surveys 0 Custom 0 Roper Starch Worldwide o Empmw 0 Researchers Field Offices Statisticians Writers Sales People Production Companies FinalCut USA Video Production 0 By media type 0 Print Video Digital Etc Freelancers Individuals from various disciplines who are quotself employedquot 0 Photographers Writers Designers Researchers Web Specialists Social Media Specialists Media PlanningBuying Companies that specialize in placing advertising in media 0 Buyers negotiate contracts to obtain the time and space the advertisement needs 0 CIA Media Edge OMD Universal McCann Mindshare Media Companies 0 A business that delivers entertainmentnewsprogramming o EX HGTV Food Network NBC ABC Time Warner May own media properties across categories 0 I you work for HGTV you also work for their magazine etc o Empmw 0 Advertising sales representatives Marketing People Brand amp Distribution Government 0 Various government agencies regulate advertising 0 FTC FDA SEC FCC


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