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Biol237: Anatomy and Physiology I, Week 1

by: Valeria Notetaker

Biol237: Anatomy and Physiology I, Week 1 BIOL 237

Marketplace > University of New Mexico > Biology > BIOL 237 > Biol237 Anatomy and Physiology I Week 1
Valeria Notetaker
GPA 3.0
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Anatomy and Physiology I
Dorothy Scholl

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About this Document

First lecture of the semester
Anatomy and Physiology I
Dorothy Scholl
Class Notes
anatomy, Physiology




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Valeria Notetaker on Monday January 25, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 237 at University of New Mexico taught by Dorothy Scholl in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Anatomy and Physiology I in Biology at University of New Mexico.


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Date Created: 01/25/16
Lecture 2 Thursday January 21 Z 16 112 AM If m lb 5L oey LQAAM gr HA5 clta lt m a RDAst 4B v nkk EYaW 5 IUdJat Mm 0 93039Q30PM CM EthVLKch 3quot m Yvad fci j A f P W0 OO w1 nb xr oL dam QCJeA Lu l lammci CA AL 5VOVA b2 usinS L l uvw haitg quotLLX39HoDOL AA A power Po lnlv C0ng Le MALL Sva N ARVL W2 thud LPquot AGWM bergmt VwUVMNS 0k u we Par qvaukg AriRu MIALRMj quesjn39tms ou39l39 1amp85 ma jnz W IOQQECS VL quotch VYzS IV A amok Nmu LL such 1 CVQVQC39X39LViISHCS of Liw wj OrsahUMS 39 LKVCA oramkw SlawL Ahkncjr iayoyurbrle v Cdkdo v CompOSiHW Cc W vosic vnH S 0 We Sunkth vv HV MIA curb owl RuneHams e t 39 MLXaLthvm 39 2 5UkLawcL4 W Uk lt vo mbhtvlaw waPosl w 1510 1m by reduced bu CWLJ HMJMM A 13 01c chmLURE Leec ng39 L39Aan cgr p LV Kj 03W5WS Lklx NbcegthIu MQAquakC Pyoltelt LilLLV J U hako cw Qhrbw h Musz buAHKMASVS bitk LhAo o cwvx PYOCampS ycUAltrIamp wb 1f th LYLIABL EXCYZRN PJOLLSQ MA 0V MXQW 051 43 LhNh octz MRVWFA wkgSH CVQK39Lgo N kaiJlC Tract 45 K 2h lIA leSwangeuggYampquotl396 l71lll1 Ag LL c 0r 1 VIMva 1L fLSPomc quoth Wuay kLU AV f ivvwvS MMVVS3 CLW MKL MO MA 39FLVLMOMS Tummy nvm MW 4 MDVQWML L Agxhh 0n nk9y orjaniSmx 41 WOVL 0 NOVbWUVL39L g nok uKAV I D L9 a vlr 5k be bv quot wx Lde 4r LekLAW JIHS k W 0V85M W 39 ZgPVGAUCI X mx 40ALLS rRHWQ J 4V wam IA MU HLLULV DY3WH VVS ndiAvidLVJ Cg zvfdlv IV V or au HKtm Avvlmg OWA L ahaA Jrv Lecture Notes Page 1 VCK0C UKQMALfJK or olak ca h NQVM LKJV Ma 6W Ibook pofg ah oovws LLVLKS or gJVuCJIVWJ Or mizmkm M3 ROOMN gwdws Lif 1 D CWCm LuJd39 an kx quotS Lomskvucxer quotRom A Mfgg CUMva LLV it Prosvuguclj av w klovc39nj LIGJLS 3 TIS V LUNA QMM ee 01C Hod S LnOWV KS c Q 0 m Loxt 54vec439vvm md A ar ah liog kaxn 5 9 gvl 47w LUNA Q Dngmi m Laval Eva1 ov um canLaws ukl 4 4mm Cb T Su I C FaLa Lt CE ferLUVMwLgt schhi c 4m OJ39 6V am AVe rov g i kx Oyakh c6m X 0C ANVo or M6r Gw wg VtMb CKVVV ovk a av06M vn km 1h boot wvmhh Abi Look 8 1 W W Orsc avxg OVDCAh 4LW walk V WgV l guvvl Kl 05 VSOV 5V as Whey brSOVW Syl Ltvms L o kuv Jfo V AkLa U COWQKQLJL orjkmf wLgwanLoJ gt lt Lim 39VV ALO R winJ ngoms Hoan Vow uljruvwvl QYHIi OVkaUA L 39GDVUAUM V L6 VVlV b 39lampr rmiv WKXHV DgsuklVL bod W wmlwu W 39 3quot 0V1 lIM Rafael 1amp2wa 6 w WroviAes Jam 4 2 g movwuwv rPLoohzge b ooJ CLH BAA oom mm39row 0Vq IOUlLLS 5M Lakc le saer RBL ow onuL DNVX W Produces NovaVbUAA 39Conjvvotg LDO Opwinlxy Gamewk LOW Lecture Notes Page 2 39 TL SHAH Indian ITromws u WCKkAx MbvbAMM L au S bwlA x39c hL LWlt ampldl Wim ivkcln39wx HL WVL impuku YVW hA b MA Mw is LbnmLJ39gd lvP oF Ana L omg MA W AV Sl OlOSbl vls kwa m hA LUVIAV 39 A broad J La A 40LLool4 wanm 0N Badquot sL1ltwa a f A l me RQS WVWA AWA X39DVVVW Xwides 96 N ea A 0 639Nav ea AQAA MAA NC L 39 Sarah AWJNMH 39 54x41 svhfmsz meNf Mr W ooo vl v USS AMIA I UMV hatzd Lu e MicvongL DmlA umu CLHU AV Eve0 WWW 1W Ugg doh dagggkwx L1 quot5 by My cManm Lug givamg 0 0Mp15 AWL NeAYb bMv Mo v 5JNNM Lvmhx omA Al vxc QYAUV0 LUkVI110lojvlI 5rA 3 Lume MAJ LUDA JL Scls Mo v ASK SVLU RkIl Vx JLVLk A or kvxi39lkkwx 6m MAW SLW M sz LoxLLS CWKLR bet A CLVVV YVOC Lgi OMS 39gt L C 55V 6quot 30045 KatWu 0f SCAMMiler P iACUJIAtAI IS LUL H 6h 0x arDVV of worJ rodLs Arc Lory Lompbmm g J worJg NVHA U C c Mani6y 39 WovA NAT art Lowol aed AMA J D MiCkl DosAim CommUNA vLNWVL U c L39FMLMCC Cvuw w nicM E Pow43 MA 25KOV15 6W d2 LVH eAZ ID DOAK I 54 ahdu nf vyyl n l39r za L Skouuy w dHA 5 UPPM m05 sake a vuvxk LAYMA amd PMM Lacinj gmwad TWrecHaxxd 39Txvvm mow wms bf Ll S39UV WS acovVAlt Cowmvw mkm JennHoes vxlqu uy bCMkML mlbv wvwk klvovx aw rcch FL LOAD a A wa g a 604 17 91 0m 0v dors bar 4 WoI39L Lecture Notes Page 3 l Lecture Notes Page 4


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