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Families and Social Change, Week 1 notes

by: Clarissa Hinshaw

Families and Social Change, Week 1 notes Soc 354

Marketplace > Northern Illinois University > Sociology > Soc 354 > Families and Social Change Week 1 notes
Clarissa Hinshaw
GPA 3.5
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Families and Social Change
Jan Reynolds

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About this Document

Notes from the week 1 required readings.
Families and Social Change
Jan Reynolds
Class Notes
sociology, Families and Social Change




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clarissa Hinshaw on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Soc 354 at Northern Illinois University taught by Jan Reynolds in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Families and Social Change in Sociology at Northern Illinois University.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
A Sociology of the Family Defining Families Personal Family Those a person feels most closely related to not necessarily biologically or legally related The feeling of closeness must be mutual Example close friends your consider siblings or godparents Legal Family A group of people related by blood marriage or adoption Stepparents inlaws stepsiblings half siblings and adopted siblings are included in this Institutional arenas roles expected from family members Example children are expected to obey their parents and parents are expected to take care of their children There are no clear boundaries for these families only societal expectations Sometimes the law interview such as if parents are abusing or neglecting their children The state governmentlaws and the market economy both majorly affect families Examples People are getting married at later ages waiting longer to buy homes and having fewer children than in the past largely because of the econony In addition many of the laws the government considers affect families samesex marriage samesex adoption abortion laws contraceptive ability the funding of Planned Parenthood sex education in high schools health insurance social security welfare requirements paid family leave equal pay for equal work Responses to family change 0 Responses vary by age religion and political party 0 Younger people are generally more open to change than older people 0 The more religious a person is the more likely they are to oppose change 0 Democrats or more likely to accept change than republicans Independents are most likely to accept change 0 Conservative believes in the traditional family cisgender heterosexual married couple With biological children Also referred to as the singular ideal O O 0 Liberal Conformity is promoted Practiced by Christianity Judaism and Muslims Believed that people should respect God s Wishes in a family Believed that these families breed the best outcomes Conservative government policies pass laws to encourage this arrangement these policies usually fail and only bring judgment to nontraditional families 0 Are nonresistant to change 0 Not against traditional families but tolerate diversity 0 Prefer to stay out of family affairs but encourage equality instead For example belieVing in marriage equality because people deserve to be treated as equals 0 Tolerancewelcoming not endorsement 0 Critical 0 Embracement of change 0 Believing the traditional family should decline EX more unmarried couple should live together


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